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Coming Soon: 3D Audiobook Version of Treasure Island for iPad


Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of pirates and treasure – was one of the first books that really got me immersed and fascinated when I was a young reader. So I’m happy to see that there’s a 3D audiobook version of it coming to the iPad very soon, courtesy of the folks at Flying Word.

I’ve been taking a sneak peek at one of the final pre-release versions of the Treasure Island audiobook app, and I’ve been quite impressed with it. It’s got striking animations and visual and sound effects, as well an excellent professional voiceover for the narration.

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula Coming to the iPad as an ‘Interactive eBook Experience’

Good looking trailer. Certainly looks like a good way to add a bit of spooky flavor to your reading of the original tale of Dracula. I feel a little 50/50 on whether that will enhance or detract from the overall experience.

The eBook is due out for Halloween, fittingly.

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