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What Did You Think of the First iPad TV Ad?

iPad ad during Oscars

So Mike Cane was right about the first iPad TV ad airing during the Academy Awards show last night.

I saw it at least a couple times during the show, and I think I may have missed one. I thought it was good.  Good song, nice, fast run through of some of the things it does, slick, about what you expect from Apple ads.  If you haven’t seen it yet, click HERE or on the image above to give it a look.

What did you all think?  Good / bad / mediocre / Oscar worthy?

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Site Stuff: Welcome Russell – Our First New Contributor


This evening I’m very happy to welcome a first new writer here on Just Another iPad Blog – Russell Leseberg.

Russell is a technology consultant with a wealth of strong and interesting experience; an iPhone, Apple and of course iPad enthusiast, and a damn good writer (though you’d be hard pressed to get him to admit to that last one) – and I’m very glad he’s decided to join me in writing for this blog, and also for my Just Another iPhone Blog site, focused on the iPhone and iPhone apps.

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Recommended: Gruber’s Macworld Talk on 10 Issues Facing Apple

John Gruber Macworld 2010 talk

John Gruber’s Daring Fireball is one of my most favorite sites – one that I not only read every day, but actually look forward to reading every day.  I enjoy it because it offers an interesting mix of links on all things Apple-related, technology related, and links beyond those boundaries at times as well.  More importantly, it offers Gruber’s strong takes on a range of subjects that interest me.  I don’t always agree with his opinions, but I nearly always find his writing insightful and entertaining – a bit like a Jim Rome of the techie blogosphere, with a brash, ‘have a take, don’t suck‘ kind of attitude.

Gruber did an excellent talk at Macworld 2010 on 10 key issues he sees facing Apple today.  It’s a great topic – as Apple has been on a roll for quite a while and seem to be kicking ass and taking names in several areas, so it’s a very good time to think about what could put the skids on all their current and recent success.

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Getting an iPad? You Need These Pants


These are just a design concept for now, but are surely bound to become THE must-have accessory for the iPad.  They even seem to have the FSJ stamp of approval.

Wonder if iGotaBigAssPocket will become a commonly used term. :)

Read more about this here:

Via: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

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Where to Find Full iPad Tech Specs


I’ve recently run a series of posts sharing details of some of the key tech specs of the iPad.  You can find those HERE.

There are still quite a few other areas of the specs I haven’t posted on yet though – from wireless and cellular details to audio playback, TV and video, and Mac and Windows system requirements. 

To see the complete tech specs for the iPad (or as much as Apple cares to share anyway) go here:

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Recommended – Ten Myths of Apple’s iPad: 2. It needs Flash


Excellent video, done by Daniel Eran Dilger of  Puts forward some very strong arguments, provides some great history and background on Flash,  and explodes a number of myths relating to it.

Well worth a watch whenever you have a chance.

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Yes! – Confirmation of a Crucial Feature on the iPad


OK – sorry about that, I couldn’t resist.

9to5Mac have a post up today with a good set of screenshots showing some deeper bits of the iPad UI.  They include the beauty shown above, the optional battery percentage indicator in the status bar.  You know, the one that Apple lets iPhone 3GS users have, but deems just too magical for older model iPhones.  Lucky for us, the iPad makes it into the battery %age club.

For several more good screenies showing ‘tidbits’ of the iPad interface, check out 9to5Mac’s article here:

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What’s the iPad Got in Common with Windows 95?

Windows 95

According to Michael Gartenberg, the two share the fact that mainstream consumers have huge levels of interest in them.  He has a feeling that non-techie users are excited about the iPad in ways that they very rarely are for any tech product – similar to the excitement people felt for Windows 95 and the iPhone.

Check out his article on this for ComputerWorld HERE, for more of his thoughts on this subject.

I am beginning to get a similar impression – I’m seeing big enthusiasm for the iPad amongst ‘normal’ non-techie folks as well.

What do you all think?  Is the iPad drawing major interest among your non-techie friends and acquaintances?  Will this interest translate into sales?

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iPad Giveaway Contest at everythingiCafe – Win a Free iPad


everythingiCafe is my favorite iPhone forum site, and has been for a very long time.  It’s a great place to get troubleshooting advice on an iPhone problem, and to discuss all sorts of iPhone-related topics (and even plenty of off-topic stuff).

EIC is covering the iPad as well now – and they’ve got a great giveaway contest going – where you have a chance to win a free 16GB iPad.

Entering for a chance to win is very easy – you basically just need to be a member at EIC (new or existing), have an avatar, and make 5 quality posts between now and March 31st. 

A winner will be chosen on or around April 1st.  Head on over here to get yourself in with a chance to win yourself an iPad, and to enjoy the lovely EIC community:

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Nobody Wants an iPad, Except Norwegians?


As has been reported all over the web recently, a study by Retrevo has shown that far less people are interested in buying an iPad when asked after the launch event than before the announcement.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball has pointed out that Retrevo’s take may want to be taken with quite a few grains of salt, as they also produced a study back in August that had MacBooks doing badly against netbooks, which proved way off the mark.

Another bit of good news for potential iPad sales – apparently there’s big demand for it in Norway, according to a report at iLounge today:

Resellers Apple House and Humac in Norway have been forced to close pre-sales of the iPad due to high demand. iPod1 reports (Translated Link) that despite the fact that neither pricing nor an official release date has been announced, Apple House has already received a four-digit number of advance orders, with the 64GB, 3G-enabled version being the most popular. Humac made a similar claim in its order-halting explanation, saying its seen “crazy interest” and will contact customers already in the queue as soon as it knows anything more.

What do you all think?  What’s the vibe among your family / friends / colleagues?  Lack of interest or crazy about it and ready to move to Norway?

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Recommended: Andy Ihnatko’s Hands-on Impressions of the iPad

NYT on iPad 

If you’re after a thorough and insightful rundown of what the iPad was like to touch and use after the Apple demo event last week, I’d recommend Andy Ihnatko’s hands-on piece for the Chicago Sun Times.

The article is full of great information and really makes you feel almost as if you’d handled the device yourself.

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