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Curious for iPad

Great and unique apps are a big part of what has made the iPad such an amazing device, With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of one outstanding iPad app a week here each week.

Our weekly picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every Saturday. Check out all our picks via the link at the end of this post and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is Curious, an app that’s touted as being ‘designed for the lifelong learner in each of us’. It’s full of video lessons and courses covering a broad array of topics.

From mastering a two-handed backhand in tennis to how to write a good 5 paragraph essay, or from how to lay a floor to how to train your dog to play dead – whatever your interests are you’re bound to find something here to delve into them. And it’s also a great place to explore new areas.


The lessons are grouped in Collections. These include:

Arts and crafts (jewelry making, mosaic tiling, sewing, scrapbooking, stenciling)
Cooking (savory, baking, beverages)
DIY (clothes making, plumbing, carpentry, bike/car maintenance)
Home and garden (vegetable gardening, home improvement projects, house maintenance)
Music (guitar, piano, voice, drums, ukulele, beatboxing, spinning, harmonica)
Software (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, 3D modeling, HTML, CSS, Python)
Languages (Spanish, French, Sign, Italian, Mandarin, Dutch, German, Japanese)
Photography and filmmaking
Academic (science, math, political science, philosophy)
Health and fitness (general fitness, running, yoga, pregnancy fitness)
Sports (ski/snowboard, tennis, rock climbing, baseball, soccer)
Life skills (personal finance, dog training, beauty)

I’m always looking for new fitness routines, so a number of the lessons on Pilates, Yoga and similar topics caught my eye within the app.

There are also a god number of lessons on learning to play or improving skills on musical instruments – some of these drew my daughter’s attention. Speaking of which, there’s a Kids Only collection too.

Kids Only

And a Popular section which might provide ideas when you’re just in a browsing mood.


The video lessons are nice, almost bit-seize lengths – most are under 10 minutes. The app supports AirPlay – so you can mirror them up to a big screen on a Mac or Apple TV.

There are definitely some areas that need improvement in this app too. For instance, it has very poor and erratic support for landscape mode – sometime it works, more often it doesn’t.


Also, it’s difficult and far from intuitive to try to enroll for  particular set of lessons. This should be an easy and obvious thing to do in order to keep users engaged with the app and its content.

Overall though, this is a very good learning resource for the iPad. I know I’ll be spending a good amount of time with lessons on a number of its topics.

Here’s an App Store link for Curious; it’s a free app and a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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