iPad App of the Week: Microsoft Outlook

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Who doesn’t like great iPad apps? At iPad Insight we definitely do. With that in mind, we offer up a quick review of an excellent iPad app, or a few great iPad apps, here each week.

Our weekly picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every Saturday. Check out all out picks below and you’ll soon have a collection of stellar apps for your favorite tablet.

This week’s pick is Microsoft Outlook, the official Microsoft Outlook app for the iPad and iPhone. Microsoft finally brought Office to the iPad early last year, but this new release this week is the first time an official Outlook app is available in the App Store.

And it’s quite a good 1.0 version too. One thing that puts is ahead of many rival apps right away (apart from just being the official app) is that it offers not just mail, but also calendar and contacts. Here’s a slice of its App Store intro:

Outlook is a free email app that helps you get more done from anywhere with one unified view of your email, calendar, contacts, and attachments. Outlook automatically surfaces your most important messages – across all your email accounts. Swipe to quickly delete, archive, or schedule messages you want to handle later. Easily view your calendar, share available times, and schedule meetings. And attach files from your email, OneDrive, or Dropbox with just a few taps.
Outlook works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.com, iCloud, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.

The app looks great on the iPad, especially in portrait mode. It doesn’t have the horrible, big colored blocks with the sender’s initials in the Inbox, as it does on the Android version also released this week. That in itself is a fantastic design feature in my book.

One very slick swiping feature Outlook brings is swiping right and left in the Inbox to move to the next or previous individual email. This changes the preview on the right-hand side of the screen while also moving the highlight on that mail’s item in the list on the fixed left sidebar. Very slick.

The Calendar portion of the app is well done too and has a decent initial set of features.

Outlook for iPad Calendar

The People section shows people you’ve recently emailed in each individual account you’ve added to it, and gives one-tap access to a new email to any of those contacts.

Attachment previews within the app are very good, and it’s nice to see support for both Box and Dropbox accounts.

Outlook for iPad Attachments
Here’s an App Store link for Microsoft Outlook; it’s a free app and a universal app designed to run on both iPad and iPhone.

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4 thoughts on “iPad App of the Week: Microsoft Outlook”

  1. What’s not clear is that this stores your login credentials in the cloud as well as clear text of your messages and performs a handshake with you email host. If the cloud host gets compromised, there go your Creds and email content…

  2. It’s misleading to write that Microsoft Outlook for iOS offers contacts. That it does not do, nor does it make available in the app the “People” contact profiles users save for their contacts in their Outlook.com accounts. This app is no more than a rebadged Acompli that Microsoft bought for $200 million.

  3. I don’t understand the hype about Microsoft Outlook for iOS. It is a good app, a really nice one, but there is nothing special what other apps are not able to provide, at least the native iOS mail app is good enough.

    Microsoft Outlook for iOS is just a further attempt to get people buying an Office 365 license because without this licence you are not able to use your exchange accounts. Customers owning a retail or volume office licenses (and already payed for it) are out of the game – you have to pay double. And this is a clear no go.

    I would rather prefer to pay a fixed price (one time) because I understand that there are costs.

  4. Nah – good point on contacts. I did qualify their mention of that within my review text, like so:

    “The People section shows people you’ve recently emailed in each individual account you’ve added to it, and gives one-tap access to a new email to any of those contacts.”

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