Fandango Movies iPad App Updated: New Spotlight Carousel, New Icon, and More

Fandango Movies iPad app

The best movies app for the iPad just got another great update yesterday. Fandango Movies has a new icon, a very cool new Spotlight carousel feature, and a few more nice improvements.

Here’s the short but very sweet change list for Version 6.0 of Fandango Movies for iPad:

We’ve made your Fandango mobile experience even more exciting. Check out our latest updates:
• The Spotlight carousel now available for both iPhone and iPad!
• Our brand new look features visual enhancements to movie pages, theater lists, as well as a new rating system and easy-to-spot ticketing information icons
• Sign in to your Fandango account using Facebook or Google+ (iPhone only; iPad coming soon). Don’t have an account yet? Create one now for one-tap purchases and to save your favorite theaters.

Fandango has been an excellent movies app for iOS for as long as I can remember. It makes it quick and easy to find a great movie, check out when it’s showing in nearby theaters, choose seats and book tickets right within the app. This is a very nice update to this already stellar app.

Here’s an App Store link for Fandango Movies; it’s a free app and a universal app designed to run on both iPad and iPhone.

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Notable New iPad Apps: WordPerfect X7 (Limited Free Trial)


Well here’s a new iPad app that I never expected to see – WordPerfect X7, a new version of the word processing app and old-time rival of Microsoft Word.

I didn’t realize WordPerfect was still around, though I do recall my brother mentioning to me years ago that it is very popular with lawyers and law firms. Anyway, it looks as if it still going strong, and it now has a new iPad version – though it is currently a limited free trial and a ‘virtualized desktop’:

This is a free trial, available for a limited time and subject to limited availability. This virtualized desktop companion requires you to be connected to the Internet. During the trial period we recommend you connect to the internet through Wi-Fi for enhanced performance.

Here’s a bit more of the app’s description:

WordPerfect X7 ® iPad companion is designed to work with the new WordPerfect X7 ® for desktop. Availability is limited… activation is required
With WordPerfect X7 iPad Companion, you can experience a full-featured word processor which offers hassle-free, easy-to-use formatting options that help you do more with documents on an iPad.
Word Processing essentials on the go!
· Open Microsoft® Word documents
· Streamlined document creation
· Reveal Codes and other classic features
· New collaborative tools and applications

A little bit of an odd way to launch an iPad app, especially hot on the heels of the release of a full-blown version of Word and Microsoft Office for iPad, but likely still of interest for hard-core WordPerfect users.

Here’s an App Store link for WordPerfect X7 for iPad.

Do we have any WordPerfect or WordPerfect for iPad users here?

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Ziner RSS Reader for iPad Updated – Lots of Nice Little Improvements

Ziner RSS Reader iPad app

The Ziner RSS Reader iPad app has had a recent update, to Version 2.2. The update doesn’t offer any huge, attention grabbing new features, but instead a lengthy list of smaller improvements to the app and some useful bug fixes.

I just picked Ziner as our iPad App of the Week a couple of weeks ago, and I think it’s a very good option for keeping up with your RSS feeds on the iPad. While this update doesn’t have any big headline features, it’s full of just the sort of little enhancements that can greatly improve the user experience.

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Fire and Brimstone Are Good Things In This Tilt to Live 2 DLC Trailer

Brimstone Pinball

Tilt to Live 2 is a manic game. You gain high scores by tilting the iPad to dodge between swarms of enemies to reach power-ups, which then demolish the swarms that were chasing you. It’s kind of like Pac-Man, but with more satellite laser cannons.

One of the game’s very best power-ups is Brimstone, which acts like your own personal, nudge-able comet of death. Brimstone has a high skill ceiling because you’ve got to aim it properly, bounce it off the walls to increase combo multipliers, and it only lasts for a few seconds. It’s one of my favourite power-ups in the game, and it appears that I wasn’t the only one who thought so, because TTL2′s first DLC pack is based on the idea of Brimstone Pinball.

This new mode will provide you with a single brimstone ball and a set of completely new enemies to weave around. The brimstone no longer burns out on its own, so there are much bigger opportunities to gun for some incredible high scores.

There’s no word on an exact release date, but developer One Man Left says that it’s landing some time this April for $0.99.


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