iOS 6 Tidbits: Complete My Album Now Available in the Music App

Music App iPad iOS 6

Here’s another small but handy feature added to iOS 6 – the revamped Music app now lets you use Complete My Album without leaving the app. So you can choose to purchase the remaining songs on an album you enjoy without being pulled out to the separate iTunes app.

Instead, you can complete the album with just a couple of taps from the individual album page in the Albums section of the Music app.

Apparently the Videos app has added a similar capability – with Complete My Season when buying TV show episodes.

I can’t say my life felt incomplete without this functionality in the Music app, but I do like the trend in iOS 6 to accomplish more things directly within some of Apple’s built-in apps. My favorite of these is that you no longer get bombed out of the App Store when you choose to install an app.

I spotted this via 9to5Mac.

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iOS 6 and iPad: Image Uploads Working Nicely

iPad upload to Flickr

Here’s another nice new feature in iOS 6 on the iPad that I’ve had a chance to test out recently – the ability to upload images directly from the Safari browser app.

You can take a new photo or video or select an existing one from your photo library and upload them without leaving the Safari app. I’ve tried this out on the Flickr photo sharing site and on my favorite Apple related forum, everythingiCafe.

One nice little touch on this new feature is that as soon as you tap to select an image to upload you get a popup dialog letting you know that Safari wants to access your Photos so that you can OK it.

Hit the break for a couple more screenshots …

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iPad and iOS 6 – Installing Apps Doesn’t Boot You Out of the App Store Anymore

iPad iOS 6 Installing Apps

Here’s another nice little feature in iOS 6 on the iPad – one that makes life a little easier when installing and updating iPad apps:

In iOS 6 when you tap to install a new app in the App Store you don’t get kicked out to the home screen. You’ll be prompted for your Apple ID password and then the install will start right away and you’ll see the install progress bar alongside the app name. You can choose to install a number of apps and they’ll all begin installing without leaving the App Store. In the screenshot shown above I’ve got four apps installing concurrently.

An even bigger timesaver is that you no longer need to enter your password when updating apps in the App Store. As soon as you tap the Update button, the update will begin.

These are relatively minor enhancements to go along with the revamp of the App Store, but they’re definitely very welcome ones too. This is one of those little things that offers a big feeling of satisfaction when you see it in action.

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Your iOS 6 Questions Answered

iOS 6 Open In

I’ve been running the first iOS 6 beta on a dedicated testing iPad (a new iPad 3) for just about 10 days now. So far this first iOS 6 beta has been quite solid and mostly what I expected – lots of nice enhancements but no big, revolutionary new features (apart from Siri maybe).

I mentioned in my first post about the beta that I would do my best to answer any questions you have about iOS 6 on the iPad, and today I want to offer some answers to the questions that have asked in the comments on my earlier post and via email. So here are some answers to your first batch of questions:

Q Several of you asked about the ‘Open In’ feature and whether more than 10 apps could be seen in the list and whether you could edit the list of apps shown in the list. Many of us have run into the 10 app limit when working with PDF and other document types and sometimes finding that a favorite app is not listed in the Open In list.

Good News on this one. Though I still don’t see any way to edit the list, the Open in popover is now considerably larger and it has multiple pages if needed – so it will show more than 10 apps, as you can see in the two screencaps included in this post.

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iOS 6 Tidbits – Siri’s Sports Knowledge Looks Pretty Limited

Siri for iPad

As I mentioned recently, I’m running the first iOS 6 beta on a testing iPad and getting to know the new version of iOS, at least in its early beta stage.

One of the big new features in iOS 6 on iPad is the presence of Siri, the clever voice assistant. Siri is adding capabilities in iOS 6 too – one of them that Apple highlighted at the recent WWDC 2012 keynote event is her new sports knowledge. Apple showed off how she can tell you about all the latest scores and standings. Not surprisingly, Siri’s range of sports knowledge, at least for now, is quite limited and seems very US-centric.

I’m a huge football / soccer fan and I’m following the EURO 2012 tournament closely – so I thought I’d ask Siri about it. I asked her using a number of terms and found she’s clueless about the tournament.

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