Best iPad App of the Week: Pic Scanner

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Pic Scanner for iPad

This is the Saturday slot where for over two years now I’ve been publishing a Best Free iPad App of the Week post. As of today, this is changing. From here on this will be a Best iPad App of the Week post – covering a single best app pick or sometimes a number of iPad apps picked as the best of the week.

The reason for the change is pretty simple: it has become harder and harder to find great free iPad apps every single week. Some weeks there are rich pickings, but other weeks it can be a real struggle. Now that so many apps and games have adopted a ‘freemium’ model (where the app is free but often really requires an In-App purchase to be used to its full potential) it’s even tougher. And I don’t want to start ‘settling’ when it comes to the selections by sticking to free apps only.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about our first pick as Best iPad App of the Week – Pic Scanner.

Pic Scanner is touted as an app that makes photo scanning super easy, and does a fine job at living up to that claim. I’ve tried a good number of image scanning apps on the iPad – and Pic Scanner is by far and away the easiest to use.

Oh, and it gets very nice results too.

London Pic Scanner

Along with being easy to use, Pic Scanner also offers some nice features. For instance, you can scan up to 3 photos at a time. It has some basic editing tools (rotate, crop, enhance) and a small but nice set of filters to apply to your images. You can also add a caption and note the date and location on a photo.

Images can be shared via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

The app gives you three free saves or shares and full access to all it s features. Once you’ve tried it out though, you’re really going to want to spend $2.99 via In-App purchase to get unlimited saving and sharing.

Here’s the full set of features for the app:

• Super fast: Scanning photos one by one is slow. It’s smarter to do it three at a time.
• Automated: Cropping photos manually, one by one, is annoying. Watch Pic Scanner crop and save them all automatically.
• No-waiting: With other apps you go “scan crop save – wait – scan crop save – wait” endlessly. With Pic Scanner you go “scan scan scan” – photos get cropped & saved without you having to do anything more. Best app!
• Optimized: Your photos will look sharp and bright on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch Retina screen.
• Intuitive: It’s very easy to use. Rotate, enhance or trim photos to get them just right. Add snippets and captions. Make albums.
• Special effects: Give those precious photos an atmospheric look with sepia, black & white and other filters.
• Organize: Create albums quickly and easily, right on your device. You can even put the same photo in multiple albums.
• Manual mode: If a photo is cropped incorrectly or missed out altogether (Rare, but can happen!), you can still crop it in manual mode
• Sharing options: Post photos to Facebook or Twitter, email them to friends, transfer to Camera Roll, and back up to Dropbox or iCloud
• No Internet needed: Photos are processed and saved right on your device; so you don’t need to be online to upload or view photos, and incur no data costs
• Total privacy: Only you decide whether and with whom to share your photos
• You can continue to use the app and all its features even after using up the ‘3 free share or save” allowance. Purchase is needed only to enjoy unlimited sharing.

And here’s the first photo I scanned with it, that had me sold right away. It’s a shot of my dad in his London office, from almost 30 years ago.

Dad Pic Scanner

If you’ve got old photos you want to get scanned for digital family albums, this app is definitely worth a look.

Here’s an App Store link for Pic Scanner; it’s a free app with In-App purchase options as mentioned above and a universal app designed to run on both iPad and iPhone.

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4 thoughts on “Best iPad App of the Week: Pic Scanner”

  1. Downloaded Pic Scanner after reading this, and after playing with it I feel it may be one of the most useful apps on my iPad. Thank you!

  2. Good recommendation. Wife spent three hours glued to it, must have scanned 200 photos. She did it 3 photos at a time, and the resolution looks fine on iPad 4. Still, I would scan 1-2 photos at a time – I think that should give higher-resolution results without too much extra effort.

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