My Daughter’s Netflix Takeover

Netflix Takeover

I mentioned a few weeks back that I gave my daughter an iPad mini. She is getting great use out of it, for everything from reading (tons and tons of reading) to educational apps to games and entertainment.

Apparently she is getting particularly fond of Netflix since I logged in for her with our family account. So much so that now when I take a peek at the app on my iPad mini it’s a little scary. Just look at that screenshot above. It’s completely Disney-ified.  She has hijacked Netflix. :)

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Reeder App Will be Ready for the Google Reader Shutdown

Here’s some good news for fans of RSS and users of the popular Reeder app: the developer of Reeder has plans in place to keep the app running smoothly when Google shuts down Google Reader in a few months.

Reeder will be switching to use Feedbin as its backend service, as TUAW reports:

The iPhone version of Reeder will get Feedbin support soon, while the iPad and OS X version will be updated in the coming months.

I’ve been using Reeder as my RSS app on the iPad for a long while now and it’s a superb, fast app for keeping up with all the feeds I follow. Since hearing the news about the impending demise of Google Reader I’ve been using Reeder on my Mac a lot more often too.

If the Reeder iPad and Mac apps are updated before July 1 and still support most or all their current key features I will be a very happy camper.

I’m sure we have lots of RSS users here. What’s your favorite RSS app for the iPad and what are your plans for when Google Reader is shutdown?

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Flipboard Magazines – A Couple New iPad Titles

iPad Apps Flipboard magazine

Hopefully many of you are already enjoying the new ‘create your own magazine’ feature in the Flipboard iPad app. I know I am, and I’ve already created a few magazines.

Here are two of them I’d like to share:

– iPad Apps – a selection of some of the latest, greatest apps for the iPad, across all categories:

– iPad Accessories – iPad cases and stands and lions and tigers and bears:

iPad Accessories Flipboard magazine

Oh, and of course iPad Insight is a featured Flipboard partner site – so you can enjoy all of our content magazine style too. If you haven’t already added us to your Flipboard, please give us a look here:

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Need iPad Help – Just Ask

iPad Help

Got an iPad question you can’t find a good answer for? Need some help on fixing an iPad problem? Or just want to learn some great tips & tricks to get more out of your iPad? I’m happy to help out.

We’ve even got a page for that here:

Here’s some of the topics I can help with:

Mastering the iPad Basics

  • How to take screenshots
  • Using Home Screen folders
  • Wireless syncing the iPad with a computer
  • Battery life tips
  • Keyboard tips and tricks

Get the most out of the iPad at Work

  • Best ways to work with MS Office documents
  • Best ways to work with PDFs

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iPad Insight & March Madness – Join Our Bracket

Simple Bracket app

March Madness tips off today, so we’ve got 3 weeks of fantastic college hoops action coming up. I’m excited about the beginning of the tournament and ready to have fun seeing how my brackets hold up.

I’m hoping we have some March Madness fans here – and hoping you might want to join in a bit of bracket fun. I saw the Simple Bracket app mentioned by John Gruber at Daring Fireball this morning and installed it based on his recommendation. It’s a nice little app – and super simple to use, living up to its name.

I created a bracket more quickly than I did on some other online pools, with just a few taps and swipes.

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Best App Update Text. Ever.

Letterpress is a unique and clever word game for the iPad and iPhone. It’s an addicting game that lets you match up your word making skills against friends and random opponents via Game Center, with a healthy dose of strategy thrown in as well. The game is developed by Loren Brichter, who created the superb [...]

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Ouch, That’s Not How You Carry an iPad

TechCrunch writer Jordan Crook’s girlfriend spotted this gent strolling through Grand Central Station in New York – with his iPad tucked into the back of his trousers. Yikes. Somebody please get this man a case, a messenger bag, anything that gets that iPad away from his backside. What do you all think? Please tell me [...]

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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all our US readers. Hope it’s great day for all of you, with family, friends, grilling, and fireworks. For everyone else, Happy Wednesday – hope it’s a good one. If you’re curious, the iPad wallpaper shown above is from the excellent Pimp Your Screen app.

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