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Deals: 25% Off MiiSport Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

MiiSport Bluetooth Headphones

Listen, Talk, Sweat, Repeat: The Quality Workout Headphones That Do It All


Our featured deal today is another cool accessory and fitness companion. It’s the MiiSport Bluetooth Headphones, with Mic at 25% off – with a deal price of $42.99. If you’ve ever shopped around for wireless headphones, you know that’s a very competitive price.

Here’s a brief introduction to the MiiSport Bluetooth Headphones:

MiiSport brings you high-def Bluetooth sound and a sweat-proof design that not only plays your favorite jams, but lets you take mid-workout calls with its built-in mic.

Hand-selected from the coolest innovative products at CES 2015!

  • Lasts for long lengths of time w/ built-in Li-Ion battery
  • Includes a built-in MP3 player that stores up to 7,000 songs
  • Plays HD sound
  • Operates from up to 33 feet away from your iPhone or any other Bluetooth device
  • Connects to two devices simultaneously
  • Alerts you of its status w/ voice prompts & works w/ Siri

You can see more details and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Deals: MOOV Wearable Fitness Coach at 40% Off

MOOV Wearable Fitness Coach

Our featured deal of the day is one for all of you hard-core fitness fans and runners out there, or those aspiring to up their fitness game. It’s the MOOV Wearable Fitness Coach, on offer for $69 – a big 42% off its standard price of $119.

It’s touted as a fitness coach on your wrist. Here’s a little of its Intro and key features:

Moov doesn’t just track your distance and calories, its intelligent motion detectors reconstruct your movements in 3D to give real-time performance insights. The Moov tells you what you’re doing wrong, and how to correct it while giving you the inspiration to get in in the best shape of your life.

  • 9-axis precision motion sensors (used in aerospace technology) to capture exact athletic movement
  • Scientifically-designed hyper-intelligent coaching programs
  • Settings for specific workout variations such as: run, walk, cardio boxing, swimming, body weight, etc.

You can see more details and demo videos, and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Deals: 25% Off ‘Prep Pad’ Smart Food Scale & Nutrition Tracker

Prep Pad Snmart Scale

Today’s featured deal is a great looking addition for any of us who are working at eating healthier and knowing more about what we eat. It’s the Prep Pad Smart Food Scale and Countertop nutrition app for iOS. It’s on offer for $112, a full 25% off its regular $150 price.

This little wonder goes way beyond a typical food scale – letting you track more than just quantity – but calories, protein, fat, carbs, and more. And it looks like it couldn’t be easier to use:

Here are some of its standout features:

  • Accurate nutritional breakdowns of both home-cooked and store-bought meals
  • 300,000+ item food database
  • Syncs with Jawbone UP and Apple Healthkit
  • Track and log meals
  • Engineered to support up to 15 lb
  • Customize your settings based on your dietary goal- losing weight, gaining muscle etc.
  • Save, share, and track your meals and progress

You can see more details and place an order for the Prep Pad at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Deals: 28% Off myType Bluetooth Keyboard

myType Bluetooth Keyboard

The myType Bluetooth Keyboard is our featured deal today. It’s available for $49.99 – that’s 28% off its standard price of $70.

If you’re after an ultra-portable keyboard for your iPad and / or your other favorite mobile devices, this little guy may well fit the bill. It’s foldable down to even fitting a pocket type size, but still offers full-size desktop key spacing when it’s open.  And it weighs in at only 4.3 ounces. It’s also one of the Stack Social hand-selected picks from CES 2015.

Here’s some details on its key specs and compatibility:

  • Pocket-size when closed, full-size desktop key spacing when open
  • Keys designed and spaced for touch typing
  • Lasts for weeks on a single charge (~8 hours while typing)
  • Nearly silent to type on; perfect for meetings
  • Light, thin & flexible design
  • Splash resistant
  • Micro USB charging
  • This keyboard will pair with any device compatible with Bluetooth® HID. These include but are not limited to:
    • iPhone 3GS and later
    • iPad (including iPad Mini)
    • iPod Touch 2nd and later
    • Android devices
    • Windows 8 Tablets

You can learn ore, watch a demo video, and place an order, at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Deals: ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery at 50% Off

ZeroLemon Solar Charger for iPad

The Epic Shockproof, Rain-Resistant, External Battery w/ Solar Charging+ Free Shipping

Our highlighted deal today is a powerhouse charging solution for our iOS and other mobile devices – the ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery – available for just $49.99, 50% off its standard $100 price.

Here’s a little introduction to it:

Power up your iOS, Android, and USB-compatible devices over and over again with a massive 20,000mAh of portable juice. The high-quality Lithium Polymer SolarJuice is designed to charge at home or with just the power of the sun, for an enormous amount of extra battery fuel for life on the move.

Hand-selected from the coolest innovative products at CES 2015!

  • Top Grade A cell, built-in 20000mAh Lithium Polymer battery charges via a powerful 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel
  • Dual output allows for simultaneous charging of multiple devices at high speeds
  • Anti-explosion, lightweight, compact, and reliable
  • 1000+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery
  • Solar charging capabilities with any light condition
  • 4 LED indicators reflecting charging & discharging process
  • Fast charging 2.1 & 1A power output for maximum iOS & Android charge rates (more than 7x charge for iPhone 6)
  • Ultrabright LED flashlight

You can see more details and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Deals: 25% Off IconQ Boundless S3 Bluetooth & NFC Speaker (Black)

iConQ S3 Speaker

A Sleek, Slim, and Booming Bluetooth Speaker for Partiers on the Move

According to the clever folks at Stack Social, the IconQ Boundless S3 Bluetooth and NFC Speaker was one of the coolest products around at this year’s big CES event. And it’s our featured deal today at 25% off – so you can grab it for $59.

