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New York Times iPad App Now Offering Subscriptions via In-App Purchase


The New York Times is now offering subscriptions in its NYTimes for iPad app. It’s one of the first blue-chip newspaper titles to offer subscriptions via In-App purchase.

The NYTimes for iPad app was updated today, to Version 2.1.0 to add the In-App subscription options and one other new item – the addition of a new Sunday Review section.

There are currently two subscription plans to choose from, as follows:

— NYTimes + Tablet App: Unlimited access to and the NYTimes app for iPad. $19.99 per month.

— All Digital Access: Unlimited access to and the NYTimes apps for iPad and smartphones. $34.99 per month.

I’ve never been a regular NYT reader or online subscriber, but I’m glad to see a flagship newspaper title embracing App Store subscriptions. Now that they’re in, I imagine many other major newspaper titles will soon follow suit.

For those of you who are regular NYT readers, what do you think of these new subscription plans? Are the prices appealing?

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New York Post Blocks iPad Access to Online Site, Tries to Force App Subscriptions


The New York Post is taking a rather original – and idiotic – approach to boosting subscriptions to their iPad edition. As 9to5Mac reported, they started blocking iPad access to their online site this weekend. If you try to go to on the iPad you’re greeted with the screen shown above, insisting that you go download their app via the iPad App Store. Here’s the relevant text on that page:

Thanks for coming! editorial content is now only accessible on the iPad through the New York Post App. If you are a current New York Post App subscriber, please visit the App Store and download the latest version to access through the INDEX. If you are not a current New York Post App user and would like to subscribe, please download from theApp Store. Thank you.

And here’s the icing on the cake of this clumsy move: their app isn’t even free like 99% of newspaper apps (it costs $1.99), there’s no sponsored free trial period, there is no option to purchase single issues, and subscriptions start at $6.99 a month.

Good luck with that.

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The Daily, iPad-only Newspaper – No Notifications at All?


The Daily – the first and only iPad-only newspaper title – has at least hinted at having notifications for breaking news ever since it launched four months ago. It has prompted users to ask if they will allow it to send notifications, and has a place in its general settings where you can choose to toggle Breaking News Notification on or off.

I’ve had mine set to On since Day 1 of using the app, yet up to now I don’t recall seeing a single notification from The Daily in these four months. Now I’ll be the first to say I really don’t want an overload of breaking news alerts from any app – but zero seems a tad low for 1/3 of a year’s worth of news. I’m thinking there are some breaking items I would’ve liked to see alerts for.

The CNN app hits me with 1-3 breaking news notifications per day on average, and I’d say that’s fine. The complete lack of notifications from The Daily – while in effect advertising them by having a setting for them – seems another example of its inability to get the basics right.

Anyone else have a different experience with The Daily and notifications? Have you been seeing any?

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San Francisco Chronicle for iPad – Latest New iPad Newspaper Title

San Francisco Chronicle for iPad

San Francisco Chronicle for iPad is the latest major US newspaper title to hit the iPad. It was released today on the iPad App Store by Hearst Newspapers. It includes a sponsored 30 day free trial (with access to all content) and is already offering subscriptions via In-App purchase.

Subscription plans on offer are: Free for current subscribers (great start); $5.99 monthly; and $59.99 annually. Those who take on a new subscription will also get the Sunday Chronicle if they live within the newspaper’s circulation area.

When the app is opened for the first time it’s easy to just tap one button to begin reading it with the the 30 day free trial.

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The Daily iPad-only Newspaper – Nearing 1 Million Downloads, Still Not Getting the Basics Right


According to reports this week, The Daily – the first iPad-only newspaper – is close to hitting the one million downloads mark. Their  publisher, Greg Clayman, is quite pleased with their numbers so far …

This puts us in the large pantheon of large news apps … We are consistently now in the top grossing apps, in the top ten or top twelve.

The Daily has still not released any details on how many subscriptions they’ve sold. Whatever that number is, one thing is for sure – it could be much higher if the app didn’t still have some stupid and basic flaws after nearly four months in the App Store.

For instance, if the screen above was not one of the ones you spend most time with in the app, due to how long it still takes to load new issues each day, and even to load updates within each day. The load times are still way too long. And the app still fails to remember where you left off reading – a horrible defect for any app that wishes to provide a good reading experience.

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Wired Magazine iPad Edition Now Offers Subscriptions


Wired Magazine for iPad – one of the first big mainstream titles to bring out an iPad version last year – now offers subscription plans for its iPad edition. Wired has been one of the better selling iPad magazine titles even before subscription plans were available, so this news should make a lot of Wired fans happy.

There’s great news for Wired print subscribers:

And if you’re already aWired print subscriber, it won’t cost you a penny. … Our model is “subscribe once, read anywhere, anytime.” At the moment, that means print and iPad.

The subscription pricing for the iPad edition looks good too, with a year’s subscription priced at $19.99 and a monthly subscription at $1.99. The normal single-issue price is $3.99, so even the one month (auto renewing commitment that can be canceled) is a 50% saving on the standard issue price.

More good news mentioned in the Wired blog post on the new subscription plans is that they are working hard on reducing issue file sizes, and have already managed to reduce them by 25%. June’s issue weighs in at 288MB.

I did a review of Wired Magazine for iPad last June and it has been one of my favorite iPad magazine titles ever since. So I’m delighted to see its subscription plans go live today, and I’ve already subscribed.

