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Concert Vault for iPad: Awesome Collection of Live Concert Audio and Video

Concert Vault for iPad

Concert Vault for iPad is a new app that offers up a treasure trove of live concert audio and video from a huge range of artists and bands. The App Store description for the app is far from reticent in describing its virtues:

Concert Vault for iPad brings you something that you truly cannot find anywhere else: the world’s greatest collection of exclusive live concert audio and video from the ’50s to the present day, all available for high quality streaming to your iPad.

The good news is that the app mostly lives up to that lofty introduction.


Concert Vault is a free app that offers a 7 day free trial. After that you need to take out a subscription to continue using it. Subscriptions are reasonably priced at $3.99 per month or $39.99 for a year. Current Concert Vault subscribers can just login to use the app. A subscription gives you access to all of Concert Vault’s content on the iPad, iPhone and on the web.

The app includes thousands of concert recordings in audio (320Kps) and video. There’s daily featured content spanning across genres. It supports AirPlay for streaming content to an HDTV via Apple TV.

The App Store description also mentions that the app is ‘built on the Groovebug platform’. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m hoping it’s something to do with the excellent Groovebug app that is one of the selections in our list of the Best iPad Apps of 2012.

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TitleFx for iPad: Another Great Photo Effects App

TitleFx iPad app

TitleFx is a new iPad (and iOS) app that brings excellent titles and text to your photos. It’s from East Coast Pixels, the developers of the stellar PhotoToaster app – which was one of our picks for Best iPad Apps of 2011.

Here’s a slice of the App Store description for TitleFx:

TitleFx allows your pictures to tell a story by adding broadcast quality titles. You can turn any picture into a magazine cover, and then share it with your friends.

Pick from a collection of beautiful fonts and colors and apply stunning effects. The interface allows you to see the result before you select it, with a series of unique live lists.

The possibilities are limitless and the results are stunning.

Create multiple text objects with full control over size and position. If you make a mistake you can undo and redo until you get it right. Compositions are saved to a recent list so you can go back and re-edit at any time. This is a powerful, full featured editing environment.

I had very high hopes for the app as soon as I saw it released, because it’s made by East Coast Pixels. It has not disappointed – hit the break for some of the reasons why …

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Review: Robots for iPad, Hurray Robots!

Robots for iPad

Robots for iPad is a new iPad app that promises to help us ‘Discover the amazing world of robots with this fun and engaging app’. I’m happy to say the app does a great job at delivering on that promise. It offers a fascinating look at how robots have become reality and are already enhancing our lives. 


The app is published by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers) and has a very impressive set of features. Here are some of the most notable:

• Meet 126 robots from 19 countries
• View over 500 spectacular photos
• Watch hundreds of videos of robots in action
• Learn how to get started in robotics
• Read detailed specs and articles about each robot
• Listen to audio interviews with leading roboticists
• Keep up to date with daily robot news
• Optimized for Retina display
• Works on any iPad model, including the iPad mini

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Review – Civil War: 1863 iPad Game

Civil War 1863 for iPad

Civil War: 1863 is a turn-based strategy game for the iPad that lets you take command of Union and Confederate forces and engage in some of the epic battles that occurred in 1863 during the American Civil War.

I grew up playing turn-based strategic war games against my younger brother. They were board games in those days and we played tons of them – from ancient battles with Alexander the Great or Caesar’s armies (or their opponents’) to command to many Napoleonic battles and campaigns, World War II games, and lots more. I enjoyed these immensely, despite the fact that my brother ran rings round me and I very rarely emerged victorious when playing against him.

I’ve been looking for good strategy games of this type to play on the iPad for a long while, have tried out a number of them, but had never come across one I found compelling and wanted to spend a lot of time playing. Earlier this month I spotted Civil War:1863 in the App Store and thought it looked a lot like what I was after. I’ve spent many hours playing the game and I’m happy to say I’ve been enjoying it a whole lot.

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