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Review: Marvel Unlimited 2.0 for iPad

Marvel Unlimited promises a Netflix-like all-you-can-eat subscription to a library of Marvel back issues. I find this idea far more appealing than spending $2–3 for a digital comic within ComiXology, so I decided to give Unlimited a shot last month.
While I really did want to write a glowing review of a service that provides me with far more comics than I can handle, it has to be said that Marvel Unlimited has its issues.   

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New in iBooks: Enhanced eBook on Spielberg’s New Lincoln Film

Lincoln Spielberg iBook

Lincoln: A Steven Spielberg Film – Discover the Story is a brand new iBooks title released today. It offers an interactive and in-depth look at the making of Steven Spielberg’s upcoming new movie: Lincoln. The movie is set for release this Friday, November 16 and this book looks great.

The book features a foreword by Steven Spielberg, video interviews with Daniel Day-Lewis (who play Lincoln) and other lead actors and more:

As the story unfolds, the enhanced book offers a glimpse into the life of Lincoln leading up to his tragic assassination, the ending of slavery as well as the Civil War. Lincoln: A Steven Spielberg Film – Discover the Story also includes “making of” photos from the film, an extensive look into the set design, and illustrates how Spielberg was able to recreate history with truth and conviction.

I took a look through the sample for the book, watched one interview with Day-Lewis, and installed the book moments later.

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Put That Thing Away: a Humorous Illustrated iBook on Life With an iPad

Put That Thing Away iPad book

Put that thing away is a new humorous, illustrated iBook all about life with an iPad. It’s the creation of Sylvia van Ommen – a simple picture book with no text that offers a look at modern living with an iPad.

Recognizable for everyone who ever said or wanted to say to his/her partner: ‘Put that thing away.’
I’m an illustrator and writer and I made this story when my partner got an iPad. His enthusiastic and frequent use of this new gadget inspired me to make ‘Put That Thing Away’.

I just got an intro email about the book this morning and it sounded fun – so I installed it and browsed through the book earlier this morning.

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