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iPad at Work: Helping Children with Autism


Though there are other computers designed for children with autism, a growing number of experts say that the iPad is better. It’s cheaper, faster, more versatile, more user-friendly, more portable, more engaging, and infinitely cooler for young people. "I just couldn’t imagine not introducing this to a parent of a child who has autism," says Tammy Mastropietro, a speech pathologist based outside Boston who uses the technology with numerous clients. She sees it as a game changer for those with autism, particularly those most severely affected.

Great article at SFWeekly, offering up some happy and moving examples of the powerful impact the iPad is having with autistic children.  I can’t think of too many other uses for the iPad that are more deserving of the ‘magical’ tag for the device. 

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iPad at Work: at Keg Parties

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a better set of reasons behind a project, even though they’re clearly in totally the wrong order:

1. We love hacking

2. We love beer

3. We love iPads

This thing measures beer as it flows, gives information about the beer, tracks who has been drinking via RFID cards, and measures the temperature of the beer.  There’s even a bookmarklet to check the status of your keg via a web browser.

All I can say is Good on Ya Yelp lads!

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iPad at Work – In the Hands of a Great Artist

Poppy Field by Corliss Blakely

Corliss Blakely is an accomplished and recognized artist, and is now rapidly becoming a famous iPad and iPhone artist.  The UK’s Telegraph newspaper has recently featured her beautiful iPad art in an article, noting that they could easily be mistaken for oil paintings or watercolors – despite having been created entirely with fingers and iPad apps.

Corliss is also a very good friend of the site, or of mine I should say really.  She was even kind enough to create the site banner image for my little site that covers iPhone and iPad art.

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iPad at Work: With the British Army

iPad in use in UK Army 

For the first time, UK troops are using a special app developed for the iPad to learn how to handle a fire mission.

That’s when artillery is being fired at the enemy from several miles away.

In early trials at the Royal School of Artillery in Wiltshire, troops have learned the jargon and procedures more quickly than before, when they were sat listening to lessons from instructors.

It’s hoped smartphone and tablet technology could be used to speed up training across the army.

Yet another notable example of the iPad at work.  Apparently 15 other options were considered for delivering this training before the iPad was selected, and the iPad is considered to be both a money and time saver for this task.  Good stuff.

Via: BBC

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iPad at Work: with at a Building Consulting Firm

This is a very cool video, and a great bit of initiative by to put their app to work in conjunction with the iPad for rapid file sharing at D7 Consulting.  D7 are Building Envelope specialists.   There’s a lot of mention of the competitive advantage this gives the company – and some very happy new iPad users.

Another great example of how the iPad is not just for ‘play’ or entertainment.


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iPad at Work – with the Mayor of New York

New York Mayor uses iPad

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg loves his iPad, apparently — he carries it with him everywhere, uses it for briefings, and even reads speeches off of it, as seen above. He’s checking weather in the places he’s heading off to vacation at, and he’s reading in iBooks, too …

More evidence of iPad’s adoption across so many diverse types of users – even government big shots.  And nice to see a mayor who’s known for his tech savvy choosing the iPad. 

I bet if the iPad was around when Spin City was airing, the writers would’ve had tons of fun working it into their mayor’s life. :)


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iPad at Work: on the Set of Transformers 3

iPad at work on Transformers set 

That famous movie-directing-guy, Michael Bay, uses his iPad 3G to help direct his cast. Have you heard of Transformers? Well Bay is apparently showing Patrick Dempsey how a certain scene is supposed to look in Transformers 3 …

Good to see the iPad getting used in more and different work settings, or sets in this case. :) Also sort of fun to see how the original MacRumors forum thread on this rapidly descended into some scathing criticism of Michael Bay – yikes. :)

Via: 9to5Mac

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