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Todo for iPad – Great Looking To-do App at a Great Price

Todo for iPad

Todo for iPad is a great looking and full-featured to-do app for the iPad and iPhone, with good desktop and online sync options …

I’m a huge fan of to-do apps.  I rely heavily on task lists to manage my work and even much of my life in general. Todo for iPad is the first task manager app that has really caught my eye in quite a while, as I already have a solution that works very well for me in this area (Things).

I liked the look and sound of the app so much when I saw its iPad version released, that I’ve been trying it out for a couple of days.

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Review: Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad

feeddler iPad RSS app 

Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad is the best iPad RSS app – with full Google Reader sync – that I’ve come across so far.

I’m a heavy user of Google Reader and an avid reader of RSS feeds  – so finding a favorite RSS app on the iPad has been a mission for me from Day 1 with the iPad.  I’ve been using Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad for several weeks now, along with a few other rival apps, and it has rapidly become my go-to app for RSS.

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Quick Look: Double Up, iPad Browser App Offers Side-by-Side Page Viewing

Double Up iPad browser app

Double Up is a new browser app for the iPad, that lets you view two web pages at once.

Here’s a little more on it via its App Store description:

‘Double Up’ is the only iPad browser that offers side-by-side webpages using one, streamlined, toolbar. The minimalist design includes all the features you would expect from a modern web browser with more on the way.

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Review: myPhoneDesktop for the iPad

myPhoneDesktop provides an effective way to send data from your desktop directly to your iPad.  This app is great to use and let me tell you why.  I am constantly sharing information back and forth between my computer and my iPad, and this application provides a perfect way to make it easier and less time consuming: I can now place calls and send out SMS messages via Skype; transfer long text notes; copy/send URL links; and save images conveniently from my computer to my iPad.

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Quick Look: Pages for iPad

My brother plays good!

The idea behind this review of Pages for iPad was to see how quickly someone could get something done without having used it before. In the interest of full disclosure, I have used Pages on Mac, so your rate of adoption may vary. I tested two different types of documents, a text document and a poster.

The Text Document
The text document was a simple invoice for one of my customers. I emailed an old invoice that had been created in Pages on my MacBook to my iPad. Once I opened the attachment in Mail I was given the option to “Open In Pages.” It shows as a button in the top right corner of the document if you have Pages installed. Continue reading

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