How To Turn AirPlay Mirroring On & Off in iOS 7

AirPlay Mirroring iOS 7

AirPlay Mirroring is one of the coolest features on iOS. As the name suggests, it allows you to mirror your iPad screen to a nearby Apple TV or a Mac – so everything done on the iPad is shown instantly on the bigger screen.

This is a superb feature for presentations, screencasts and demos, and for entertainment and gaming.

In iOS 7 the controls for AirPlay Mirroring have moved. In iOS 6 they were found on the Multitasking Bar where you switched between recently used apps. iOS 7 now uses a card style view to show running apps and switch between them – and the controls for AirPlay Mirroring are no longer shown along with those.

Here is how you turn AirPlay Mirroring on and off in iOS 7:

– Swipe up from the bottom bezel (the black area just below the iPad dock).

– This will bring up Control Center, where you have quick access to many useful controls.

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How To Reduce Motion / Parallax Effects in iOS 7

iPad Accessibility Settings

One of the many notable new features in iOS 7 are the ‘Parallax’ motion effects that are noticeable throughout the new UI in the latest version of iOS. Many Apple fans are very fond of it, many Android fans think it’s largely copied from Android, and unfortunately a number of users have issues with these new motion effects.

Many users have reported that the new effects even make them dizzy and sick.

Luckily there is an easy way to at least reduce these motion effects. Here’s how:

– Open the Settings app and tap on the General section in the left sidebar.

– Then tap on ‘Accessibility’ over on the right-hand side of the General page – as shown in the screenshot at the top of this post. That will display the Accessibility page on the right-had side.

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How To Get To Spotlight Search in iOS 7

Spotlight Search iOS 7

Here’s a quick, basic tip for those of you who have updated to iOS 7 on your iPads. I’ve seen a good number of people puzzled by this after updating: how to bring up the Spotlight Search bar in iOS 7.

And it’s very easy of course, once you know how. Here’s how you bring up the search bar in iOS 7:

Swipe down from anywhere on any of your home screens. Don’t swipe down from the very top status bar – that will invoke the Notification Center.

That’s it. Spotlight search is just as fast and useful as ever, there’s just a new way to launch it.

Happy searching.

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How To Turn Automatic App Updates in iOS 7 On and Off

iOS 7 Automatic app updates


One of the most popular new features in iOS 7 is automatic app updates. I know there are many iPad and iOS users who have grown to hate the little red badge on the App Store icon that reminds you of how many app updates are available and the fact that you need to go deal with that.

The new automatic app updates feature is a way to rid yourself of the chore of installing updates manually. The feature is easy to turn on or off. Here’s how:

– Go to the Settings app and tap on the iTunes & App Store section on the left sidebar.

– On the iTunes & App Store page on the right of the screen, look at the ‘Automatic Downloads’ section.

– Tap on the button alongside the ‘Updates’ entry to turn it on or off. If the button shows as green and white, it is On.

If you want to see which updates have been applied recently, for troubleshooting purposes or other reasons, you can go to the Updates section of the App Store and see a listing.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy waving Bye Bye to the task of keeping your iPad apps up to date.

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How to Quit Apps in iOS 7

iOS 7 Multitasking Cards

As you know if you’ve got it installed over the last couple days, iOS 7 brings a wealth of exciting new features. One of them is real, intelligent multitasking for all apps.

Along with the new multitasking there’s also a new method for switching between apps and quitting apps. It’s very simple and also a more elegant method than in iOS 6.

You still get to the multitasking controls via the same two methods as before: a double-tap of the home button or a four-finger swipe up from the bottom of the iPad screen. In iOS 7 rather than seeing just app icons we now see card style thumbnails of running apps. These cards even show the current state of each app.

To switch to any of the apps, just tap on its card. To quit any of the apps, just swipe up on its card.

There’s even a card for the home screen, the one you were last on before invoking the multitasking bar. A quick tap on that card takes you back to that home screen and saves a wee bit of wear and tear on the home button.

That’s all there is to it. Hope you’re all enjoying the new multitasking controls and other new iOS 7 features.

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