5 Under $5 – iPad Games, March 15

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Games Featured This Week:

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Review – Numolition for iPad


Numolition is a simple but addictive game.

There are many levels.  Completing a number of levels will unlock challenges.

How to play:

When you start the game you are walked through some simple levels.  The idea is to explode groups of matching numbers.  You can explode numbers that are next to each other.  You can move the boxes to get numbers next to each other.  You can also move a box with a number on top of another box and it will create a new box with the sum of the two numbers.  You can only “add” numbers up to the number 9.  Here is an example from Level 8.



Move the top box with “1” to the left so it is next to the other box with a “1”.  Explode the ones.  Move the box with the”3″ on top of the box with a “2” and it will become a box with a “5”.  Now you can explode all the 5’s and complete the level.

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5 Under $5 – iPad Games, March 1

Hi everybody! Beth Elderkin here. I’m so glad you’re checking out “5 Under $5″ … hope you’re excited about the reviews as I am! Since I’m alternating with in-depth reviews every other week, on those weeks I’ll be doing print reviews for that 5 Under $5. This week it’s Tengami, be sure to check out that review if you haven’t already!
For more information, check out the vlog I’ve posted above. But here’s your 5 Under $5 this week.

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Video Review – Tengami for iPad

Here’s my latest iPad game video review – of  Tengami. Let’s get paperin’!

Be sure to check in this weekend for your latest ‘5 Under $5 iPad Games’ rundown.

Here’s an App Store link for Tengami; it’s currently priced at $4.99.

Disclosure: This game was independently purchased by the post’s author. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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iPad App Review – Astra Jigsaw HD



Astra Jigsaw HD is a jigsaw puzzle app that provides an experience akin to solving a “real” manual jigsaw puzzle.  The app can be used by children, but it is also a very satisfying experience for adults who enjoy jigsaw puzzles.

The app comes with a free collection of 9 jigsaw puzzles.

Select a puzzle and touch the Open Jigsaw button.



You can select the number of pieces, from 12 all the way up to over 900 pieces.  (I find between 200 and 300 pieces is a comfortable size to work with on the iPad.) There are puzzle shapes to select including the classic shape.  You can add a frame and decide whether to spread the pieces out.  In addition, to make the puzzle more challenging, you can choose to rotate the pieces.  To rotate, touch a piece with one finger and move another finger clockwise or counter-clockwise anywhere on the screen.

The Play Window


Astra Jigsaw has 2 windows to work with.  Keep the pieces you are currently putting together in one window.  Keep the other pieces in the second window and you will have more room to work in the “working” window.   Touch the box at the bottom right of the screen to switch to the second window.  Touch the box on the second window to get back to the first.

You can select a group of pieces by “drawing” a box around them with your finger; you can then move them around or double tap to move to the other window.  To join pieces move them next to one another and if they fit, they will snap together.  When pieces are joined they will move together if you touch them.  This is useful when you have a lot of the puzzle completed as you can move pieces out of the way to make room for pieces you are working with.

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Asphalt 8 for iPad Review: Reach for the Stars

I’m a huge fan of the Asphalt series. Many racing games have come and gone on the App Store, from the excellent Real Racing games, to a myriad of awful Mario Kart knockoffs, but the Asphalt games have enjoyed a vibrant life on the iPad that few series have attained. My investment in the series […]

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Pivvot for iPad Video Review – Stayin’ Alive

Surrounded by a groovy, neon-covered world pulsing with a rhythmic beat, there’s just one question on my mind: can I survive 100 seconds? This is one of the challenges that Pivvot presents. In this game, the controls are pretty simple: you are a circle moving along a twisting roller coaster track with the ability to […]

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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers For iPad – This Is One Frontier That You’ll Want to Explore

Tower defense games are an always-popular gaming sub-genre on the iPad. Kingdom Rush, the original game, was always a cut above the tower defense pack. Stellar graphics, great soundtrack, tough (some might argue torturous) levels and bosses, all combined to make Kingdom Rush a triple-A tower-defense game. The recently released sequel Kingdom Rush: Frontiers HD […]

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