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How to set-up Family Sharing on your iPad


Family Sharing is Apple’s answer to providing a family of up to six people an easy way to share all their purchases from the App Store, iTunes and the iBooks store through one main account. Now, family members can share purchases from each of their own individual accounts without having to use the same username and password. Everyone has access to all the purchases made by each and every member of the family. This provides the family with a one-stop location where they can share all of their photos, app purchases, books and calendar items—as well as their location.

In order to set-up the the Family Sharing account, one person needs to be the main account holder. This person sends out the invites to everyone that will be included in the family. He/she is also responsible for providing the credit card information for all payment arrangements made by the family. The process is initiated with email invites that family members can accept to become part of the Family Sharing account.


My favorite part of Family Sharing is that I can add my children to the plan—although you will need to create an Apple ID for your child in order to add them.  Children under the age of 13 will automatically be added to your Family Sharing Plan, and the “ask to buy” feature is automatically turned on for purchases made with their device. All purchase requests made with this feature active will have to get approval from the main account holder. This is true for free and paid purchase requests.

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How to create a Family Sharing Apple ID for kids on your iPad

Napkin 04-21-15, 12.14.18 AMFamily Sharing is a great utility Apple introduced in iOS 8 that allows family members to share all their purchases across the App Store, iTunes and the iBookstore.  With Family Sharing, though, all participating members need to have their own Apple ID’s.  However, minors under the age of thirteen can’t create an Apple ID on their own.  Luckily parents can give consent and create one for them–and when you do, it will be added to your Family group automatically.

Napkin 04-21-15, 12.09.37 AMApple verifies that you are indeed an adult and can create an Apple ID for your child when you use a credit card as your method of payment in your iTunes account.  Unfortunately for this exercise, though, if your payment method is currently a debit card, you will have to replace it with a credit card because iTunes uses the security information on the credit card to confirm consent for a minor to use the account.

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