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Cleaning Mona Lisa: A Great Example of How Good iBooks Author Titles Can Be

Cleaning Mona Lisa iBook

Cleaning Mona Lisa is a new iBooks title that shows us what great results can emerge with iBooks Author, an interesting subject, and a passionate author. Here’s a little bit of its iTunes intro:

Mona Lisa is one of the world’s most studied paintings, yet she still has secrets to reveal. Join art historian Lee Sandstead—university professor and host of Travel Channel’s Emmy nominated Art Attack—on an interactive journey into the hidden world of Renaissance and realist art. Watch engaging videos. Read interviews with prominent museum conservators. Interact with gorgeous paintings by artists such as Titian, Rembrandt, Waterhouse, and Bouguereau. All to follow Lee on his quest to understand the greatest secret of all—the craft behind the woman.

It’s great to see how excited Sandstead is about iBooks and the iPad as a medium for this type of book. I love this section of the book’s introduction:

This book is specifically designed to take advantage of Apple’s revolutionary book-formatting techniques. No longer are books confined to text and pictures – they now become worlds in which to immerse one’s self for hours, days, weeks. “All the world’s a stage,” according to Shakespeare.Now, the entire stage lies in your hands.

It’s even better to see that his book lives up to and is an excellent example of what he’s saying.

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