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60% of Doctors Thinking of Prescribing Themselves iPads


Image Source: CondemnedToRockNRoll

Epocrates, the medical software company did a survey of more than 350 clinicians to gauge their interest in the new tablet.  They found that:

Nine percent of survey respondents plan to buy the iPad when it was immediately available,
Another 13 percent plan to buy it within the year,
Thirty-eight percent of respondents expressed interest in the iPad with the request of more information to solidify their purchase decision.

Pretty impressive – 60% of those surveyed either already plan to buy or are considering it.  That’s almost up into the Trident Gum, four out of five dentists recommend, territory. 

Epocrates – makers of a leading clinical reference app for the iPhone – have also announced that their Epocrates iPhone app will be customized for the iPad.

Via: 9to5Mac

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Facebook App Developer on Developing for iPad

iPad flat view 

iPad is exactly the product I’ve been wishing for ever since I wrapped my mind around the iPhone and its constraints.

Joe Hewitt, the lead developer of the Facebook app for the iPhone, who famously left the Facebook app project when he got fed up with the App Store approvals process, is full of enthusiasm about the iPad, and especially for what it offers for developers …

iPad is an incredible opportunity for developers to re-imagine every single category of desktop and web software there is. Seriously, if you’re a developer and you’re not thinking about how your app could work better on the iPad and its descendants, you deserve to get left behind.

Hewitt has a great blog post up – at both his own site and as a guest post at the GigaOm site – outlining his thoughts on the barriers he hit with the iPhone’s smaller screen, and the enormous potential he sees in developing for the iPad.  He’s even got some great insight on the ways in which Apple’s closed platform is a very good thing.  Check out his post here:

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Stephen Fry’s First Impressions of the iPad


Image Source: gdgt

Stephen Fry – the comedian, actor, novelist, Guardian Technology columnist, blogger, cricket fan, and all-around fantastically brilliant person – has a great blog post up with his initial thoughts on the iPad.  He was one of those fortunate few who were at the iPad launch event last week and got a chance to give it a spin after the presentation.

He was more than a little impressed by the new device.  Here’s a little slice of his thoughts on it, which followed on from some talk of how, as with the iPad, there were plenty of naysayers when the V1 iPhone was launched:

… could they not see that this device was gorgeous, beautifully made, very powerful and capable of development into something extraordinary? I see those qualities in the iPad. Like the first iPhone, iPad 1.0 is a John the Baptist preparing the way of what is to come, but also like iPhone 1.0 (and Jokanaan himself too come to that) iPad 1.0 is still fantastic enough in its own right to be classed as a stunningly exciting object, one that you will want NOW and one that will not be matched this year by any company.

As far as recommendations go for mobile gadgets, one from Stephen Fry is always one that’s worth its weight in gold in my book – very glad to see he’s keen on the iPad.  Whenever you have a chance, go read all his thoughts on the iPad and its launch event, here:

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iPad Makes an Appearance at the Grammy Awards

iPad at Grammy awards

Image Source: Engadget

The iPad made an appearance at the Grammy Awards tonight.  Presenter Stephen Colbert showed one off, complete with a neat screen rotation, when presenting an award, pulling it from his jacket pocket.  Check out the video here:

I guess the poor thing just needed a little more attention to cap off its launch week – and what a lucky sod Mr. Colbert is :)

Spotted this via a tweet from Larry Greenberg.

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Get Notified When The iPad Is Available To Order

iPad notify me

Everyone who wants to get their hands on the upcoming new iPad from Apple has got to wait 60 days (from the day of the launch event – January 27th).  If you’d like to get an email notification when the iPad is available to be ordered, here’s where to go:

You just fill in your name and email address and you’re set. 

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Most Advanced, Magical, Revolutionary – The iPad Unveiling

Apple iPad announcement

Here’s how Steve Jobs summed up the new iPad at the Apple launch event jut a couple of days ago:

Our most advanced technology in a magical & revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.

It’s going to be lots of fun seeing whether the new device can live up to those lofty words.

On Wednesday Steve and Apple put an end to all the frenzied rumors and speculation, and announced the iPad.  Reactions to the long-awaited and much-anticipated new device have been all over the board.  I’m excited about the iPad.  I want one, and will certainly get one on Day 1, and I’m excited to blog about this new device and especially about the apps that will run on it and the uses we’ll find for it.

Wednesdays launch event was long and full of a lot of information.  Read on for some of my quick thoughts on what we heard …

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