The Boundless S3 offers portability, sleek looks, and the latest in wireless technology – to provide great sounds whenever and wherever you need them.

Here are some of its notable features and specs:

  • Wireless Bluetooth Technology, version 4.0
  • Built-in mic for speakerphone capabilities
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology: tap your NFC device against the speaker’s NFC logo and you’ll be connected to the speaker within seconds
  • 3.5mm input jack


  • Works w/ any Bluetooth-enabled devices. Including: Apple iPhone devices, Samsung Galaxy devices, and Samsung Note device.
  • For non-Bluetooth devices, the 3.5mm input jack connects any audio device with a headphone jack, including computers and MP3/MP4 players

You can check out more details on the Boundless S3 and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Deals: Neutron S Phone & Tablet Mount at 16% Off

Neutron S Phone and Tablet Mount

Easily Mount Your Phone or Tablet to Any Surface

The headline deal today in iPad Insight Deals is the Neutron S Phone & Tablet Mount, on offer for $24.99 – 16% off its standard price.

This is a handy little accessory for mounting any iOS or Andrpid smartphone or tablet on just about any surface from kitchen to living room to car and more. Here are some of its standout features:

  • Easily mounts to any surface
  • Crafted from sold aerospace aluminum
  • Contains a permanent neodymium magnet
  • Strong enough to hold any phone or tablet (under 1 lb)
  • Use it in your car, at your desk, or anywhere around the house
  • The Neutron S works with any Apple or Android phone/tablet. It can also be used as a mount for your keys, kitchen utensils, etc
  • Requires 3M tape to mount (included)

To watch a demo video, see more details, or place an order, check out this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Deals: Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote

Blumoo BT Universal Remote

Control Your Home Theater Equipment from Your iOS & Android Devices + Free Shipping

Today’s featured iPad Insight deal is the Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote, at $84.99 – 34% off its standard $130 price tag. This little beauty looks like your new best friend when it comes to being entertained at home. Here’s a little of its Intro in the Deals section:

Say goodbye to the days of lost remote-controls and cluttered electronic gear, Blumoo connects your smartphone to your electronic devices for complete access, literally at your fingertips. Control your home theater experience from the couch or around the house— Blumoo gives you 150-ft of powerful Bluetooth connectivity.

And some of its key features:

  • Universal control of the home theater equipment w/ a simple, one touch system
  • Powerful music streaming functionality
  • Custom TV guide based on your service, postal code, and preferences
  • Easily upgrade your A/V equipment from your connected iOS or Android device
  • Automatically updates itself over the air adding new features, device libraries, and functionality
  • Controls over 225,000 A/V components
  • No complicated Wi-Fi setup or secondary connection needed
  • “I’m able to perform what used to be three-remote dances with just one tap,”TechHive
  • “Installing the Blumoo couldn’t be easier,”PC Magazine

Check out the slick promo video for Blumoo and more product details, and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Deals: Surf Safer with 67% Off NordVPN 2 Year Subscription


We all love spending time on the web. We also know that the internet is like the wild west one one of its wildest days when it comes to trying to browse safely and not cough up our personal data to the bad guys.

Today’s featured deal is all about making your browsing safer, courtesy of NordVPN. Specifically, a 2 year subscription to NordVPN for just $39 – that’s a full 67% off its standard $120 price tag.

Here are just a few of the key features of NordVPN:

  • All data sent through NordVPN’s private tunnels is double encrypted (double dataSSL-based 2048-bit encryption), keeping you anonymous and hiding your information
  • Secures any Internet connection, including public Wi-Fi hotspots, home and corporate networks, and cellular networks
  • Uses servers specially designed to bypass content restrictions and keep your online presence anonymous
  • Strict no-log policy: your activity is not recorded anywhere
  • 43+ worldwide server locations in 25 different countries for online access anywhere
  • Extremely high speed connections for streaming video and content access without slowness
  • Easy to use and set up; custom versions for each specific device
  • Automatic kill switch that shuts down your site as soon as the VPN connection drops, so no data is revealed
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android devices, Router with dd-wrt capabilities or something more exotic (PPTP-enabled), such as Raspberry Pi

Check out more detail and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Deals: Quirky Apple Accessory Bundle at 14% Off


Highlighted today in our Deals section is the Quirky Apple Accessory Bundle, a great little collection of handy accessories to keep our Apple and iOS devices juiced up and well organized. It’s available for $36, 14% down from its standard price of $42.

The bundle includes a desktop cord manager, a charger cord wrap, a MacBook power cord wrap, a wrap for keeping your earphones untangled, and maybe our favorite in the bunch – the bendy Pivot Power Pop with 6 pivot outlets.

Pivot Power Pop-MF3_12161

You can see more details on each of the accessories in the bundle, and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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Deals: Panorama Bluetooth Speaker at Over 75% Off


Today’s featured iPad Insight deal is for a Panorama Bluetooth Speaker – touted as the crisp & clear way to wirelessly stream calls and music – at a huge 77% 0ff. It’s on offer for $24.99, down from its normal $109.

Here are the key features for the Panorama speaker:

  • Clear Bluetooth transmission to stream calls and music
  • 30 ft wireless range
  • Up to 6 hours of playback per charge from its rechargeable battery
  • Speakerphone-ready with built-in mic
  • Tactile button controls to play/pause music, answer/end calls, and control volume
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

You can check out more details and place an order at this iPad Insight Deals page.

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