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I’m Seeing More iPad Apps Updating for iOS 5 Lately –Good Sign


Over the last few weeks I’ve started to see a handful of iPad app updates that mention iOS 5 support or iOS 5 compatibility. Like the AOL Editions app’s update today – details of which are in the screencap above.

It’s not a great big number that I’ve seen, but it’s a noticeable trickle of iOS 5 updates at least.

Hopefully this is another good sign pointing to a public release of iOS 5 within the next few weeks.

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iPad and iOS 5: Quick Photo Editing Works Well


In iOS 5 (which is expected to be released to the public in the next several weeks) the iPad Photos app gets a number of notable improvements, including the ability to create new albums right on the iPad itself.

Another nice new feature is the ability to do some quick photo editing in the Photos app.

You can rotate images, use auto-enhance, and remove red-eye with just a few quick taps. So, for instance, if you have a photo of the Yo Gabba Gabba ‘cast’ you can easily rotate it upside down to prove that they look no more bizarre than usual.

You can also crop images easily within the Photos app.

To do any of these things you simply open an image and tap on the Edit button – then rotate, enhance, remove red-eye, and crop to your heart’s content.

I’ve been trying these editing options out over recent weeks and they work well. The crop tool is especially smooth to work with. There are a number of very good 3rd party apps for the iPad that do these things better and offer a far wider range of editing tools and options – but for those who prefer not to have to buy 3rd party apps for this purpose, or whose needs are met by the new built-in editing features, this should be a very popular new capability that will get lots of use.

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