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Quick Look: Wild Earth – African Safari Live Video App for iPad

Wild Earth for iPad

Wild Earth is a new iPad app that offers up live video from wildlife cameras in several good locations in South Africa. If you like seeing wild animals in natural habitats rather than in typical zoos, or have kids who are fascinated by animals, this app may have some appeal.

I have an 8 year old daughter who is near-obsessed with animals; she can’t read, talk, or learn enough about them. From kittens and puppies to insects, to snakes, to sea creatures, she’s always interested. I’m not far behind her in interest level, so this is another app we took a look at together this week.

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Killer iPad Apps: Squrl – All the Best Videos from All the Best Sources, with AirPlay Support

Squrl for iOS

Quick Spoiler Alert: I love the Squrl app for iPad and iOS. It’s the best new (ish) iPad app I’ve seen this year – and easily the best app for using in tandem with AirPlay and Apple TV.

Squrl is all about videos. Discovering good video content from a wide range of all the best sources, organizing it, sharing it, and seeing what others are sharing. Here’s a little more intro type information from its App Store page:

Squrl is a clever way to collect and organize video from many different providers, in one easy to use app.
Ask yourself:
• Have you ever wanted to collect video from many different websites in one place?
• Are you tired of hunting through a half dozen or more iPad apps to view your videos?
You’ll always know where to find your videos, no matter where they are on the web, with Squrl. You can even discover new content through your network of friends!
Access all your favorite videos, movies, and subscriptions to your favorite shows with Squrl. Organizing is simple and you’re alerted when new videos are available to watch.

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Quick Look: TWCable TV for iPad – Time Warner Cable’s New Live Streaming App Looks Good

TWCable TV for iPad

TWCable TV is a new iPad app from Time Warner Cable – that provides live streaming of TV shows from a selected range of TWC channels. You need to be a Time Warner Cable video subscriber to use the app, and have a username and password registered with them as well. I had never done this before but was able to do it from within the app when trying it out today.

I haven’t used many live streaming TV apps, but I gave this one a try as we use Time Warner Cable at home and we’re pretty happy with their basic cable package.

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Quick Look: The Funnies for iPad

The Funnies iPad app

The Funnies for iPad is a new app that brings popular comic strips to the iPad. It’s probably not the first app of this type for the iPad, but it’s the first that’s caught my eye and I’ve been giving it a look over the last several days. Here’s its App Store elevator pitch:

All your favourite comic strips on your iPad!

The Funnies brings all your favourite comic strips to your iPad in a stunning app that features stunning, high-quality graphics and a highly-responsive interface.

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Quick Look: Ocean Blue for iPad

Ocaen Blue iPad app

Remember when the Koi Pond app first hit the iPhone?  It was, and is, quite a neat little app that let you watch koi swim around gracefully and tap the water to create ripples in the pond. Since then, many similar apps have been added to the App Store.

Ocean Blue for iPad takes this sort of app to a whole new level.  It’s bigger in every way – designed for the iPad’s big screen, full of a wide variety of sea creatures and environments to view them in, and a good range of ways to interact with them and even learn a bit about them.

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Quick Look – FryPaper, Stephen Fry’s First iPad App

FryPaper iPad app

Stephen Fry’s first iPad app – FryPaper – has launched today, as expected, to go along with the launch of the iPad in the UK (and eight other nations).  The name of the app – originally said to be FryPad – looks to have been changed to fall in line with Apple’s policy on no usage of the word ‘pad’ within app titles.

The app is a very basic and bare bones one for now, in which some of Fry’s latest writings are shared.

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