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Quick Look: Money Pro for iPad


I can’t believe I haven’t written about Money Pro before now. Next used to be my monthly spending tracker of choice. I loved it because of its clean design, excellent shortcuts, and support for both iOS and OS X. However, one thing that always the tugged at me was the lack of any features related to income tracking. Next was purely about tracking what you spent, and not the money you had made in a given month.

Money Pro does a lot of what Next could do, and more. It’s not quite as clean and fast as Next, but it does feature: 

  • budgets for specific accounts
  • quick categories for expenses
  • a great Apple Watch app
  • great iCloud sync across devices
  • iOS and OS X support

I bought Money Pro on a lark last Fall and was surprised by its power. I’ve really only used personal expense trackers, but Money Pro is more of a money manager. 

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Quick Look: Next for iPad — A Surprisingly Powerful Finance Tracker

next finance tracker for ipad

Next is slowly but surely becoming a comprehensive finance tracking platform. I wrote about the app last October, but it has come quite a way in the past few months. Version 1.6, which was released last week, brought with it a surprising number of power features that really bring the app to the next level.

Next now caters beautifully to casual and power users. If all you want to do is record your $4 coffee, it’s still as fast as ever to do so. You tap on the ‘+’ symbol, enter the expenditure amount, tap on the icon that seems most appropriate, and press done. However, if you’re like me and you enjoy taking the time to tag that coffee as “Jimmy’s Coffee”, then the app now rewards you with richer ways to take advantage of that extra effort.

You can filter monthly expenditures by category type with a single tap, so you can drill down to how much money you’ve actually spent on coffee, and on which days you tend to spend that money. Next 1.6 now also provides the ability to search expenditures by their note type, so I can drill down to find out now just how much I spend on coffee — but how often I spend it on “Jimmy’s Coffee” in particular.

I’m also really digging the new note suggestions, which offer to auto-complete what I’m typing, based on what I’ve entered into the app before. This saves me from ever having to type out “Jimmy’s Coffee” at all, since all I need to do is type the first letter, and the app will automatically display suggestions based on previous expenditures.

Next has always been the fastest expense tracker around, but it was a little lighter on the details. The last few updates to the app really feel like the developers at noidentity are upping their game and turning Next into something much more — and I’m really impressed with the progress!

If you’re intrigued, here are links to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions (which all sync up over iCloud, naturally).

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