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My Decade with the iPad: Leaving the Fold

The iPad officially turned 10 years old yesterday! Hurray! A full decade has now passed and so much has changed with the hardware and software of the iPad and how I use them. It’s natural to look back after a milestone, so now is a good time to do just that. (You can see my previous strolls down memory lane here and here.)

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Say Hello to My Big (Neglected) Friend, the iPad 3

iPad 3 home screen

I am a little ashamed to admit that I have been neglecting my iPad 3, a lot, over recent months. I got an iPad mini on its launch day morning last November and it quickly won me over with its wonderful lightness and form factor.

Like others, I was initially skeptical about the 8 inch (or near enough) tablet form factor, but after just a day or so with the iPad mini I was a big fan of it. All these months later, I still am and it’s easily my most used device. I’d say my usage pattern on tablets recently has been around 60% iPad mini, 30% Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and only 10% iPad 3.

This past Monday I wanted to get a multi-screen setup going while taking in Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote event. I decided to view Apple’s live stream on the iPad, follow the Engadget liveblog in Chrome on my iMac and use Evernote on the iMac to take quick notes during the event.

The iPad 3 screen was the obvious bigger, better choice for watching the Apple live stream. It also served as an instant reminder of how fabulous the iPad 3’s Retina display is, and of just how much I’d been neglecting my big friend.

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Latest New iPad TV Ad – Do It All

Apple’s latest TV ad for the new iPad started airing last night. This one is titled ‘Do It All’ and it showcases a handful of great uses for the iPad.

These range from sending a note and making a point (in a Keynote presentation) to making a masterpiece (in a painting app) or learning something. As ever with the iPad TV ads it does a great job of showing off iPad apps and the wide range of things you can do on an iPad.

The ending line is a good one too:

do it all more beautifully than ever with the stunning Retina display.

What do you all think of this latest iPad TV ad?

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Battery Life Still One of the iPad’s Underrated Killer Features

iPad Battery Life

It’s nowhere near as glamorous as a retina display or AirPlay Mirroring, but incredible battery life is still one of the iPad’s great features.

I’ve had a perfect reminder of that over the last week or so. I bought a new iPad 3 as a dedicated testing device 8 days ago. I have not charged at all since buying it and beginning to use it last Monday (May 21).  It’s sitting on my desk now at 24% charge.

Admittedly it has had some days of little or no use; but it has also had a few days of relatively heavy use. On the day I bought it, I used it for somewhere around 8 hours on and off while getting it setup as I wanted it, installing some apps and generally breaking it in. Last Friday I jailbroke it with the new Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak and it got many hours of use through the day and night testing the superb new Quasar jailbreak app that allows some real multitasking on the iPad. In fact that evening I did a lot of testing of running multiple windowed apps – watching video on Hulu Plus, playing a football manager game, and running Twitter, Reeder, Flipboard and others nearly all the time.

My everyday iPad 3 also gets great battery life – but this new one has just highlighted it nicely for me – with its impressive eight day initial run.

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Why iPad generation 3 is simply the New iPad


So let’s step back and look at the bigger picture here. Today Apple unveiled the 3rd generation iPad. This brought lots of things that we were expecting. We wished for and got a Retina display, ultrafast speed via 4G LTE, a better camera (5 megapixels) and a faster chip (A5X). We also got a few things that were not really expecting, like an iLife refresh featuring iPhoto for iOS, HD video recording and Dictation (note: no Siri).

What we did not get was a name. Despite two divergent theories heading into the announcement today, it was neither hailed as the iPad 3 nor the iPad HD. It’s simply called the new iPad. Not even “n” capitalized. Continue reading

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The New iPad Unveiled – Key Features

The New iPad

Apple is, as expected, unveiling the new iPad as I type. They still haven’t told us its name, but we do know the big new features of it. These include:

— Retina Display at 2048X1536

— New processor with ‘quad-core graphics’.

— 4G LTE support! And they claim battery life remains just as good as it has been.

— HD video recording in 1080p.

— Improved iSight back camera.

— Voice dictation.

— Prices stay at the same levels as with the original iPad and iPad 2.

We’ll have lots more coverage and thoughts as the day goes on – maybe we’ll even know the name soon.

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Where to Follow Today’s iPad Event Live

Apple iPad 3 Event March 7

Not much longer to wait now, for the next-gen iPad announcement at least. Then we might well be into waiting on the release and being able to pre-order but lets not worry about that just yet.

If you’re looking to follow along live with Apple’s iPad 3 / iPad HD event starting in a little over an hour (at 1:00 Eastern) there are a number of good sites that always offer excellent liveblog coverage. Fortune Tech has got a good list of a number of these here.

