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River of News App Updated After Stupid App Store Rejection


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a stupid App Store rejection – but this weekend brings evidence that they’re still happening. The River of News blog has a post up detailing their rejection when they submitted a recent update.

River of News is an excellent RSS reader app for the iPad – my favorite for quite a while now – and has been on the App Store since August and had multiple updates since its initial release. The developer recently submitted a bug-fix update that resolved an issue with memory management in iOS 4.2 and freeze ups in the app. The update spent a long time in review and then got rejected on these grounds:

because the release notes contained “defamatory comments about Apple.”

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The App Store Needs a Category for Magazines and Newspapers


Image Source:

One of my favorite categories of iPad app is magazines and newspapers. Except that’s not an actual App Store category; because there isn’t one for these titles as yet. So currently a lot of notable titles in this are scattered across a number of categories. Just a few examples:

— Wired magazine’s iPad edition is in the News category

— Esquire for iPad is in Lifestyle

— Black Enterprise for iPad is under the Business category

— And Sports Illustrated is under Sports

As someone who really enjoys a number of newspaper and magazine titles for the iPad, I’d far rather see these be given their own category in the App Store. It would make it easier to discover interesting new titles I think. I don’t mind if it’s called something old-school library sounding, like Periodicals, or just plain Newspapers & Magazines – it just needs its own section.

What do you think? Does this group of apps deserve its own category?

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App Store Now Showing Badges for Game Center Compatible Apps

Game Center badge in App Store

The App Store is now showing badges on apps that are supporting Game Center, Apple’s new social network for iOS gaming.

You can spot the badges on the iPad App Store and in iTunes on the desktop. So far, I do not see these showing in the App Store on the iPhone. There’s already a section that shows all Game Center compatible apps, but this new badges feature is still helpful as it’s a good thing to know while just checking out a single app in the App Store.

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Best App Store Policy Statement. Ever.


Apple’s newly published guidelines for the App Store review process provide a candid, plainly written summary of the company’s policies on iOS software, including the blunt statement in the introduction: "We don’t need anymore Fart apps."

Amen to that!

News via: Apple Insider

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iPad App Store Now Has 25,000 Apps


During today’s Apple special event Steve Jobs shared a lot of large and impressive numbers about iOS and the App Store.  One of the iPad related numbers that stood out was that there are now 25,000 iPad apps available in the App Store.

It has seemed to me over the last few weeks that new iPad apps are coming along more quickly, and the Featured section of the App Store seems to be refreshed more often.  Good stuff.

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Genius for iPad Apps Now Showing Up in App Store

Genius for iPad apps

I don’t know how long this has been turned on for, but I have only just noticed it showing up today.  Genius for apps is now showing up on my iPad. The Genius icon is now just to the right of the Updates icon on the bottom nav bar in the App Store.

Presumably there is now enough app download history (and hopefully iPad specific app download history) for genius to now make intelligent suggestions. 

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App Store Adds New Sections to Help with App Discovery

App Store Newsstand section

The App Store for the iPad and the iPhone has added several new featured sections, to aid in app discovery.  I’m not sure exactly how new these are, but I’ve only just noticed them today – and I think they’re a very nice addition for the App Store.

The new sections include Newsstand, shown above, which showcases some of the leading newspaper, magazine, RSS reader and general news apps available for the iPad and iPhone.  It’s a great section if you’re a news and reading apps junkie like I am.

There are quite a few other helpful new sections as well – hit the break for some more examples …

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iPad App Store Password Issue – Anyone Else?

iPad App Store

Over the last week or so the iPad App Store has started prompting for my account password each time I launch the App Store app.  This is not normal behavior of course. 

I’m fairly certain this is not an account-related issue, as the App Store opens as normal for me (without password prompt) on my iPhone 3GS and new iPhone 4, and works as normal on my MacBook.

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iPad Apps Pass the 10,000 Mark

Featured iPad apps

Apple’s iTunes App Store now lists more than 10,000 universal and iPad specific apps, with nearly 1,000 more being added every week.

According to a report by Mac Stories, Apple’s iPad library includes over 2,100 games and includes a broad mix of content from digital books to productivity and news apps to rich media apps.

That’s from an article at Apple Insider over the weekend, that shares some impressive numbers from a couple of recent reports on numbers of iPad apps available and how fast the numbers have been growing.

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Apple Is The Richest iPad Developer So Far?

Pages iPad app

The "iWork" apps are already on track to potentially generate more than $40 million in annual sales, according to our analysis of App Store sales so far.
And in the first month, they’ve probably already passed $3 million in sales, likely making Apple the most successful iPad developer, by revenue, so far.

That’s a slice from this recent report at Business Insider.  I’m sure I shouldn’t be surprised at these numbers, but I am.  Apparently all three of the Apple iWork apps – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote – have been in the Top 10 for paid apps ever since the iPad was launched and Pages has been at Number 1 for ‘much of the time’.

I absolutely agree with Business Insider’s conclusion that this ‘shows there is a real appetite for serious apps on the iPad‘.  I feel like I can work quite well on the iPad – the only big thing missing is a decent blogging app (for my needs).

I’m very glad to see that ‘serious’ apps can thrive in the iPad App Store – and look forward to seeing some third party developer success stories in this area.

Via: 9to5Mac

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There Are Over 5,000 iPad Apps Now, Here’s Where You Can See That on the iPad

iPad App Store

So there are now a little over 5,400 iPad apps in the App Store, as of around 10 minutes ago. And there is now an easy way to keep up with how many iPad apps there are, right in the App Store on the iPad itself.

If you go to the Featured section of the App Store and press to go to the Release Date tab, it shows you that you are currently seeing, for instance, apps 1-12 of 5,407 – as shown in the screencap above.

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