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Apple Releases iOS 10: OTA update bricks devices of some early updaters


Earlier today Apple released iOS 10 as promised.  Unfortunately for some of those who were “lucky” enough to download the Over-the-Air (OTA) update in the first hour it was available, their devices became unresponsive (bricked) and immediately went into recovery mode.  This then required the user to update/restore their devices via iTunes.  This issue was not specific to any one device, as iPad Pro owners and various iPhone models were all experiencing issues.

Unfortunately a restore isn’t very comforting to those who don’t have a recent, or any, backed up version of their device to restore to.  In addition, if you don’t have a computer running iTunes, you can’t even restore your device.  Lost data and unhappy consumers is definitely not the way Apple wants to kick-off the “biggest release ever” of iOS.  It appears as though only consumers attempting OTA updates were affected–iTunes updates were working fine.

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Choosing Lightroom Over iCloud Photo Library in iOS 10

Lightroom and iCloud Photo Library

Yesterday was the first time I finally felt confident enough in Lightroom to turn off iCloud Photo Library. I had been jumping between the two services for a while, using Lightroom as my main photo library, but still keeping a few backups in iCloud.

I still love how iCloud Photo Library syncs so beautifully in the background. I liked the ability to just open up my iPad and have all the shots from my iPhone already there, as if by magic. But the major caveat to iCloud Photo Library is that it just doesn’t do a very good job of optimizing a photo library for easy, consistent access.

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iOS 10 Release Date and Specifications – Infographic

ios-10 images

Apple released the first beta version of iOS 10 on 13 June, 2016 and now going to launch the full version probably in September. Now the good news is that iPhone app developers can build more powerful apps.

Now app developers will be able to make the apps available for download directly from the app store to iMessage. In the latest version of iOS, app developers can create sticker packs for purchase.

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My Main Concern With Apple Notes: No Good Export

Feeling Trapped with Apple Notes_1

The last time I wrote about Apple Notes was in early July. I wrote that post to try and balance out all of the very strongly-worded posts about dumping Evernote and jumping to Apple Notes, the newest free note-taking solution that synced across all Apple devices.

I can see why most people don’t want to have to pay for a Notes solution, so moving from Evernote to Apple Notes seems like a very easy switch. However, I was wary of fully committing to Apple’s service because there doesn’t seem to be any easy way of getting your data out of the service in a meaningful way. You can get plain text notes to export from Apple Notes…but that’s about it. All the pictures, rich URLs, media, and any files you’ve attached to your notes…those can’t be exported en masse or imported into any other service at this time.

Despite all of that, I decided to give Apple Notes another solid try for the past month and a half.

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How to enable Safari Split View in iOS 10


At WWDC last month we got our first glimpse of what Apple has planned  for iOS 10 on the iPad.  There will most likely be additional changes and unannounced features saved for when it’s released to the public.  Having said that, the most notable new addition to iOS 10 on the iPad has to be Safari Split View.  Just like its name suggests, Safari Split View lets you have two Safari windows open side-by-side.

It’s very similar to the regular Split View that can be used between two different apps.  However, Safari split-view only lets your open half of the screen.  Both windows have the same ratio that, at the moment, can’t be changed.

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Apple releases iOS 10 Beta 2 to developers


Apple released the second version of the their developer beta this afternoon, with a slough of enhancements and improvements to iOS 10 previously announced at WWDC three weeks ago.  The public beta of iOS 10 is scheduled to be released later this month.  However, those with developer accounts who are already testing iOS 10 can download the (OTA) update when connected to Wi-Fi.

As with all developer betas, users are strongly discouraged from loading beta software on their daily driver devices, as they will most likely become unstable and unresponsive at times. Betas are for developers to test their new apps, and from my past experience, this can sometimes make your device unreliable.  However, with each new beta release, Apple continues to iterate additional enhancements and updates to iOS while at the same time making it more stable and reliable.

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Thoughts On The iPad & iOS 10 

It’s been over a week since the announcement of iOS 10, and I remember feeling a little disappointed in the lack of iPad-specific features they announced. The only obvious iPad-specific features we know of so far are:

  • Three-panel views in Mail and Notes (not bad…)
  • Side by side windows in Safari (yes!)
  • Music now works in Split View (about darn time)

Given that this is Apple’s major release for the year, that just doesn’t seem like a lot of iPad love when you compare it to last year’s iOS 9 announcement, where “iPad Experience” was one of the highlights of the release. This is especially true if iOS 9 encouraged you to invest in an iPad Pro, in the hopes that the specialized hardware was a sign that Apple would be taking the tablet even more seriously as a computing platform going forward.

When you think and write about this stuff on a weekly basis, it’s easy to set yourself up for disappointment. “If Apple doesn’t release X, I’m going to be disappointed” is an easy trap to fall into…and there are only so many times that you can use “there’s always next year” as a conclusion.

But after spending the last week on the beta and also reading a MacRumors forum posts about iOS 10-specific features, I find myself surprised at how capable the iPad Pro has become as a day-to-day computer. I’m still not totally happy with how it manages and edits photos, but iOS 10 has addressed so many small things that were bugging me about the iPad experience.
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Photos on iOS 10

Photos on iOS 10 has taken a few big leaps in terms of the viewing experience. The big takeaway from the keynote is that we all take a lot of pictures, and now iOS 10 is doing more to help you automatically organize them into meaningful Memories and related events. As someone who has spent days organizing albums and tagging faces on my Mac, this is a pretty exciting prospect.

I previously used a number of workarounds to get Faces to be recognized on my iPad Pro. Photos on macOS has always been able to recognize faces and tag photos with keywords, and although it wasn’t made very obvious, those keywords do sync to iOS. So I spent a good long while making sure I had key people tagged on Photos so that I could search for them on iOS.

But with iOS 10, that extra tagging is no longer required. I left my iPad Pro on overnight so that it could search my 13,000 photos for faces, and they’re all organized in a special Faces album. iOS did a pretty good job of putting all the right faces together, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way of rejecting a photo that isn’t that person. Syncing Faces between iPad and iPhone doesn’t seem to work quite yet. I know that Apple made a big deal about privacy and showing that the calculations are done on-device, but I’m assuming that these Faces will eventually sync over.
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iOS 10 Wishlist: More Keyboard Shortcuts and Improved Photos Support

  ‘Tis the season: it’s getting closer and closer to June so people are unwrapping their biggest wishlist items. The funny thing is that we’re really close enough to the beta of iOS 10 (usually released just after WWDC in June) that our wishlist items couldn’t actually have any effect on development at this point. They’re either in development now, or they won’t be in iOS 10. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to write up a wishlist anyway.

Better Photos Support

I’ve already talked about the lack of decent RAW support, so I won’t re-hash that. However, as I test Lightroom 2.2 on my iPad, I arm starting to realize what else is missing from the Photos app.

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