Need an App for Mom? Check out the App Store’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide App Store section

If you’re looking for inspiration in choosing an app or apps to gift a mom in your life for Mother’s Day, then you may want to check out the Mother’s day Gift Guide featured section in the iPad App Store today.

The gift guide is made up entirely of apps and includes 9 sub-sections including:

Gifts for Foodies: Cookbook and culinary apps

Gifts for Photographers: Photo and video editing and effects apps

Gifts that Wow: An odd,eclectic section with apps ranging from iMovie to Star Walk and others about the universe around us

Apps for Kids and Games for Kids: Perhaps with the idea that a good set of distracting apps for the kiddos is a nice gift to help Mom get some relaxation in on Mother’s Day?

Gifts for Gamers and Gifts for Hardcore Gamers: For all the Gamer Moms.

It’s a good looking collection, with a lot of range to it. Even so, I ‘d say it’d be a good idea to make sure you’ve got some other gifts in store for the important mom/s in your life tomorrow – not *only* an app.

You can find the Mother’s Day Gift Guide in the Featured section of the App Store this week, right at the top among the rotating showcase app collections.

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New iPad App Store Featured Section: Learn More About In-App Purchase

App Store Learn More About In App Puchases


Apple Is Trying to Make Users More Aware of the Pitfalls of In-App Purchases

This week the iPad App Store has added a new section to help users understand In-App Purchases. The section is called Learn More About In-App Purchases and it’s included in the iPad App Store Featured area, in the section just below What’s Hot.

The new section provides a good, concise overview of In-App purchase, the different types of In-App purchases and how they work, and how to setup parental controls to disable the ability to make use of them.

Just a few weeks ago Apple made the ‘warning’ symbol for apps that contain In-App purchase options more prominent. It’s good to see their continuing efforts to raise awareness on this subject and try to avoid some of the sad stories we see so often where kids unwittingly rack up huge credit card bills for unsuspecting parents.

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Age Ratings Now More Prominent in iPad App Store

Age Ratings in iPad App Store

Last week Apple made some minor adjustments to the layout of iPad and iOS App Store pages. One of the more notable changes is in the way that age ratings for apps are presented – they’ve been made a little more prominent.

Age rating details are now displayed much higher up on the App Store window for individual apps – just below the app title and developer name. This follows closely on another recent update that made it easier to see which apps offer In-App purchases.

Now both of these bits of information – age rating and the indicator for apps with In-App purchase – are right up in the top section of the app window.

These changes should be good news for many iPad and iOS App Store users, and especially for parents.

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iPad App Store Features: 10 Apps that Wow

10 Apps that Wow

One of this week’s featured collections in the iPad App Store is 10 Apps that Wow.  Here’s the description of it:

From saving money on a last-minute hotel room to discovering the nether reaches of the cosmos, these  apps offer truly awe-inspiring experiences. Each app is a bona fide conversation starter and as you progress through our top 10, you’ll find yourself increasingly amazed at what’s possible on your iPad.

It’s a great idea for a collection, and one Apple could consider running once a month on the iPad App Store. There are plenty of apps that fit the bill.

I’m especially fond of 3 of the picks in this collection: MLB’s At Bat, Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe, and the magnificent WWF Together. I’m also well aware of how great Paper by FiftyThree is, as I’ve seen the fantastic art produced with it and even shared some of it over at my iPad and iPhone Art site.

Here’s the full list of apps include in the 10 Apps that Wow collection: Paper by FiftyThree, Panna, Traktor DJ, At Bat, The Orchestra, MyScript Calculator, Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe, Hotel Tonight, Foldify, WWF Together.

This collection is found among the top rotating items in the iPad App Store Featured section this week.

What do you all think of the collection? Any of your favorites in there?

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iPad App Store Now Shows Warning for Apps with In-App Purchases

Offers In App Purchases

After a number of recent headline stories about young children racking up huge bills with In-App purchases and Apple having to settle a class action lawsuit by parents relating to the iOS ‘freemium’ model. the iOS App Store now shows a sort of warning label on apps that offer In-App purchases.

For now, it’s a pretty innocuous little label just below the category and rating listing for an app in the iPad App Store. I think it could do with being a little more prominent, and perhaps even include the word ‘warning’ in front of it – or have a small symbol to indicate that it is a warning.

What do you all think? Is this label sufficient to make parents and kids aware or should the label be clearer?

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App Store Milestones: Over 300,000 Native iPad Apps

Apple announced a set of staggering numbers for their App Store today. The headline number is 40 billion. 40 billion app downloads that is, and that’s unique downloads too – not counting updates or re-downloads. An even more striking number is this one: there were nearly 20 billion downloads in 2012 alone. Another impressive and […]

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