iPad App of the Week: Red Herring

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Red Herring iPad game

iPad apps are, and have always been, a big part of what makes the iPad such a powerful device. Great apps, and unique apps that you just don’t find anywhere else, are one of the hallmark features of the iPad. They have been since Day 1, and scores of great developers and publishers continue to produce apps that are exclusively for the iPad. Our weekly picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every Saturday.

This week’s pick is Red Herring, an incredibly fun and challenging word game / logic puzzle game that throws in some trivia elements too. If you’ve been following this site recently you won’t find this to be a shocking pick – as I’ve already mentioned Red Herring a couple of times here, and noted that it’s made by the developers of the superb 7 Little Words game.

I was fortunate enough to have a pre-release version of the game for about 10 days before it hit the App Store, and I can tell you this is every bit as great a game as 7 Little Words.

Mother puzzle

The object of the game is to group words into categories. To solve a category, you tap and drag to move 4 related words into a column. When you complete a puzzle you’ll end up with 4 extra words, shown in red – those are the red herrings added in to trick you and make the puzzle harder. You need to know that there is only one correct way to solve each puzzle, and that’s tougher than it sounds – especially at the Hard level.

There’s a very good, and fast, tutorial (literally 4 swipes) that introduces you to how to play Red Herring. There are 3 levels of difficulty to choose for each puzzle you do: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Easy gives all the category names and partially solves the puzzle.

Normal has the puzzle partially solved, but doesn’t show the category names.

Red Herring Normal Puzzle

Normal Puzzle solved

Hard doesn’t solve any of the puzzle or show any of the categories.

Hard puzzle

The game is free and comes with a single puzzle pack with 50 puzzles to solve (and of course 3 levels for each). You also get 10 free hints. If you want more hints you can buy unlimited hints for just $1.99 as an In-App purchase. There are also another 7 puzzle packs (50 puzzles in each) available for 99 cents each via In-App purchase. This is another thing to love about this game – minimal, reasonably priced In-App purchases.

Puzzle packs

Much like 7 Little Words, Red Herring is extremely addictive and will have you hooked within minutes of trying it out for the first time. It’s easy to play as a nice bit of exercise for your brain when you’ve got a few minutes between things, and just as fun to spend an hour with when you’re in the mood. It’s also a great game for all ages – my 11 year old daughter enjoys it every bit as much as I do.

Here’s an App Store link for Red Herring; it’s a free app with In-App purchase options as mentioned above.

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