Those of you who are Wired print or iPad readers, what do you think of these new subscription plans?

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Who’s Going to Bring the First Great iPad-only Newspaper or Magazine Title?


Despite all the enthusiasm for the iPad as a publishing platform for newspapers and magazines, to date we’ve only seen a small handful of iPad-only titles of this kind. The two most notable, News Corp’s The Daily and Project from Virgin Publishing, have both been hugely disappointing.

Project promised to be much more than just a monthly iPad edition, with frequent and even hourly updates – and never came anywhere near delivering on that promise. It has lots of multimedia bells and whistles, but it’s just another stagnant monthly title like so many that are the iPad editions of a print publication.

The Daily has good, frequent updates but also unfortunately has huge, basic technical flaws that have never been fixed even after three months of being in the App Store. Just as one quick and infuriating example, the app miserably fails to remember where you left off reading if you switch away to another app and return to it, making for a horrible, disjointed, and slow reading experience. Even so, it’s the closest I’ve seen to a worthy iPad-only newspaper or magazine, partly just because it’s the most ambitious – but until it can at least get the basics and basic performance right, it is far from great.

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iPad Subscription Plans Coming Soon for Wired, GQ, The New Yorker & Plenty More Top Titles


iPad edition subscription plans are expected to be coming soon to Wired, GQ, The New Yorker, O, The Oprah Magazine, and a number of other leading magazine titles.

According to recent reports, three of the major magazine publishing houses – Hearst, Conde Nast, and Time – have now come to terms with the App Store subscription model and will be offering subscription plans for many of their top titles. We’ve already seen that three premier titles from Time Inc. are expected to offer subscriptions, and a number of Conde Nast titles are due to start offering subscriptions this month.

Between these three big publishers we should see a large number of mainstream titles bringing out iPad subscription plans over the next few months. Early reports of pricing plans for Conde Nast titles, which include Wired, The New Yorker, GQ, and Vogue, say that single issues of these will be priced around $2 and annual subscriptions will be $20.

This is very good news for those of us who enjoy reading magazines and newspapers on the iPad. In a few months we should find that the number of iPad editions that have subscription plans has increased dramatically – and hopefully that pricing for subscriptions is at reasonable levels. $20 for an annual subscription for a title like Wired or The New Yorker seems fair to me, though I’m keen to see the range of price points for leading titles and be able to put these in better context.

In any case, going from only a small handful of iPad titles offering subscriptions to a wide range of them sounds very good to me.

Which iPad magazine titles are you most looking forward to seeing subscription plans for?

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Popular Photography+ for iPad Now Offers a Subscription Plan


Popular Photograpy+ – the iPad edition of Popular Photography Magazine – now offers a subscription plan via In-App purchase.

There’s only one subscription option, an annual subscription at $14.99 – which is a hefty discount on the single issue price of $2.99, but is a dollar more than the price of a print subscription. Just a quick glance at App Store ratings for the app shows that print readers are not impressed at the iPad edition subscription rate being higher than print, or at the lack of a discount plan for existing print subscribers.

There are still only a handful of publications that are taking advantage of the ability to offer subscriptions in the App Store, so it’s good to see another added to the list – but it seems like Popular Photography may have some work to do in getting their subscription plans right.

Here’s an App Store link for Popular Photography+.

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May Issue of Wired Magazine for iPad Is Free

Wired Magazine for iPad

Wired Magazine for iPad is one of my favorite iPad magazines. It has always struck me as one of the iPad titles that is doing the most with the new tablet medium.

If you’ve been thinking of taking a look at Wired on the iPad but were put off by the per issue cost, then you’re going to love the May issue – which is free, available for zero dollars and such.

Here’s some of the content on offer in the free May issue:

The Humor Issue. Andy Samberg talks to Chris Hardwick about web comedy, and how the internet is saving comedy. Plus, we break down the grand unified theory of what makes a joke funny. We take a look at hot startup Quora and ask whether it really has all the answers, and vist Chernobyl 25 years later to see if local animals are thriving—or dying. It’s the WIRED vision of how technology is changing the world, and it features exclusive content available only on the iPad.
May exclusive iPad content:
• Demetri Martin graphs internet comedy.
• Take an interactive look at America’s Funniest Home Videos.
• Hear why TV sound makes you crazy.
Also from the May issue:
• How Android beat the iPhone.
• The injectable vasectomy that could change birth control.
• In our Play section, a close-up look at acts of vengeance.

Lots of cool content there – a great month to get to know Wired on the iPad. Here’s an App Store link for Wired Magazine; issues are normally priced at $3.99.

News Via: Macgasm

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The Daily for iPad Updated Again, Finally Some Noticeable Performance Improvement

The Daily for iPad

The Daily – the iPad-only newspaper from News Corp, was updated again a couple days ago, to Version 1.0.5. Here are the changes listed for this update:

– Enhancements to subscription process
– Improvements to start-up experience
– Increased performance of weather page

Following this update, The Daily actually does feel a fair bit snappier. When it is not loading a new issue / new content, it loads in about 5 seconds for me. This is substantially better than before.

Moving between pages now also feels much smoother and most individual page loads seem quite a bit quicker.

Of all the various minor 1.0.x updates The Daily has had so far, this one is the one where I’ve noticed improvement the most.

Here’s an App Store link for The Daily; it’s a free app with in-app weekly and yearly subscription options at $0.99 and $39.99 respectively.

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