Mashup Audio and Video with vidibox for iPad – As Good As Mash and… Anything!

vidibox header

Love food? I do! But far from that pretentious way some might be with it, I’m in that simpler category of food lovers – if it’s good, I’ll have seconds before I feel the need to mouth off about it in an essay. And I’m not afraid of big bad carbs either. Like the almost universal companion of foods in this part of the world – the humble mash. But enough about food.

A piece of audio – from a sample to a symphony – can happily exist as a standalone, as it always has. Until the late 70s, that is, when artistes began serving it with a kind of mash – the video. Then came MTV and their Video Jockeys, and 30 years later, audio without video almost plays like a sad piece of roast chicken missing her carb companion.

So what’s vidibox all about? It’s an audio/video remixing App ‘that lets users create real-time music and video projects from an intuitive drum pad interface’. It comes with a long list of features, but what the developers forgot to add is that it is super fun!
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OnSong for iPad: A Tidy Solution for the Working Musician

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As many working musicians will know, most of what is created, stored, organised, accessed and performed start their lives on paper – chord sheets, lyrics, sheet music, set lists, etc – and many will stay on paper for the entirety of their lives. Some of these get organised; others rot at the bottom of the guitar case pocket, only to be rediscovered when desperately looking for a scrap piece of paper (because your ‘phone battery is dead, of course).

OnSong promises to “replace the mess of paper and binders with performance-ready, interactive, digital chord charts on your mobile device” – no question, this it intuitively does with distinction. And in this process of cleaning up guitar case pockets, it manages to streamline other off-stage tasks as well, either by default or by providing more functionality strings to its bow.

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Review: Musyc for iPad

Musyc by Fingerlab is an exciting, fun and unusual music creation app that offers new ways to draw and construct compositions on your iPad or iPhone.

I often find myself backing into the same old familiar patterns when it comes to writing music.  We all have our favourite chords and song structures and sometimes it’s too easy to start pulling these old friends out for another spin around the block.  So for me an app like Musyc by Fingerlab is something of a revelation.

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Concert Vault for iPad: Awesome Collection of Live Concert Audio and Video

Concert Vault for iPad

Concert Vault for iPad is a new app that offers up a treasure trove of live concert audio and video from a huge range of artists and bands. The App Store description for the app is far from reticent in describing its virtues:

Concert Vault for iPad brings you something that you truly cannot find anywhere else: the world’s greatest collection of exclusive live concert audio and video from the ’50s to the present day, all available for high quality streaming to your iPad.

The good news is that the app mostly lives up to that lofty introduction.


Concert Vault is a free app that offers a 7 day free trial. After that you need to take out a subscription to continue using it. Subscriptions are reasonably priced at $3.99 per month or $39.99 for a year. Current Concert Vault subscribers can just login to use the app. A subscription gives you access to all of Concert Vault’s content on the iPad, iPhone and on the web.

The app includes thousands of concert recordings in audio (320Kps) and video. There’s daily featured content spanning across genres. It supports AirPlay for streaming content to an HDTV via Apple TV.

The App Store description also mentions that the app is ‘built on the Groovebug platform’. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m hoping it’s something to do with the excellent Groovebug app that is one of the selections in our list of the Best iPad Apps of 2012.

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Review: Album Art – Home Screen Wallpaper iPad App

Album Art Home Screen Wallpaper for iPad

Album Art Home Screen Wallpaperis a brand new iPad (and iPhone) app released today in the App Store. The app has a simple and great concept – combine your music library’s album art with some good-looking background themes to create some unique and striking wallpapers for your iPad.

As any of you who read this site regularly know, I’m a big fan of keeping my iPad wallpaper fresh, so this app sounded promising to me right away. I bought it early this morning and the short story is I’m very happy I did and I think it’s a great app. Hit the break for the reasons why I’m so fond of it …

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Madonna Releases an iPad App

Madonna has released a new iPad app this week, to go along with her new album and tour. The app is simply called Madonna and has a short, sweet (for Madonna fans) App Store description as well: The official Madonna app. Now everything you want to know about Madonna is available on your mobile device. […]

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