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Here’s What a $130 iPad Stand Looks Like

The Joule iPad Stand

The Joule, from Element Case,  is a one hell of a good looking iPad stand – the handsomest I’ve seen so far.  Here’s a little detail on it:

The Joule is made from solid aluminum.  Its base rests on rubberized feet making the stand sturdy and slip-resistant.  A magnetically-attached foot supports the iPad so that it will not tip over when the touch screen is being used.  The foot can be inserted three ways for different viewing angles, and the highest insertion point positions the iPad perfectly for typing. The iPad itself fits, either vertically or horizontally, into a velvet-lined recess in the base.  A notch in the front of the base allows easy access to the home button when the iPad is vertical.

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Cases – Still Getting My iPad Covered

iPad Cases

Like most of you I imagine, I love the feel of the iPad ‘naked’ – but I also definitely want to give it some protection when I’m out and about with it, and I’m even thinking I’d like to find a good ‘always on’ case for it if possible.

So far, I’ve found a couple of options I like for cases that get it from A to B, but not one for all the time use. Pictured above are the cases I’ve been trying out so far: The Traveler from case-mate, Apple’s iPad case, the Universal Book Jacket from Incase, and the Grip Protective Cover, also from Incase.

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Quick Look: Fellowes Study Stand – A must have!

So I’ve been all over the web looking at all kinds of stands for the iPad. And there’s a ton of them ranging from $100(or more) to the low $30 price point. Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but think about this for a few minutes and you might come to the conclusion that I did – my iPad isn’t really going to need a super fancy stand for it to sit on when I’m just charging the thing up, because I’m not going to be using it during that time… I’m going to be using my  Macbook along with its big screen (external 23″). So the stand is really just going to be a stand. I looked all around my house for something I could use as a temporary stand until I got a fancy one, but alas there was nothing that really suited the purpose well. So, with a new (much cheaper) goal in mind, I set out again on a quest.

My quest thankfully was really short lived. I came across this post from Erica Sadun over at TUAW yesterday. In it she mentions how she struck gold with a stand from Staples called the Study Stand. Unfortunately I don’t have a Staples anywhere near me, so calling them up and having them locate one wasn’t really an option. That and I was feeling too lazy to drive all over the place. She also mentions one from Bed Bath and Beyond, that also looks pretty good, but BB&B is about 20 minutes away, so lazy struck yet again. Finally she got tipped off by a reader of a stand for sale at made by Fellowes called the Study Stand. Well, I decided at a mere $4.99 and free shipping it fit the bill and ordered one. Figuring with free shipping and having ordered off the ‘net it should get here in about 6 years.

I was wrong. It arrived this morning. Hit the break for a look!

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Featured (upcoming) iPad Accessory: Substrata iPad Box

SubStrata iPad Box

I have to say, I’ve never been one to fancy a wooden case for my mobile devices – but this iPad Box case from Substrata looks very good to me.  Here’s a tad more about it:

The SUBSTRATA iPad box with hinged lid is shown prototyped in Walnut, Zebrano and Wenge. The final design will feature microsuede lining, a magnetic lid and sliding catch.

They’ve got two very smart looking iPad cases made of wood.  Both are still at prototype stage right now, due for release in June.  No word on pricing yet.  You can check out more details and pictures at their site:

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Recommended: Stephen Fry’s iPad Accessories Unboxing


Stephen Fry has a nice, quick iPad unboxing video up.  It’s an interesting one because he spends very little time on the iPad itself and shows off several of the Apple iPad accessories – including the keyboard dock and the case.

I’m still wondering whether we’ll see any of these available in the Apple stores on Saturday – last time I called my local one they had no idea yet whether they’d have any.

Check out Fry’s unboxing HERE

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An iPad Book Case That’ll Go Nicely on Your Bookcase

Book case for the iPad

Here’s a smart-looking case for iPad owning book lovers, one that’ll even fit right in on your book shelves at home. This case is called BOOK for iPad and it’s handmade by ‘a couple of artists’ in Miinnesota.

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DRO Concepts’ Carbon Fiber iPad Case – Now Available to Order

DRO Concepts_ Carbon Fiber iPad Cases

If you’re after a slick, carbon fiber iPad case, you’ll want to give this new case from DRO Concepts a look. 

We are very excited to release our new carbon fiber iPad Case. The only real carbon fiber case available for the Apple iPad. Utilizing a proprietary lay-up of real carbon fiber that is not only incredibly strong but also ultra light (weighs 0.4 lbs). Like all of our carbon fiber products this case is crafted entirely by hand and provides a beautiful high gloss finish. Exotic yet sophisticated styling is topped off with an intelligent design that allows for easy access to the iPad while providing maximum protection. Each of our carbon fiber iPad cases is lined with supple neoprene for additional impact and scratch protection. Just slide the iPad in, close the secure strap, and you are on your way with one amazingly protective and sharp looking case.
The iPad case will fit both the Wifi and 3G versions of the Apple iPad.

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Sena Have iPad Cases Coming Soon Too

Sena iPad cases

Sena Cases are known for some very fine leather and some lovely cases for iPhone and other mobile devices.  I’m glad to see they’ve got iPad cases coming soon as well.

There’s not much detail on these available as yet – other than that there will be 2-3 styles initially and that they’re coming soon, possibly as soon as April.

I hope we’ll learn more soon on Sena’s iPad offerings.  In the meantime, here’s there iPad ‘teaser’ page:

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iPad Camera Connection Kit Now Available to Order

iPad Camera Connection Kit


The iPad Camera Connection Kit is now available to order via the Apple online store.  It’s the last of Apple’s own iPad accessories to be be made available and is currently marked for shipping in late April.

The kit goes for $29, and I just ordered mine now.  Interestingly, the kit still hasn’t got a pre-order link on the main iPad Accessories page – but you can order one by going here:

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Featured iPad Accessory: Vaja iPad Cases Goodness

Vaja iPad Cases

Vaja’s line of cases for the iPad looks just as good as we’ve come to expect from them

Ummm.  They may always be in the upper pricing tier, but Vaja cases are alwaRetroSlimJacketys luscious to look at.  Their upcoming range for the iPad looks like no exception.   I can’t get their site to show me details on all the models shown above, but the couple stripy iVolution style and the brown vertical carrying one all look very, very nice to me.

The other one – with the green stripe – is the Retro Slim Jacket, and will go for $120 before any customizations.  There is always a fair amount you can customize on Vaja cases, from colors to personalizations and so on.

These are due out in April.  More details and gorgeous pics here:

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My First iPad Accessories Are Arriving

Pogo Sketch stylus

I have been excited about getting my hands on an iPad since the first day Steve announced it.  You might think it would be hard for guys like me to get any more excited about the iPad’s arrival – but apparently not.

My iPad accessories are starting to trickle in – and that is amping up my excitement level quite nicely.  A few days back I received the Apple Bluetooth keyboard – which I tried out quickly and found very nice to type on, and of course very compact.

Today I got my Pogo Sketch stylus – which is also looking lovely and sleek and raring to go. I also ordered some of Apple’s iPad specific accessories, which of course are not due to ship for a few weeks yet.

Have you started receiving any iPad accessories yet?  Is it April 3rd yet?

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