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Nobody Wants an iPad, Except Norwegians?


As has been reported all over the web recently, a study by Retrevo has shown that far less people are interested in buying an iPad when asked after the launch event than before the announcement.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball has pointed out that Retrevo’s take may want to be taken with quite a few grains of salt, as they also produced a study back in August that had MacBooks doing badly against netbooks, which proved way off the mark.

Another bit of good news for potential iPad sales – apparently there’s big demand for it in Norway, according to a report at iLounge today:

Resellers Apple House and Humac in Norway have been forced to close pre-sales of the iPad due to high demand. iPod1 reports (Translated Link) that despite the fact that neither pricing nor an official release date has been announced, Apple House has already received a four-digit number of advance orders, with the 64GB, 3G-enabled version being the most popular. Humac made a similar claim in its order-halting explanation, saying its seen “crazy interest” and will contact customers already in the queue as soon as it knows anything more.

What do you all think?  What’s the vibe among your family / friends / colleagues?  Lack of interest or crazy about it and ready to move to Norway?

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Recommended: Andy Ihnatko’s Hands-on Impressions of the iPad

NYT on iPad 

If you’re after a thorough and insightful rundown of what the iPad was like to touch and use after the Apple demo event last week, I’d recommend Andy Ihnatko’s hands-on piece for the Chicago Sun Times.

The article is full of great information and really makes you feel almost as if you’d handled the device yourself.

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Comic Books – Another Great Fit for the iPad

PanelFly on iPad

There are quite a few popular comic books apps for the iPhone – and comic books in general look like quite a good natural fit for the iPad, with its big screen and great media consumption traits.

Rosa Golijan at Gizmodo definitely thinks so, and she’s had a sneak peek at what Panelfly, makers of a leading iPhone comics app, have got planned for the iPad. I’m not big on comics, but I have to admit the screens look well impressive.

If you’re a comic books fan, give Rosa’s article a look and start looking forward to seeing that Panelfly app hit the iPad:

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Recommended: Mossberg, Arrington & David Carr Talk About the iPad on the Charlie Rose Show

iPad talk on Charlie Rose show

I love watching the Charlie Rose show, and I love hearing some serious technology experts talk about the iPad.  Combine those two things and, at least for me, it’s a total chocolate plus peanut butter moment.

So I just enjoyed the heck out of watching twenty plus minutes of Charlie talking to Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, Mike Arrington of TechCrunch, and David Carr of the New York Times all about the iPad.  There are of course a number of great insightful lines throughout the show, but my two favorites – both from David Carr at around the 12:10 mark – are these:

This’ll be a more viral gadget than most, because it’s so large … if you’re sitting next to someone it’s going to market itself. 

It was a terrible day for Amazon and a terrible day for Kindle. … but he left the picture of the Kindle up there for like two minutes and it looked like something mennonites made 150 years ago.

The entire video of the talk is great stuff to watch and listen to.  Check it out HERE.

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Why Are Google’s Image Search Results for iPad So Jacked Up?


I found the most convincing proof I’ve seen that Google is making a Tablet. I found it while hunting down screenshots and pictures of the Apple iPad using Google Image Search. No matter how hard I tried I kept coming up with everything but pictures of the iPad.

That’s an excerpt from a post by Marc over at the Ilium Software Blog.  It caught my eye and I thought I’d try my luck with image searches for iPad.  My results were just as bad, as you may be able to see in the above screencap. 

The first page of image results for a Google search for ‘Apple iPad’ yielded not a single image of the actual device, and lots that are of mockups of the device before release – and most not even close to the real appearance of the iPad.

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Recommended: Joy of Tech on Where to Carry Your iPad and Where All the Hype Goes

where to carry an iPad

Brilliant stuff, as ever, at Joy of Tech on where to carry your iPad.  I love the testosterone-pumping ManChariot. :)

They’ve also got a superb explanation for where all the hype goes once the iPad has finally been announced …

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Far Better, Phenomenal, Unbelievably Great Mashup of the iPad Announcement, in Under 3 Minutes


An amazing, beautiful, huge, phenomenal, unbelievably great, far better, condensed version of Steve and Co’s iPad announcement last week.  These have become a standard after every big Apple event, and I love ‘em. :)


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The iPad – Revolutionary, Advanced & a Comedy Goldmine

iPad vs. Maxipad

Well, the iPad may turn out to be a hit, or a flop; a game-changer or a should’ve had its name changed – but one thing’s for sure, it is one hell of a good source of humor and is destined to be the butt of countless jokes.

Just the name itself is more than enough fodder to get the ball rolling.  Throw in its iPhone-like lack of some features that many geeks think are dealbreakers, and the ridiculous amount of hype surrounding the device, and it’s a surefire recipe for iPad-tastic jokefests.

There are already quite a lot of excellent ‘iPad vs.  …’ images up on the web, like the neck and neck battle with a Maxipad shown above – where the Maxipad just edges it through its win in the ‘super absorbant’ category.

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Welcome – Let’s Talk About the iPad


Image Source:

Hola, welcome to Just Another iPad Blog. Hopefully you’re here because you’re interested in Apple’s new iPad device.  I know I am.

Here we’ll cover the iPad itself, news about it, and accessories for it – but most of all we’ll focus on iPad apps and the ways that we find to use this fascinating new device.

I hope you’ll find our coverage interesting and visit often, and share your thoughts and ideas as you get to know the iPad.

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