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iPad App Store Adds Sort by Release Date

App Store sort by release date

The iPad App Store has been updated, and has added the ability to sort by the Release Date for apps.  This is a small but very cool addition – as it makes it much easier to see new apps as they come in – although it’s brand new so I’m not sure how often it gets updated (hopefully daily or more).

To see apps sorted by release date, go to the Features section of the App Store and you’ll see it as the third tab on the right at the top of the screen (alongside New and What’s Hot).

Update: As Andrew has kindly pointed out in the comments, you can also sort by release date within categories.  It is the second tab at the top of the screen within category sections. Very cool.

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The First Crazy iPad App Rejection?

iPad Dashboard App

It didn’t take long for the iPad side of the App Store to see its first stupid app rejection by Apple’s reviewers.  The app pictured above is the Dashboard app, intended for the iPad – but rejected by Apple because it:

contradicted the iPad’s user experience

What does that even mean?  That’s not a reason I can recall hearing in amongst many crazy iPhone app rejections. It definitely sounds like another App Store decision ripe for reversal if the developer presses their case.

In the meantime, you can see a video demo of the app at Gizmodo:

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What Do You Think of iPad App Prices So Far?


So the iPad has been out for around 10 days now – and we’ve all done a huge amount of browsing around, installing, and trying out iPad apps right? 

One thing that was clear as soon as we started seeing iPad apps hit the App Store is that they are priced a fair bit higher than their iPhone counterparts.  Many apps seem to be priced right around a mid-point between an iPhone app sort of price and a Mac app’s price point – much like the iPad itself is filling a space between iPhone and laptop / desktop.

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Finally – Some New Featured iPad Apps in the App Store

New and Noteworthy iPad apps

If you’re anything like me and you take several looks per day at the App Store looking for what’s new in the iPad apps section, you’ll have noticed that just about nothing changed in the featured sections after iPad launch day.

Until today.  It looks like after 10 days Apple has let a few more prominent iPad apps slip into the store.  Two that leapt out at me just now are a couple of remote access leaders – Citrix Receiver and LogMeIn Ignition for iPad.

If you’d given up on seeing anything new in featured iPad apps, you may want to go have another peek now. :)

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iTunes App Store Now Gives You One-Click Switch Between iPad and iPhone Apps Browsing


Ah, the satisfaction that can be obtained just from the addition of a simple button and filter.  The iTunes App Store has just added just such a button.  The cute little toggle shown above, that lets you filter your view and see only iPad or iPhone apps while perusing the store.

This was one of my first complaints in rounding up my first impressions of the iPad App Store – as previously you would select to view iPad apps, look at an individual app’s details, and find when you returned to the parent section (Featured or What’s Hot or wherever) you were back to viewing all iPhone and iPad apps.

Nice to see Apple has provided this filtering feature so quickly.

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App Search Results Divided Nicely in App Store

App Store search results

One new thing I’ve noticed in the App Store, now that iPad apps are live in it, is that search results are divided nicely – so as you can see in the screenshot above iPhone results are labeled as just ‘Apps’ and iPad results are labeled ‘iPad Apps’.

I like this – it makes it easy to spot what you’re after.  I wish they’d do more clear divisions like this throughout the App Store now – so that it is easy to browse apps in only or other group when you want to.  It feels clumsy in this respect right now.

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iPad App Store – First Impressions

iPad App Store staff favorites

The iPad App Store went live this afternoon. Or, more accurately, iPad apps are now live on the App Store.  There’s no separate app store for iPad apps as far as I can see so far.

After all these weeks of anticipation and app developers having to be cagey about plans and dates for iPad app releases, it is great to see a large number of major apps ready with custom iPad versions – including lots of familiar icons for some iPhone favorites.

I’ve spent a fair while nosing around the App Store and checking out the new iPad apps, and I’ve got some quick first impressions on how things look, on which notable apps are in there, and on iPad apps pricing.

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iPad App Store Is Live

iPad App Store

The iPad App Store is alive and kicking in iTunes.

Wow.  I had just about got round to thinking ‘it’s only one more day‘ and feeling OK about Saturday getting here soon.  Then I began seeing tweets about iPad apps and went into iTunes and Boom, it is full of iPad apps!

Now my patience has gone right out the window and Saturday seems an eternity away – as seeing all these apps raring to go has got me way pumped up.

I’ll post some quick impressions later, but for now I’ll just say the apps lineup is looking very strong already – check it out in iTunes when you get a chance.

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Oh, Lots More iPad Apps & App Store Preview Shots at BGR

iPad App Store

Man, BGR always seems to have some amazing insider sources.  They’ve got a huge gallery of screenshots of upcoming iPad apps and the iPad App Store itself.  The BGR guys say the shots look ‘absolutely delicious‘ and I wouldn’t argue with that.

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There’s Already an iPad Apps Best Sellers List

iPad Best Sellers list

Apple has begun putting together the iPad-specific App Store in anticipation of the upcoming iPad launch. iPad-only Apps have begun to be approved and organized. MacRumors has managed to access the iPad’s best seller lists which reveal several of the iPad App Store launch titles. The lists show several dozen applications with release dates as far back as March 19th.

The fact that the iPad-specific applications are ranked suggests that the applications are being downloaded/purchased at least on a limited basis, despite the lack of iPad availability for the general public. A report yesterday indicated that a number of these iPad-specific applications had temporarily appeared in Apple’s web-based ‘iTunes Preview’ App Store listing.

That’s from a MacRumors report earlier today. Some very familiar names on that list – in fact at least a couple that I’m pretty sure were present in the Day 1 iPhone App Store and now look to be early leaders in the Day 1 iPad App Store.

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