Parent’s Guide: Make your iPad Kid safe


I love the iPad. Especially when I can palm it off to my daughter at 7am on a Saturday morning to catch a few more moments of shut eye before I have to face the day. However, in the back of my sleep fuddled mind, I’m worrying. What if she stumbles upon a scene from RoboCop (the original) on YouTube? What if she finds Infinity Blade? What if she downloads ‘Lady Chatterly’s Lover’ on iBooks (the horror!).

As anyone will know, unfiltered, unrestricted access to the internet and other features of the iPad is not a good idea for children of a variety of ages. Thankfully, the iPad makes it easy for us, as parents to take the lead in securing the device, whilst still keeping it functional for our children. There is also no need to tinker around under the hood of your router. [click to continue reading…]

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iPad Tips: iOS 7 Gesture Guide


Let’s be honest, sometimes it can look a bit weird to the uninitiated outsider when they see you magically waving your fingers in different ways all over your shiny iPad (things look even weirder if you start talking to it via Siri too). However, from a user’s point of view, gestures on the iPad can really speed things up on a productivity level. Here is a guide to all of the major gestures in iOS 7. Practice makes perfect here and the more you use these gestures, the more you will find yourself flying through your iPad.


The five fingered grab

5 finger grab If you are in an app and you want to get back to the home screen quickly, put all five fingers on the screen and ‘grab’ your fingers together to a point. Graphically, you will see the app shrink and then disappear into the home screen.

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What To Do When you Forget the Answers to Your Apple ID Security Questions


What do you do if you’ve forgotten the answers to your Apple ID security questions? You know – the ones you set a long while ago and forgot all about and then get prompted to answer every once in a while when trying to install a new app.

Or better yet, what do you do when you’ve forgotten the answers AND you no longer have access to your recovery email account that you setup for use with these. That’s exactly the situation I see come up terribly often in Apple support forums – and also one that I experienced first-hand when it happened to my 10 year old daughter. She forgot the answer to one particular security question and had deleted the Google account that was her rescue email.

Well, happily the solution is easy and straightforward. You just get in touch with Apple Support and ask for help with Apple ID Account Security. You start by going to this link to find the Apple support page for your country. Then click the link to ‘Start your support request online’.

Then you’ll get a list of Apple ID security related topics and can click the one that’s closest to your issue – including one labeled ‘Forgotten Apple ID security questions’.

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A Quicker Way To Close All Tabs in iOS Safari


iPad Safari Close All Tabs

Ever find yourself with too many tabs open in Safari on your iPad or another iOS device? They do seem to accumulate pretty quickly for me over the course of a couple days of browsing.

Well, here’s a very handy reader’s tip for closing all open tabs more quickly, without even leaving the Safari app – it’s simple to do and it goes like this:

— Tap the + button at the top right of the Safari screen to add a new tab

— On the new tab screen tap on the ‘Private’ button/word at bottom left

— You’ll get a popup dialog that asks if you want to Close All or Keep All tabs.

— Select ‘Close All’ then tap on Private again and you’ll be back to normal browsing mode with a clean slate and no tabs open.

Voila, that’s all there is to it. Big thanks to reader Joe for sending in this tip. If you know of a quicker, slicker method for closing all the tabs in Safari be sure to tell us about it in the comments.

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iPad Tips: How To Let Others Add to Your Shared Photo Stream

Shared Photo Streams

Sharing a Photo Stream, which is a hand-picked collection of your photos in the iPad photo library, is on of the coolest features in iOS. With it you can quickly and easily put together a group of photos and instantly share them to family and friends.

This week I’ve learned a nifty new feature that lets you give the people you’ve shared your photo stream with the ability to add to the photo stream – thanks to an article by my friend Chris at everythingiCafe.

Here’s how you do this:

– Start with a shared photo stream if you already have one, or create a new one. To create a new one, go to the Photos app and tap on the Shared button in the bottom nav bar. Then tap on the ‘New Shared Stream’ button. Give your new stream a name and then choose t least one person to share it with and enter their email address where prompted.

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How To Get To Spotlight Search in iOS 7

Here’s a quick, basic tip for those of you who have updated to iOS 7 on your iPads. I’ve seen a good number of people puzzled by this after updating: how to bring up the Spotlight Search bar in iOS 7. And it’s very easy of course, once you know how. Here’s how you bring […]

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How to Quit Apps in iOS 7

As you know if you’ve got it installed over the last couple days, iOS 7 brings a wealth of exciting new features. One of them is real, intelligent multitasking for all apps. Along with the new multitasking there’s also a new method for switching between apps and quitting apps. It’s very simple and also a […]

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