iPad App of the Week: Numerics – Dashboards to Visualize Your Numbers

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Numerics iPad app

Great apps are a big part of what makes for a great mobile (or even desktop) device. As iPad users, we’ve been fortunate that right from the start there have been rich pickings when it comes to great iPad apps – and we continue to be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding excellent apps for just about any purpose. Our weekly picks for iPad App of the Week celebrate some of these, and appear here every Saturday.

This week’s pick is Numerics – Dashboards to visualize your numbers, or just Numerics from here on out in this post.

Numerics lets you visualize numbers and statistics from a wide range of web services, social networks, and business services. Here’s a little slice of its APP Store intro:

Create your own unique dashboards from hundreds of pre-designed widgets that show a mix of website analytics, social media engagement, project progress, sales funnels, customer support queues, account balances or even numbers from your spreadsheets in the cloud – everything your business needs to monitor.
Numerics makes a direct connection between you and your services. We never see your credentials or host your data.

And some of the app’s notable features:

– Predesigned widgets of various types including number tallies, line graphs, pie charts, funnel lists, and more
– Create multiple dashboards and swipe between them
– Widgets are easy to configure, connect, and customize
– Colorize and label widgets to create a unique view of your data
– Automatic layout with drag and drop ordering of widgets
– Zoom in on a widget to focus and interact with a single piece of data
– Useful gestures and beautiful animations
– Background updates and Push Notifications on a per-widget basis
– Direct secure device to service connections
– All credentials stored securely in your device keychain
– All your data is stored only on your device
– Unique custom TV mode over Airplay mirroring or HDMI
– Share snapshots of entire dashboards or single widgets over email, iMessage, or any installed communication app
Use hundreds of pre-designed widgets for over 20 services to build the perfect dashboards for your business and projects:
– AppFigures
– Basecamp
– Chargify
– Envato
– Facebook
– Flurry
– Foursquare
– Free Agent
– GitHub
– Google Analytics
– Google Spreadsheets
– HockeyApp
– Paypal
– Pipeline Deals
– Pivotal Tracker
– Salesforce
– Stocks powered by Yahoo
– Stripe
– Twitter
– YouTube
– Zendesk

I only use a handful of the services and networks supported by Numerics, but I still find it quite a powerful tool for presenting some meaningful numbers from those services. Here’s one number that I’m quite fond of, and one that’s approaching a nice milestone for iPad Insight:

Numerics for iPad

Here’s an App Store link for Numerics; it’s priced at $19.99 and is universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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