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The Rundown: Episode 2 for the Week of April 23

The Rundown is our recurring Facebook Live video segment that covers the site’s posts from the previous week, some Apple News, and some things that are coming soon on the site.

In this week’s Rundown, we look back at:

  • Rumors of Apple looking at purchasing Disney
  • Enabling Two-Step Verification and Trusted Devices on your Apple devices
  • The PaperLike screen cover for the iPad Pro from Kickstarter
  • The ProBack 12.9″ iPad Pro cover that holds and charges the Apple Pencil from Kickstarter

A couple of specials on our Deals site:

  • Private Internet Access VPN from London Trust Media
  • 2-in-1 Lightning to Headphone Jack Charging Adapter from Sky Innovations

Some Apple News:

  • A few current iPad Pro rumors
  • Apple’s purchase of the Clive Davis Documentary for Apple Music

And some items coming up on the site:

  • eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertable Junior Travel Bag Review
  • Carved Wood Power Bank and Acorn Bluetooth Speaker Review and Giveaway
  • iOS 11 Wishlist- Taking Siri Seriously

If you have any questions or comments, either on the Rundown, or things you would like to see covered on the site in the future, feel free to let me know. Thank you for tuning in, and see you next week!

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Are Apple and Disney Perfect Dance Partners?

As iPad rumors have cooled in the wake of the release of a new device and a wait until the release of rumored devices possibly still to come, another oldie but goodie has popped back up over the last couple of days. There have been Apple and Disney merger, purchase, and partnership rumors going back several years, but they have really picked up some momentum this week.. We all know Apple has a massive $200 bilion plus pile of cash (although most of it is currently trapped overseas), and that they are starting to look for and produce their own media content, including video. Both brands are also iconic and synonymous with quality and attainable luxury, so the companies do align in certain areas, which is probably why these rumors make sense in a lot of ways.

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