iPad Magician Wows on the Ellen Show

iPad magician Simon Pierro managed to wow Ellen and her audience with a quick series of magic tricks involving the iPad.

I’m sure Penn and Teller and other magician types can probably explain how these are done, but they sure look impressive – and that last one with the audience selfie is amazing.

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iPad Smart Covers Doing Work in London Apple Store

iPad Smart Covers are grabbing attention at the flagship Regent Street Apple Store in London – as they’re automatically opening and closing in a prominent window display. I guess that’s as good a way as any to put an iPad accessory to work selling the tablet itself – and apparently it’s working well and drawing questions from curious passers by.

This also reminds me that I haven’t used a smart cover yet with my iPad Air 2; I might need to remedy that.

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(Very) Cool Things: Don’t Fear the Reaper Played All on an iPad

Now this is one hell of a great ‘iPad version’ of a classic rock track. It’s Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ and everything hear on the song was created entirely on an iPad.

Love the effort and love the short, sweet description of it by its creator, YouTube member samuraiguitarist:

Everything you hear was created on an iPad, I hope there’s enough cowbell for you!

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Cool iOS Detail: Swipe Right To Preview More While Searching Photos

iOS 8 search in photos app

Here’s a little Photos app detail that I hadn’t noticed until I’d loaded my iPad with enough photos that I actually *had* to use the search function to find what I was looking for. When you search for a set of photos — by describing an album name, place, or date — the Photos app will show a single thumbnail to represent each search result it displays. Tapping on a single set of search results will load up a filtered view that shows only the relevant pictures. However, if you swipe right on the search results, you’ll see that you can actually “peek” into more of the results without having to tap on any of them. It’s a nice easy way to quickly sample more of the results without having to reset your search.

This isn’t any sort of game-changing feature, and I actually think it’s more useful on the iPhone with its limited screen real estate, but it’s a great example of the delightful little details that Apple includes in iOS. I like that some things are included not because they add incredible utility, but simply because they’re plain fun to discover and use.

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New iPad TV Ad – Jason’s Verse

This is my favorite iPad ‘Your Verse’ ad so far.

Jason Hall inspires thousands of people to witness the revitalization of Detroit from two wheels. As the cofounder of the Slow Roll city bike ride, Hall taps into his community spirit and his iPad to turn an idea into a movement.

Cool idea, cool ad.

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Quick Look: Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

The Belkin WeMo Insight isn’t an iPad-specific accessory — its companion app is really designed for the iPhone — but I’ve been using it across both of my iOS devices anyway. The WeMo Insight is part of Belkin’s WeMo suite of home automation accessories, and the Insight works like an AC adapter that allows you […]

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Cool Things: Evernote Business Notebook by Moleskine

This Evernote Business Notebook by Moleskine really looks impressive, from the concept through to the slick set of features. It’s not for me because after years of pounding away on mobile and full-sized keyboards my handwriting is shockingly terrible and all but unreadable. For anyone with even barely legible handwriting this might be well worth […]

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Cool Things: ZEN 3-in-1 Stylus / Pen

I’ve tried out a good number of styluses for the iPad over the last few years – and they were good, bad, and mediocre. I’ve yet to find one that I continued using for more than just a brief tryout period and it’s been a long while since I felt excited about a stylus. The […]

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