iPad App of the Week: Find the City

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Find the City iPad app

iPad apps are, and have always been, a big part of what makes the iPad such a powerful device. Great apps, and unique apps that you just don’t find anywhere else, are one of the hallmark features of the iPad. They have been since Day 1, and scores of great developers and publishers continue to produce apps that are exclusively for the iPad. Our weekly picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every Saturday.

This week’s pick is Find the City. It’s touted as a ‘fun and educational geography game, for kids of all ages’ and it does a great job living up that.

The game’s title lets you know what it’s all about – find a specific city, which can be anywhere in the world, as quickly as you can. You scroll around and pinch and zoom as needed until you have the target city in your crosshairs – then tap on a big button to indicate you’ve found it. The closer in you get to the city and the faster you find it, the more points you get.


You can play against the game’s AI or challenge your friends via Facebook and other sharing methods.

Here are some of the game’s key features:

• Total 10,000 cities.
• Hint arrow at all levels
• Skip cities in lower levels
• Share your high-score on Facebook
• Complete all 10 levels to beat the game
• Your hi-score is tracked
• Capital cities only in first few levels
• In level 1, 90 seconds to find city
• Less time in higher levels
• If you run out of time, game ends
• Background music and sound-effects
• Pause game on exit
• The same city won’t show twice on the same day

Finding 2

I enjoy this game because it’s simple, challenging, and educational. And educational on what I think is an especially good subject for those of us who live in the US – geography. Not US geography, geography of the world. Cities of the world. I think this is a great subject and hopefully one that might spark some interest in discovering some of those of those cities and nations out there beyond the US.

The game is free but lets you know you are playing a ‘trial’ version fairly quickly. The limits of the trial version are 1 level, 25 cities, and 25 game plays in single player mode; and 3 plays or challenges in challenge mode. The good news is the upgrade to the full game is only 99 cents via In-App purchase.

On the spot

Here’s an App Store link for Find the City; it’s a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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