5 Under $5 iPad Games

Hey everyone! Beth Elderkin from iPad Insight here, checking out some interesting games for this week’s “5 Under $5.” If you want to see more about Hitman Go, fellow reviewer Thomas Wong will be doing a review soon. Be on the lookout for that!

**Note: In the review, I wrote the first game as “The Amazing Spiderman 2,” when it’s actually “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

Disclosure: These games were independently observed or purchased by the post’s author. For more information on our site’s review policies, visit the About page.

Games Featured This Week:

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Review – Card Shark Collection Deluxe for iPad


Card Shark Collection Deluxe is an app for solitaire enthusiasts.  I was a big fan of the 4 deck version of Spider Solitaire on my desktop computer.  Since an iPad is a comfortable way to play solitaire games, I began seeking a good version of Spider Solitaire.  I tried several apps and then I discovered Card Shark. This is an app with a multitude of Solitaire games including Spider Solitaire.  The first thing that impressed me is the ease of moving the cards.  It is very quick and smooth.  I was also pleased with the features and variety of solitaire games.

Card Shark Collection Deluxe has over 70 different solitaire games including the 1, 2 and 4 deck version of Spider Solitaire and 1, 2 and 4 deck versions of Spiderette which is a smaller version of Spider Solitaire that is quicker to play.  When you start Card Shark, it remembers the last place you were.  This is an opening screen of the 4 deck version of Spider Solitaire.



Touch and drag the cards to the appropriate pile.  When there are no moves, touch the deck at the bottom to deal another row of cards.  When you start playing, you will see 2 arrows at the bottom left.


They are the Undo and Redo buttons which will let you undo or redo your moves.  If you want to start the game over from the beginning, touch and hold the Undo button at the left.  At the bottom right is the “home” button. Touch this and you have several choices.



New Game – This wil bring up a fresh game of the card game you were playing.

Statistics – This will show statistics for your play of the game.  They include what percentage of games you have won out of games you have started, the total time you have played that game, the average playing time, the fastest win time and number of moves, your current win streak and longest win streak and the average win time. You also have the option to reset the statistics for the game.

Rules – This is your how-to-play for the game.

Restart – Restart the current game.

Resume – Go back to where you were in the game.

More info – This will take you to the developer’s website. [click to continue reading…]

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iPad Game Review – Game of Thrones: Ascent

It’s Game of Thrones time! With Season 4 right around the corner, I thought it’d be good to look at ‘Game of Thrones: Ascent,’ a computer free-to-play that came out on the iPad last week. Be sure to check in this weekend for your latest ’5 Under $5 iPad Games’ rundown.

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Football Manager 2014 for iPad: Review


When I was at school, anyone who was anyone played football. Even if you weren’t especially good at it, as long as you got stuck in, maybe with a “Toepunt Ted” pounding it up to the hogger who was actually quite good, (but never passed it) you would get a bit of kudos which as a school kid with little or no talent for football was a great thing. The next step was to gain an encyclopaedic knowledge of the teams and their players. Enter Premier Manager on the Amiga. What a great game. You could bang through a season quickly, not worrying too much about micromanaging. Fast forward 20 years and football management sims have become too complicated for the likes of me, someone with very little time to devote to tweaking all aspects of my club. All of this is a far cry from the Premier Manager days. Is Football Manager Handheld 2014 the tonic to all of this? [click to continue reading…]

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5 Under $5 iPad Games, March 29-30

Beth Game of Thrones

Hey everybody! Beth Elderkin with iPad Insight here. Check out what I’m reviewing this week!

Cue music: Dun dunn, da da da dunn, da da dunn…….

But seriously, three movie/TV tie-in games came out last week. All of them feature in-app purchases, or “freemium” options. So, I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at one of them, one that’s tied to a series I dearly love, and see just how much a value they are to their franchises. That’s why ‘Game of Thrones: Ascent,’ ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and ‘Star Wars: Assault Team’ are not on my “5 Under $5″ list this week. I’m taking a more in-depth look at them. Stay tuned for that review later on this week.

But now, onto this week’s “5 Under $5,” where I look at five games that came out this week … all less than $5.

Disclosure: These games were independently observed or purchased by the post’s author. For more information on our site’s review policies, visit the About page.

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5 Under $5 iPad Games, March 22-23

Hey everybody! Beth Elderkin with iPad Insight here. I’ve been crazy busy recovering from SXSW and preparing a comedy sketch show that I’m performing this week with The White Trash Kennedies. If you’re in Austin, click here for more information. Be sure to watch the video above for my weekly hello. In the meantime, here’s your latest […]

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Review – Numolition for iPad

Numolition is a simple but addictive game. There are many levels.  Completing a number of levels will unlock challenges. How to play: When you start the game you are walked through some simple levels.  The idea is to explode groups of matching numbers.  You can explode numbers that are next to each other.  You can […]

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5 Under $5 – iPad Games, March 1

Hi everybody! Beth Elderkin here. I’m so glad you’re checking out “5 Under $5″ … hope you’re excited about the reviews as I am! Since I’m alternating with in-depth reviews every other week, on those weeks I’ll be doing print reviews for that 5 Under $5. This week it’s Tengami, be sure to check out […]

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Video Review – Tengami for iPad

Here’s my latest iPad game video review – of  Tengami. Let’s get paperin’! Be sure to check in this weekend for your latest ‘5 Under $5 iPad Games’ rundown. Here’s an App Store link for Tengami; it’s currently priced at $4.99. Disclosure: This game was independently purchased by the post’s author. For further information regarding […]

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iPad App Review – Astra Jigsaw HD

  Astra Jigsaw HD is a jigsaw puzzle app that provides an experience akin to solving a “real” manual jigsaw puzzle.  The app can be used by children, but it is also a very satisfying experience for adults who enjoy jigsaw puzzles. The app comes with a free collection of 9 jigsaw puzzles. Select a puzzle […]

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