iPad App of the Week: Ziner RSS Reader

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Ziner RSS Reader for iPad

iPad apps are, and have always been, a big part of what makes the iPad such a powerful device. Great apps, and unique apps that you just don’t find anywhere else, are one of the hallmark features of the iPad. They have been since Day 1, and scores of great developers and publishers continue to produce apps that are exclusively for the iPad. Our weekly picks for Best iPad App of the Week are published here every Saturday.

This week’s pick is Ziner – RSS Reader that believes in simplicity, supports Feedly. That’s way too long a name, so I’ll call it Ziner RSS Reader or just Ziner for the remainder of this post.

Ziner is a very nice, clean RSS reader app for the iPad and for users of Feedly. That last part is important to note – because a Feedly account is required to use the app. That’s not a worry for me as Feedly has been my favorite RSS service by far ever since the demise of Google Reader.


Ziner doesn’t offer a lot of bells, whistles, or ‘extra’ sort of features. What it does offer is a simple and very fast UI, along with a solid set of features that you want and expect in an RSS reader app. Here’s it App Store list of notable features:

– Being fast, super fast!
– Simple and clean.
– Always updated feeds.
– Works smoothly when offline.
– Preloads images smartly.
– Search in starred articles.
– Themes: Day, Sunset, Night.
– Auto readability view for partial feeds.
– List view & Magazine view (iPad only)
– Add/Delete/Rename feed in Setting –> Feedly

I’ve been using Ziner for a few weeks now (while also still using Feedly) and I’ve found it lives up nicely to the promise of being clean, fast, and effective to use. It works well in both landscape and portrait mode too – a small feature but one that I always appreciate.

Individual Feed

Here’s one more screenshot of the app – showing an individual article page and the article share options:

Share Article

Here’s an App Store link for Ziner; it’s a free app with an In-App purchase option to remove (very unobtrusive) ads.

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