ZAGG Announces New Rugged Keyboard Case for iPad Air & iPad mini

ZAGG Rugged Folio iPad Keyboard Case

This week ZAGG has announced the new ZAGG Rugged Folio – a rugged and durable iPad keyboard case. ZAGG are a leading maker of iPad keyboard cases and a number of other popular iOS and mobile accessories. Their iPad keyboard cases are among the best I’ve ever used and the keyboards on those cases are always especially good.

The new Rugged Folio looks and sounds quite promising for those who need this sort of durable keyboard case in their work environment. Here’s a little of ZAGG’s intro for the Rugged Folio:

The ZAGG Rugged Folio wireless Bluetooth® keyboard features a tough polycarbonate shell and soft silicone interior that deliver unmatched protection. A unique, magnetic hinge secures the iPad at virtually any angle and converts into multi-function modes, while a lithium polymer battery provides up to two years of typing between charges.

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Logitech’s Refreshed Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air Gets Two Slick New Features

Logitech Ultrathin update

I wouldn’t have heard about this latest update to the Logitech Ultrathin Magnetic Clip-on Keyboard Cover for iPad Air if it weren’t for Tools and Toys. The premise is still the same: it’s an aluminum cover that matches the iPad, with a nearly full-sized Bluetooth keyboard on the interior. It’s not a case you’ll take around for protection, but rather a sleek all-in-one typing package for writers on the go.

The new hotness comes in the form of a new tilting iPad dock that enables flexible viewing angles, and a terribly clever hidden magnetic latch. Previous versions of the cover had the magnetic latch hang loose while not in use, as it does on the iPad’s Smart Cover, but this latest version feels like something pulled out of a Tesla Model S. The latch is there when you need it as a cover, but tucks back into the body of the keyboard while you type (check out the Logitech website for a preview).

That said, previous versions of the Ultrathin are now on sale as a result. They used to retail for $100, but they’re now on Amazon for about $70.

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We Wear Wood: Natural Wood Covers for iPad, iPhone, Mac

We Wear Wood iPad Covers

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any back cover for the iPad (other than a Gelaskin) that really caught my eye. We Wear Wood has definitely got my attention with their striking, slim natural wood covers though.

This is a Kickstarter project for these wood covers for the iPad, iPhone, and Macs. I really like the combination of handsome woods and simple, elegant artwork on them. There are currently two designs available for the iPad Air and iPad mini (and Retina mini) – the tree branch cutout shown above and the iPad Tree:

iPad Tree

You can back this project and get one of these covers for as low as $25. I pledged this morning and look forward to seeing this cover on my iPad mini.

Another thing to like about these covers is that they’re the work of a 20 year old college student from Utah, Jaron Hall – who does a hell of a good presentation video for the We Wear Wood lineup. Check out the video, more details on the project and become a backer at the We Wear Wood Kickstarter page.

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Gelaskins New Art for iPad Skins


Gelaskins have got some eye-catching new art for their range of iPad skins. The latest ‘fresh crop’ includes work from a number of new artists and plenty of striking images to add some flavor to your iPad.

I’ve reviewed and written about Gelaskins many times here, as they’ve been a long-time favorite of mine. They live up to their ‘ultra-thin’ billing, add just about zero bulk or weight to the iPad and of course they look great.

If you fancy some unique art to accompany your iPad and provide a little scratch protection to its back cover, you should take a look at the latest offerings at Gelaskins when you have a chance.

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HoverBar 3 for iPad: For The Perfect “Look Ma, No Hands!” Tablet Experience


HoverBar 3

This the HoverBar 3 is the accessorry that will save your iPad from falling on your face while you read in bed. It’s essentially a clamp for the iPad that’s attached a flexible metal arm that you can grip onto most desk, bed frames, or monitors.
There are a lot of use cases for this, but the ones that immediately come to mind are:

  • using the iPad as a secondary mini monitor with an app like Air Display 2
  • holding the iPad up in bed for Netflix or iBooks usage, so that you can dual wield a thumbs-up to salute how convenient your life has become
  • a flexible, rotateable stand in messy areas where you might still want an iPad around (e.g. the kitchen…or the bathroom?!)

The HoverBar 3 also comes with a desk stand that you can attach to the Fit Clip, so you can use the HoverBar in lieu of a Smart Cover for certain tasks. I’m not sure how practical that would be for me as a Compass 2 and Smart Cover user, but it’s an interesting little extra.

There’s no question that this new HoverBar is free, but you may not feel like you can easily afford one. At $100, this is definitely a bit more of an investment than most other accessories, but the fact that TwelveSouth actively sells replacement Fit Clips for different iPad sizes means that the HoverBar should be useful for quite a while (and likely stay compatible with future generations of the iPad). However, I should be clear that the basic $100 purchase already covers all three current sizes of the iPad: iPad 4, iPad mini, and iPad Air.

If the HoverBar sounds intriguing, you can check out more details on the TwelveSouth website.

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TwelveSouth’s SurfacePad for iPad Mini — A Slim Leather Cover With Built-In Stands

TwelveSouth, makes of premium Apple-only accessories, recently announced their SurfacePad for iPad mini. It’s a svelte Napa leather cover that adds very little to the iPad’s dimensions, while offering scratch protection, the texture of actual leather, and the convenience of a few built-in stands. The magnets hidden in the front of the SurfacePad act just like a […]

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