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iPad Basics – Built-in iPad Apps

iPad home screen

The iPad home screen looks a bit sparse in the views of it we’ve seen so far – containing even fewer apps than the original iPhone had when it launched.  Of course it will have the App Store right out of the gate, unlike the V1 iPhone, so all those blank spaces can easily be filled up very quickly.

The built-in apps that we saw at last week’s iPad launch event do look very nice though.  Hit the jump for a rundown of all the built-in iPad apps and some excerpts about each of them straight from Apple’s iPad pages …

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Closer Looks at iPad’s Interface and Gestures

Pages Document Navigator

The image above shows the Pages word processing app on the iPad, part of the iWork suite for iPad.  The tool shown in the image is apparently called the Document Navigator, and looks extremely useful.

It’s one of many iPad UI (user interface) elements that are highlighted and discussed at an excellent Flickr set created by Frasier Speirs, a Mac software developer.  The Flickr set contains over 50 images and features notes on some of the fine details of the new iPad interface.  The images were all culled from public sources (mostly Apple videos) and they really offer a fascinating look at some of the details of the iPad UI.  If you have a chance, the set if well worth a good long look through:

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How Easy or Hard Will Typing on the iPad Be?

typing on the iPad

Image Source:

A blog site with the splendid name of ‘The Russians Used a Pencil’ has a post up with some thoughts on typing on the iPad.  The author feels that typing in landscape mode should be fairly ‘adequate’ even for longer text entry, but that portrait mode may be a very different, and not very satisfactory, experience.

The on screen keyboard in portrait orientation, however, seems inelegant.

In this case the iPhone style keyboard doesn’t scale very gracefully. It sits in an unfortunately middle ground: way too cramped to type with both hands, but too large to be able to comfortably “thumb type.”

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iPad to Allow for Easier File Sharing, but Still Very Limited File System Access

iWork on iPad

Apple is dramatically rethinking how applications organize their documents on iPad, leaving behind the jumbled file system and making file access between the iPad and desktop computers seamless.

That’s an excerpt from a report at Apple Insider on how Apple is ‘re-inventing’ file access and wireless sharing on the iPad. The article talks about how conventional hierarchical file systems are seen as ‘a bit of a mystery’ to non-savvy computer users, and how Apple is looking to reduce the complexity of working with files and file systems.

This is put forward as the reason behind the way many things are done on the iPhone – which is said to ‘abstract away the file system entirely’ and offers no concept of opening or saving files – which in this case is meant to be a good thing.

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iPad Dock Will Hold 6 Icons? [iPad Interface]

6 icons on iPad dock

As developers continue to dissect the iPad SDK we’re gradually learning more and more about what it contains, and what’s different on the iPad to what we’re used to on the iPhone OS.

Here’s an interesting one – it appears that six icons can fit on the iPad dock.  A whopping 50% improvement over the iPhone :)  I wonder whether Apple will allow for any user choice in this area.  He mentioned at the iPad launch event that we can ‘change the home screen’ – so can we select whether we want 4,5,6 or more icons in the dock?

I’d love to see a bit of the Infinidock concept make it onto the iPad.  That’s an iPhone jailbreak app that provides an endless, scrollable (swipeable) dock, where you can choose how many icons you want to see per home screen.


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