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Great iPad Stand


Great pic from Veronica Belmont’s Flickr stream.  I also love one of the comments on it:

Best use for cats yet.

My dog would disagree with that, but we both liked the pic. :)

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Twins – Day Two (Now get to work you two)

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on naming the twins. We have settled on iVy and iVan. Now that we have had them home for a day, it is time we got back to work.

Though young, the twins have joined the team and we are putting them to work right away. In fact, this post is being created solely with iVan the iPad’s help.

Photo work:
1. I copied the photo from yesterday’s post directly from the site using iPad’s Safari
2. I imported the image into Photogene for iPad that I installed from the app store only 2 minutes prior.
3. I quickly added their names and exported the altered image back to iPad’s photo library.
– getting this far took less than 5 minutes including purchasing Photogene.
The rest of the post:
4. I completed the post using WordPress for iPad and WordPress admin via Safari for iPad… including writing, tagging, uploading the photo,etc.

Using WordPress for iPad was the most painful and time consuming portion of the project. The iPad WordPress app crashed many many times, forcing me to rewrite often. I finally used WordPress admin via Safari to get part of it done. I couldn’t do the whole post that way as I needed the app to load the image. Note: [WordPress for iPad limitation] The only way to preview the post with the picture is the publish it and picture is automatically placed at the bottom. time to publish and see if this works. Totally time till now… Over an hour, ouch!

To be fair, at least WP for iPad was available at iPad’s launch and it should get better as updates come out. Note: I moved the photo after publishing.

Learn more about Russ and follow his writing and tweeting:
Minding the Gaps
Russ on Twitter

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Recommended: David Letterman’s Take on the iPad


I’m guessing Dave’s not a big mobile devices kinda guy.  A couple of my favorite lines in here:

Even little Jimmy Fallon doesn’t have one.

For people who don’t like kids, or don’t like the kids they have, it comes with photos of a family.  So you’re not buying an unnecessary electronic device … you’re buying a family.

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iPad Reactions – History Repeats Itself?


Good comic from  I guess that’s the guy from the ‘Get a Mac’ ads saying it’ll fail each time, or maybe Bill Gates after gaining some weight since stepping down at Microsoft. :)

Thanks to Eric at Coregeek for sending it to us.

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Another iPad Rival – for Just $4.99


I haven’t seen a lot of iPad alternatives with the price’s decimal point shifted over a couple places.  Until a couple days ago that is, when I spotted the iPaperPad – going for just $4.99 or $14.97 for a 3 pack.

It is hailed as …

Not magical or revolutionary, it’s a paper pad

You can grab one or more of these at Amazon now. I bet you don’t even have to wait for accessories for it to ship. :)

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Oops, One Comic That Will Not Run on iPad

Comic that won't run on iPad

I’m kicking myself for not guessing which comic this would be before seeing the cartoon strip. Very nicely done by FoxTrot, by Bill Amend.

Did you guess it just from the post title?

Via: Gizmodo

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Unexpected iPad Rival: The Doritos Tablet

The Doritos Tablet

The original Doritos chip revolutionized everything.  It’s triangular, it’s mobile … it’s sexy.

That’s the opening line to a pretty great little iPad spoof featuring The Dorito’s Tablet.  It’s a short and sweet video with some nice little touches:

The presenter names mimic Apple folks – Bill Miller for Phil Schiller and Tony Jive for Johnny Ive.

There’s no right or wrong way to hold it.

And it’s got a ‘multi-taste’ interface, which is shown off in the video (yuck).

Check it out HERE.

Thanks to reader J C for the heads-up on this one!

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The Next Big (Really Big) Things After the iPad



Source: via Gizmodo

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iMaxi iPad Case – Guess This Was Inevitable



Just in case you haven’t already seen this round the web.  I guess we were always going to see something like this, given the name and all. It is …

“Hip Handmaids’ exclusive iMaxi—the only Apple iPad case made with protective wings!”

More details and a spot-on ‘that’s just wrong’ verdict at Gear Diary HERE.

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Getting an iPad? You Need These Pants


These are just a design concept for now, but are surely bound to become THE must-have accessory for the iPad.  They even seem to have the FSJ stamp of approval.

Wonder if iGotaBigAssPocket will become a commonly used term. :)

Read more about this here:

Via: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

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Recommended: Joy of Tech on Where to Carry Your iPad and Where All the Hype Goes

where to carry an iPad

Brilliant stuff, as ever, at Joy of Tech on where to carry your iPad.  I love the testosterone-pumping ManChariot. :)

They’ve also got a superb explanation for where all the hype goes once the iPad has finally been announced …

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