New York Times for iPad Updated – Adds Support for Accessibility Features for the Visually Impaired

NYTimes for iPad

The New York Times has updated their NYTimes for iPad app today, to Version 2.5.4.

The big news in this update is the new support for accessibility features for visually impaired readers:

Visually impaired readers can take full advantage of iOS’s Accessibility features, including VoiceOver and AssistiveTouch

I have never looked at how much or how little iPad newspapers and magazines support these accessibility features before today. This morning when I saw this update I did just a quick bit of testing with the iPad editions of The Wall Street Journal and the newly updated NYTimes for iPad – and the difference is certainly notable, with the NYTimes app making if far easier for Voiceover to read an individual  article.

It may just be that I’ve missed it, but I also don’t recall seeing reports of this sort of update for any other leading iPad newspaper or magazine titles. If any of you are visually impaired iPad users or just knowledgeable on this subject, I hope you’ll leave a comment and fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge.

Here’s an App Store link for NYTimes for iPad.

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The Wall Street Journal Now in Newsstand

WSJ in Newsstand

The Wall Street Journal has come to Newsstand on the iPad and iOS. It’s been updated to Version 5.0 and though the app looks the same as ever it now lives in the Newsstand folder. Here’s the full change list for the 5.0 update:

Newsstand & Alerts
- WSJ is now in Newsstand! Get new issues automatically delivered to your device overnight. To use Newsstand, tap ‘Allow’ when prompted.
- Note: WSJ App icon will now appear in the Newsstand Folder.
- Breaking News Alerts from WSJ. To get alerts, tap ‘Allow’ when prompted.
In-App Subscriptions
- Purchase a monthly subscription to WSJ through your iTunes account. With a digital subscription you get access to iPad, iPhone, and more.

The WSJ was one of the last big, blue-chip newspaper titles to remain out of Newsstand – so this move is good news for Apple. I wonder how iPad readers of the WSJ will respond, since there are many of them who are really not fans of Newsstand.

I’m sure we mush have some readers of the WSJ here – what do you all think of the move to Newsstand? Do you feel good, bad, or indifferent about it?

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The Daily, First iPad-only Newspaper, Says Goodbye

The Daily Says Goodbye

The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper, published its final issue yesterday – a few months shy of two years after launching. The final issue is good read and a good look back on the short history of The Daily.

The final Letter from the Editor offers thanks and a shout out to The Daily’s readers. There’s a timeline of notable exclusives and coverage of big stories by The Daily, a grid of thumbnails of all the front cover pages, and a listing of notable milestones for the title. Some of these are quite impressive:

  • 95% subscription renewal rate
  • #3 on the list of Top Grossing Apps for 2011 – trailing only Angry Birds and Smurfs’ Village
  • 30 minutes spent with The Daily on average

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Some Thoughts on the Demise of The Daily, the First iPad-only Newspaper

The Daily

Well, the grand experiment of the first iPad only newspaper is soon coming to an end. The Daily, published by Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp, will be publishing a final farewell issue on December 15 – around two months shy of two years from its launch in the iPad App Store.

The Daily has over 100,000 subscribers but appears to have fallen a long way short of its owners’ financial targets – and probably far short of breaking even. Little surprise there though with the early reports that $30 million was spent on it before it even hit the App Store and of a staff of over 100 for the title.

Here’s a few excerpt chunks from the press release from The Daily:

Two years ago, we set out to create a revolutionary product that people would love.  The Daily delivered great original reporting, excellent design, and custom interactivity to users every day.  Although we have over 100,000 passionate paying subscribers, unfortunately we have not been able to build a big enough audience fast enough to make our business model work. …

Our iPad app will cease publishing on Dec. 15 with a farewell issue.  The Daily has a strong social media presence and a large, engaged community of fans and we intend to continue to engage our social following with our unique take on the news. 

The Daily innovated every day. We broke some great stories. We made a publication that a lot of people love. We should be proud of what we achieved.

I was fascinated with the idea of The Daily the first time I heard about it – but found it disappointing right from the off.

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Issue #3 of Swipe Magazine Out Now – Featuring Yours Truly Again

Swipe Magazine for iPad

Issue 3 of Swipe Magazine for iPad is out today. If you’re a big fan of iPad apps and games this magazine is aimed squarely at you. Here’s a slice of its App Store description:

This is the only dedicated magazine that focuses on the best App Store content, and which has been built from the ground up as a true interactive digital experience for iPad. (An iPhone version is coming soon.)
Every issue is packed with only the very best games, apps, and accessories as rated by the leading independent review sites of the iPhone Alliance – a genuine ‘who’s who’ of the iOS media so you know they are opinions you can trust.

A bit of disclosure early on here: I’m a regular contributor to Swipe Magazine and this site is a member of the Smartphone Alliance.

Features in Issue 3 include an iPhone 5 case roundup, TouchGen’s preview of the Modern Combat 4 game for iOS, an iPad mini review roundup featuring my review along with those from TouchMyApps and 148Apps, and reviews of lots of hot new titles like FIFA 13,Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Angry Birds Star Wars.

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The Daily Cuts Staff, Goes Portrait Only

The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper, has announced that it is making major staff cuts and stripping away features. The announcement comes not long after reports that the title is in danger of being shutdown – and the cuts being made are certainly significant ones. As AllThingsD reports, 50 full-time employees of The Daily are […]

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The Daily Launches New In-app WKND Magazine

The Daily, the original iPad-only newspaper, has launched a new in-app magazine today. The magazine is called WKND and it’s presented as a new section within The Daily which will presumably feature in the Saturday and Sunday issues of the iPad newspaper. Here’s The Daily’s own little intro for the new magazine section: Meet The […]

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3 Strikes and PROJECT Magazine Is Out

PROJECT Magazine for iPad has always proclaimed itself to be right at the leading edge of iPad publications. In sports parlance, it has always talked a very big talk. And for me, it has mostly failed to walk the walk. I’ve stuck with the magazine (on and off, not purchasing every issue) through seven issues, […]

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