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The (3) Best Fantasy Football Draft Guide Apps for your iPad


The NFL regular season is right around the corner.  Autumn is in the air (well not here in Florida, but you know what I mean) and that means football!  No, I’m not talking about soccer either–I mean FOOTBALL!  The only sport that really matters until February.  With Football season comes Fantasy Football, and with Fantasy Football comes Draft parties.  So grab a bunch of your friends, throw some over-sized meat on the grill, pop open an adult beverage of your choice, and get ready to take over the world.  Hopefully, you’ve already been evaluating the newest rookie prospects, and deciding which players are highest on your depth charts.  However, if you need a little help cheating preparing for you draft so you can dominate your friends once again, these are the (3) best apps for doing just that, in no particular order.

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iPad App Smashing for Sports Coaching



App Smashing is the process of combining content in one or more apps together for a creative and effective outcome. App smashing can make the iPad a powerful aid in sports coaching and other mediums.

As any cricket geek knows, the season is about to start. I’ve been playing, and more specifically, bowling, for about 25 years (the less said about my batting the better) and I have a fairly well grooved bowling action. As any sportsperson will know, there is always room for improvement and this pre-season, I turned to my iPad to help me tweek my bowling technique.

Firstly, I got one of our coaches to film me with the the Slow-Cam app. This is a very easy app to use. Simply start filming, hold down the slow mo button for as long as you need it and voila, you have some slow mo video sent to your Camera Roll. The app has a glowing blue border around the screen to signify you are filming in slow mo. This was particularly useful as the coach who filmed me wasn’t hugely confident with the iPad, but when he saw the visual indicator of the blue border he knew he was filming correctly. Continue reading

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Quick Look: Official UEFA EURO 2012 App

EURO 2012 app home

EURO 2012, or as I always used to know it the European Championship, kicked off this morning in Poland (Poland and Ukraine are the joint hosts). If you’re a fan of football – of The Beautiful Game variety – you may be glad to know that there is an Official UEFA EURO 2012 app available on the App Store.

The EURO 2012 app is an iPhone app but I’ve been running it on both my iPhone and my iPad. For me, despite not being a proper iPad version the app looks better on the bigger screen. I’m a huge football fan and love the major international tournaments – and of course the European Championship is one of the very best. So I had high hopes for this official EURO 2012 app as a companion app while I do my best to follow the tournament closely. Hit the break for my thoughts on the app and whether it is all I was hoping for …

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iPad Apps to Avoid: Ringier Studios Champions League


Ringier Studios Champions League: True Passion, Big Business is an iPad app to be avoided. It’s one of the very worst iPad apps I’ve seen in any category.

This will not be a comprehensive review because this app turned me off and pissed me off so much that I could not force myself to spend enough time with it to do one. Yes, it’s that bad, and worse.

Strike 1, 2, and 3 against it: when you first open this app (after it has been downloaded and installed from the App Store) you get to a splash screen and a download status bar starts. The app is not ready to go after being installed; not anywhere near ready. The status bar shows that it needs to download 380MB of something, there’s no indication of what. That’s a bad enough start, but then you get the better news – you cannot do anything at all in the app while you wait on the download, and the download is slower than slow.

What’s slower than slow, you might ask. Right around TWENTY MINUTES. Yes, you read that right. You launch this app and there is nothing whatsoever to do in it until you wait 20 minutes to have content downloaded.

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Review: Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD for iPad

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals HD is a new iPad app that celebrates ten of the greatest football rivalries, from both pro and college football.

The ten rivalries covered are: Auburn vs Alabama, Texas vs Oklahoma, Ohio State/Michigan, Cowboys/Redskins, USC/Notre Dame, Packers/Bears, Florida/Georgia, Missouri/Kansas, Army/Navy, and Cal/Stanford.

Here’s the App Store elevator pitch for the app:

Sports Illustrated Football Rivals takes you deep inside 10 of football’s definitive rivalries, both college and professional. Stunning photography, compelling videos and moving photo montages narrated by Emmy nominated actor Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights’ coach Eric Taylor) enhance the inside stories as told by SI’s unmatched writers.

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Official iPad App for Rugby World Cup 2011 Released

Official Rugby World Cup 2011 App

The Rugby World Cup kicks off in New Zealand next month and I can’t wait to be watching it. This week the Official Rugby World Cup 2011 App was released for iPad and iOS – so I can get a head-start on catching up with which teams are fancied to be contenders and how the pools (groupings of teams) break down.

Once the tournament gets started the app will offer live match coverage with live commentary and video highlights.

I’ve been having a look around the app and it’s a pretty good one – and a great starting point for getting psyched up to watch the RWC 2011.

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The Masters Tournament for iPad – Ready for The 2011 Masters

The Masters Tournament for iPad

It’s that wonderful time of year again for US sports fans – March Madness just finished, baseball’s season just underway, the NBA season drawing near to its playoffs, and The Masters is coming up this weekend.

The Masters Tournament is the official iPad app for the season’s first major at Augusta National.

I’m not big on watching standard PGA or European Tour events, but I love watching the majors, and The Masters as much as any of them – so as usual I’m keen to see what the official iPad app for the tournament has to offer. I’ve been browsing through it this morning and I’m not disappointed – far from it.

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