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Where to Follow Today’s iPad Event Live

Apple iPad Event

Apple’s big iPad event is set to kick off in around 30 minutes. If you’re wanting to follow the announcements of new iPads and whatever other goodies Apple has in store, here are some good options for live coverage:

Apple’s Own Live Stream: available in a web browser or on Apple TV

The Verge Live Blog: this great all-round tech site’s live coverage of recent Apple events has been stellar

Ars Technica: one of the venerable old school Apple tech sites is live blogging the event.

GigaOm: One of my favorite mobile tech writers, Kevin C. Tofel, will also be live blogging the event with Om Malik. This may be my big favorite, apart from the live stream itself, just to get Tofel’s platform agnostic view on things.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on all the new iPad news of course as the day goes on – so I hope you’ll check back here often today.

What are your plans for taking in the event today? Are you able to with work and life schedules?

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Apple Will Be Live Streaming Today’s iPad Event

Apple iPad Special Event

Apple will be live streaming their special event today where they’ll announce new iPads and plenty of other fun stuff by the sound of things.

The live stream will be available on the web and on Apple TV starting at 1:00PM Eastern today. Here’s the link to use in a web browser to tune into the live stream:

And here are the system requirements:

Live Streaming video requires Safari 4 or later on OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.

It’s been a long year waiting on new iPad announcements, and now the waiting is almost over.

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My Very Short New iPad Wish List

iPad mini 2

Well, tomorrow is the big day – the day when Apple is going to announce new iPads. After almost a full year of new new iPad release tomorrow’s special event is expected to include the unveiling of a new iPad 5 and a new iPad mini 2, or whatever names Apple decides to give them.

Once again this year the Apple Rumor Mill appears to have taken a lot of suspense out of these announcements and uncovered major details on how both the big and small models will change in their next generation.

The consensus on the iPad 5 is that it will be ‘minified’, as Apple Insider reports via The Wall Street Journal:

As for the full-size iPad, the WSJ reiterated claims from an August report that said the fifth-gen tablet will employ GF2 thin-film screen technology to make the device slimmer and lighter than its predecessors. The larger iPad is also said to feature a redesign with thinner bezels and rounded corners, bringing it more in line with the current iPad mini.

As far as the iPad mini 2, there’s been a whole lot of back and forth as to whether Apple could manage to upgrade it to a Retina display this year – but all the latest reports (again including the WSJ) now indicate this will happen.

So of course I’ve got my own little wish list for the new iPads we’ll be introduced to tomorrow – but it is a very short one this year.

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It’s Official: October 22 is Apple’s New iPad Event Day

Apple iPad Event

As expected, Apple has confirmed it will be holding a special media event next Tuesday, October 22. Invites went out yesterday to lucky media members and of course it’s widely expected that Apple will be unveiling new iPads at this event.

The event will start at 1PM Eastern on October 22 and Apple has not yet announced whether they’ll be doing a live stream during it.

The general consensus of rumors leading up to the announcement is that we’ll see a new slimmer, lighter iPad 5 and an iPad mini 2 with Retina display. Apple has not been able to keep too many secrets over the course of their last few big new product announcements, so I’d imagine these latest rumors won’t be very far off at all.

Other news that is likely or possible at the event may include word on new MacBook Pros and /or Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks, and possibly an update for Apple TV.

It’s Hurry Up and Wait time of year for iPad fans.

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iPad 5 ‘In Store’ Renders Looking Good

iPad 5 in Store

Here’s some lovely eye candy for those of us who are already daydreaming about the upcoming iPad 5. The talented Martin Hajek has come up with a set of renders that show what the iPad 5 will look like in situ in an Apple store.

And they look like what we’ve ben lead to expect about the iPad 5th gen – a ‘minifed’ look and possibly that gold / champagne back as an option.

You can check out the whole series of iPad 5 in Store images at Hajek’s page for them – which has the excellent title of ‘No Australian Leaker Needed’.

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iPad 5 Looking Good in Space Gray in Latest ‘Leaked’ Photos

iPad 5 Space Gray

The expected ‘mini style’ look for the soon-to-be-announced iPad 5 is looking pretty darn good in the latest ‘leaked’ high resolution photos of it. The photos come courtesy of Aussie writer Sonny Dickson and he’s got a number of high rez shots showing off the (alleged) new look of the 5th gen iPad.

What does ‘mini style’ mean for the iPad 5? Thinner, lighter and a little smaller in size. Add the new 64-bit Apple A7 processor and the iPad 5 is already sounding great.

Hopefully Apple will send out invites to confirm an October 22 new iPads announcement event on October 22, and confirm most or all of these latest rumors about a minified iPad 5 and a Retina iPad mini.

In the meantime, it’s definitely time to start fattening up the piggy bank for new iPad purchases in the next few weeks.

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Apple’s New iPad Event All but Set for October 22

iPad Mini 2

It looks like October 22 can certainly be penciled in, or even inked in lightly, as the date for Apple’s new iPad event for this year. It’s been widely expected that an iPad event would be held over the next couple of weeks, and following a report listing 10/22 as the date for it we now have The Bearded Unofficial But Damn Near Official confirmation from Jim Dalrymple at The Loop. Otherwise know as The Yep:


The current consensus – which may well change numerous times between now and October 22 – is that we’ll see a new iPad 5th gen that will borrow heavily from the iPad mini, a new iPad mini with Retina display (but possibly in very short supply initially), and Apple’s new 64-bit supporting chip A7 chip in one or both new iPad lines.

I was hoping we might see this event next week, but I can settle for October 22.

** iPad mini 2 render image by Martin Hajek

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iPad 5 Renderings – Too Soon?

iPad 5 Render

Shown above is what a thinner, more iPad mini-like iPad 5 might look like, based on the latest rumors on the iPad 5th gen.

The render was created by Martin Hajek, who created a set of iPad mini renders that proved to be not far off at all when the iPad mini was unveiled.

I know it seems awfully early to be talking about an iPad 5 when the iPad 4th gen was only released less than two months ago – but I’ve seen a good amount of speculation that Apple may be moving towards a 6-month refresh cycle for the iPad, so it’s not too crazy to think we might see a new iPad or iPads come March / April time next year.

I certainly hope and expect that whenever the iPad 5 is released it will follow the iPad mini in being thinner and lighter.I have also grown to like the slate back of the iPad mini a lot, so I wouldn’t object to that being adopted in a 5th gen iPad either.

What do you all think and what are your expectations for the iPad 5?

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