iPad Art: Fly Free

Fly Free iPad Painting

Today’s featured iPad painting is titled ‘Fly Free’ and is the work of Deborah McMillion, aka Hotel Midnight – a long-time favorite here.

Here’s the artist’s own introduction to this one, along with her listing of tools used in its creation:

Oh that first initial feeling of freedom as the cables snap and the carousel animals go free. Free as they fly but not when they land. Did you think they would run?

SketchbookPro for iPad, distressedFx, alien sky, hair done with underlayer NASA shots from space “cyclone”.

Fly Free is another great example of the two things that always stand out for me in McMillion’s work: the painting is striking and grabs my attention right away, and then her description takes you into the story that inspired it.

You can see lots more of these striking paintings and their accompanying stories at McMillion’s  Hotel Midnight Flickr stream.

More beautiful iPad paintings from a number of great iPad artists can be browsed through in our own iPad Art section.

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iPad Art: Rhino

Rhino iPad painting

I love this iPad painting, love Rhinos, and love the theme of this series of iPad paintings by Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo. It’s just titled ‘Rhino’ and here is the artist’s own intro to it and to the series””:

This is the fourth painting in the series dedicated to endangered species.
Now is the turn of the rhinoceros.

It’s so sad to see news of any endangered species, but especially so when it’s about such an impressive, ancient looking creature like the Rhino. I like that this iPad painting brings out the best of the Rhino, while also implying the danger the species is in.

To see more of this series and more of Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo’s excellent iPad artwork, check out his site.

And to see more incredible iPad paintings from a large number of great artists, take a browse through our own iPad Art section.

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iPad Art: A New Beginning

A New Beginning iPad Painting

Who doesn’t at least once in their life like the idea of just sailing off into the sunset? I know I have at times and this iPad painting definitely brings back those feelings.

It’s titled ‘A New Beginning’ – here’s a little more about it, via the artist himself, Google+ member Ron Grafe:

“A New Beginning” – Sailing into the sunset? Or the beginning of a new day? Doesn’t matter as long as you live each day to it’s fullest potential. Created with the Procreate App

I love the colors of the sky and the lines of the sailboat in this one. I’d like to be on that boat on that evening.

You can see more of Ron Grafe’s digital and photography at his site: http://ronaldgrafe.com/

If you’re keen to see more great paintings created on the iPad, then check out our own iPad Art section.

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iPad Art: Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


Today’s featured iPad painting brings to mind scenes from a Hemingway novel, or even more so a passage from ‘A Moveable Feast’. It’s powerful and gripping, like any good Hemingway tale, and a little surreal and romantic too.

It’s titled ‘Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder’, and is the work of Michael Seidman. Seidman has a huge portfolio of his artwork shared on his Flickr stream – which is well worth a visit.

And of course you can also browse the work of lots more incredibly talented iPad artists in our own iPad Art section.

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iPad Art: Poinsettia

Poinsettia iPad Painting

Here’s a perfectly seasonal, and lovely,  iPad painting for a late December, just past Christmas Sunday.  It’s titled ‘Poinsettia’ and is the work of a long-time favorite iPad artist, Pilar Humada – drawn freehand on the iPad using the Sketch Club app.

Hope all of you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends and maybe a few iPad apps and games.

If you’d like to see more of Pilar Humada’s wonderful iPad art, visit her Flickr stream.

To browse the work of many great iPad artists, check out our own iPad Art section.

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iPad Art: The Majestic Forgiver

Lions are certainly among the more powerful animals on earth, and I have to say this iPad painting is almost powerful and striking enough to stand comparison with a lion. It’s titled ‘The majestic forgiver’ and is the work of Woon Tien David Chong. Here are the artist’s own words on this iPad painting: “The […]

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iPad Art: Tres Corazones Azules

‘Tres Corazones Azules’, or Three Blue Hearts, is the title of today’s featured iPad painting. It’s the work of another of our favorite iPad artists, Albert Viladrosa. The piece was created with the Paper by FiftyThree app. The sub-title for it is ‘Diseño para una almohada’ – which I think is design for a pillow, […]

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iPad Art: Cottage

‘Cottage’ is the title of today’s featured iPad painting. It’s the work of Rafeal Co, aka Raffy or Cheeky Raffy, created using the Procreate app. I always love how so much seems to be going on in Raffy’s paintings, although this one is  little less hectic than many others of his. The colors are what […]

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iPad Art: The Flowers

November isn’t the most flowery time of the year, at least not where I live anyway. So what better time for a lovely bit of flowery iPad art – like today’s featured iPad painting ‘The Flowers’. It’s the work of Deborah McMillion, aka Hotel Midnight. Here’s her intro to the painting: And so begins another […]

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iPad Art: Monster Blues

‘Monster Blues’ is the fitting title for the tearful creature shown in today’s featured iPad painting. This iPad painting is the work of SKR Imaging, sketched and painted using the Art Studio app. I know this iPad artist from back in the days when I ran a site solely focused on iPad and iPhone art, […]

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