Cool Things: Evernote Business Notebook by Moleskine

This Evernote Business Notebook by Moleskine really looks impressive, from the concept through to the slick set of features. It’s not for me because after years of pounding away on mobile and full-sized keyboards my handwriting is shockingly terrible and all but unreadable. For anyone with even barely legible handwriting this might be well worth a look.

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Cool Things: ZEN 3-in-1 Stylus / Pen

Zen Three in One

I’ve tried out a good number of styluses for the iPad over the last few years – and they were good, bad, and mediocre. I’ve yet to find one that I continued using for more than just a brief tryout period and it’s been a long while since I felt excited about a stylus.

The ZEN 3 in 1 looks like it might be worth getting a little excited about. It’s a Kickstarter project that was successfully funded a couple days ago and more than doubled its funding target. It looks to be priced very competitively, starting at around $40 MSRP when it comes to market.

I’m far (far!) from an expert on the design and production of styluses, but the details on the ZEN 3 in 1’s Kickstarter page still strike me as impressive. The makers of it have been kind enough to offer me a review unit – so I’ll soon get a chance to see if it’s as good as it looks.

You can see check out all the technical details and watch a video demo at the ZEN 3 in 1 Kickstarter page.

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Cool Things: Monstero iPhone / iPad Cases Designed on an iPad

Monstero Cases

Monstero is a new line of smartphone and tablet cases from Indonesian design Monez Gusmang. The one on the left in the photo above is called ‘The Kuin’. It’s notable because it was designed entirely on an iPad, using ‘finger only’ and no stylus.

Quite a nice result I’d say.

The cases are available for the iPhone and a few other leading smartphones (including Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note devices) and also for some iPad models. The price for the smartphone version is around $21.

You can see more detail on these at Gusmang’s website.

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Cool Things: President Obama Filming Students with an iPad

President Filming with iPad

We’ve seen before that President Obama is an iPad user, and this week he borrowed one to film students and a teacher during a classroom visit at a middle school in Maryland.

The president was at Buck Lodge Middle School in Adelphi, Maryland – as part of the ConnectED initiative to provide students with greater access to high-speed internet connections. The classroom has a number of iPads in use by students and President Obama did quite a good job doing a short video with the iPad.

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Cool Things: Google’s Vic Gundotra Loves the new iPad TV Ad



This post caught my eye on Google+ this morning. It’s from Vic Gundotra – Google’s Senior Vice President, Engineering – who’s one of the most consistently interesting people to follow on Google’s social network.

Just in case you can’t see the screencap above very well, Gundotra talks about his love for the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ and its themes – and then goes on to say this:

Anyway, I have to (painfully) admit that Apple’s latest ads touch on these themes (and directly quote from the movie) and hence have become my favorite ad of the year.

Carpe Diem

Nice to see one of Google’s top guys getting past all the Apple vs Google religious war nonsense. It’s also cool to see that Google is doing some great TV ads lately for the Nexus 7 and for Chrome.

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Cool Things: The Coburns iPad Stand on Kickstarter

I love a good iPad stand and it’s been a little while since on caught my eye. Now the Coburns iPad Stands Kickstarter project has changed that. These are gorgeous and very impressive looking iPad stands, made from some beautiful hardwoods and handcrafted right here in the US. The Kickstarter project for them has already […]

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