My favorite for these events is gdgt with Ryan Block generally providing excellent, instant analysis. This is their liveblog page for today. And here are a few others I’ll be following on my iPad and MacBook Pro:


The Loop

ars technica

It looks like Apple will not be livestreaming the event today. There will be some live streams on Ustream, but in the past I’ve found those are often poor quality and that they drop in and out frequently. Your mileage may vary.

Oh, and of course I’ll be sharing some thoughts and reactions here throughout today.

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iPad 3 May Well Have LTE – Check Out Which US Carrier Has Best Coverage in Your Area

ATT LTE Coverage

It looks like the next-gen iPad Apple announces today, the iPad 3 or iPad HD or whatever they name it, may well have support for LTE data networks. If so, this will offer a huge speed boost, and depending on the pricing for data plans this would become a very attractive option for those who want always-on connectivity for their iPad.

Latest reports and rumors say the new iPad will get LTE support and that there will be models for both AT&T and Verizon here in the US. If you’re trying to weigh up which carrier would be better to go with if LTE is confirmed, I’d suggest taking a look at this good article by Steven Sande at TUAW. The piece looks at a number of ways to compare the two carrier’s LTE networks, from local and national coverage to network speeds.

My main concern in this area is local coverage here in Austin. I looked at the coverage maps for AT&T and Verizon and AT&T looks very solid –as you can see in the screencap above. I found their maps much easier to work with than Verizon’s too. I’ve been with AT&T on both iPhone and iPad for years, so I’ll very likely be sticking with them for whichever data plans are available for the iPad 3 / HD.

Here are the AT&T and Verizon coverage map pages.

If LTE is confirmed, will you be looking to get an LTE model?

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On the Eve of the iPad 3 Launch, a Quick Rumors Roundup


Tomorrow is the big day finally – Apple’s iPad 3 (or whatever name it ends up with) reveal event in San Francisco.

Over the last few weeks I’ve posted about some of the more notable iPad 3 rumors, though I’ve never been interested in covering all of them. Now that we’re less than 24 hours away from Apple telling us all about the next-gen iPad I thought I’d share a quick, final rundown of some of the latest and most interesting rumors on iPad 3 / iPad HD Eve. I’ll list them according to how likely I feel they are to prove accurate:

As Close to a Sure Thing as Possible with Apple:

— The next iPad will have a hugely improved (likely retina quality) display.

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iPad HD or iPad 3, and Are You Getting One?

iPad HD

The latest rumors on the day before Apple’s iPad 3 announcement event include a number of sources saying that the next-gen iPad will be called the iPad HD, not iPad 3. The argument here is that iPad HD is a much clearer indication of the key new feature – a hugely improved, retina quality display for the next iPad.

We’ve seen Apple go with the iPhone 3G name for their second-gen iPhone, so the iPad HD name as a possibility doesn’t seem far fetched.

I’ve also seen a survey claiming that up to 42% of current iPad owners have plans to buy the next iPad, whatever its name ends up being. So I’m curious – how many of you dear readers are planning to get the iPad 3 / iPad HD? It would be great to hear how you’re leaning – if you have a moment add a comment saying whether you plan to buy, you’re not planning to, or it all depends on what Apple announces about the next-gen iPad.

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Apple iPad 3 Announcement Event Set for March 7

Apple iPad 3 Event Invitation

Apple has sent out invitations for its much-anticipated iPad 3 (or whatever the next gen iPad ends up being called) unveiling event. The event will be held in San Francisco next Wednesday, March 7th.

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple has confirmed that he received his invite this morning, and shared the very interest invitation image shown above.

The invite itself is already being analyzed, dissected and interpreted of course – and the feeling seems to be that the wording and the image both indicate that the heavily expected major display upgrade for the iPad 3 is all but confirmed. Just in case you can’t see the image well, the wording is:

We have something you really have to see. And touch.

I’ve been excited for weeks now about the iPad 3. Finally seeing the official Apple event invite just heightens that excitement. As usual, there are rumors floating around that the next-gen iPad could be available as soon as immediately after the announcement event. I wouldn’t bet on that, but I do expect the iPad 3 will be released within 7-10 days after the event, or sooner.

So if you’re planning to get the iPad 3, it’s close enough now to be getting your monies together and selling your current iPads if needed to finance purchasing the new one. In my case, I’ll also be crossing my fingers for mild weather the night before launch day – as I’ll definitely be outside an Apple store circa 4:00 AM eagerly waiting to get my hands on one.

Roll on March 7 and the next generation of the iPad.

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