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The iPad and the iPad 2 are amazing and powerful devices. To help you do amazing things with it, we offer this collection of tips and tricks and how-to articles.

Some of these are iPad Basics sort of stuff that are helpful for newer users- for instance, how to instantly jump to the top of a web or email page, how to save images from the iPad web browser or email apps. Others are how-to’s that are useful even for iPad power users – things like how to print from the iPad, or the best ways to get photos and videos transferred from an iPhone to the iPad without having to connect to a PC, or how to disable In-App purchases so your kids can’t inadvertently run up your App Store spending.

I hope some of these iPad tips will help you get the most out of your iPad.

How To Swap Your 3G Data Plan from Your Original iPad to Your iPad 2


If you’ve got yourself a new 3G model of the iPad 2 this weekend and haven’t yet got rid of of your original 3G iPad, you can pull the Micro SIM card right out of you first gen iPad and slot it into your new iPad 2, to continue with whatever your current data plan is.

The Micro SIM is the little card that sits in a slot you may never have noticed on your 3G iPad and is used by AT&T to configure cellular data services on the device.

Hit the break for some quick tips on how to swap over your 3G data plan and Micro SIM from the V1 iPad to the iPad 2 …

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How To: Manage Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions on the iPad

Purchase subscription to iPad magazine

The App Store now allows publishers to offer subscriptions to their magazines, newspapers, and other content. Titles like The Daily, Elle, and Popular Science are already offering subscriptions, and more publishers are sure to follow soon.

Generally, subscription plans should prove a cost-effective option for users as opposed to buying individual issues of newspaper and magazine titles. A couple important points to note on how App Store subscriptions work are that they are set by default to auto-renew, and that you can choose to turn the auto-renew off. It’s easy if you know where to go. Hit the break for a quick rundown of how to manage your subscriptions on the iPad …

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How To Turn Off In-App Purchases on the iPad (and iOS)


If you’re a veteran iPad / iOS user you may want to look away as this is a very basic tip. But it’s one that had escaped my notice (despite it being right in front of my eyes) for some time, so I’m hoping it may be helpful to some of you.

If you have kids who use iPads or other iOS devices in your household (their own, or your shared ones), you may well have come across one of the App Store’s money pits: In-App purchases. My daughter is only 7.5 and she has racked up some silly numbers paying for power-ups and the like in a few games that shall remain nameless to protect the guilty. My wife and I have preached to her many times about how we don’t want her playing games that require frequent and expensive In-App purchases in order to advance in the game. We want her playing games where you make your way forward by skill and perseverance, not by putting a serious dent in our iTunes account.

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How To Lock the Screen Orientation on the iPad

iPad orientation lock

For many users, the iPad lives up to its description as an ‘intimate’ device – getting used often when laying around on a couch and similar. There are a number of situations – not least when playing games – when you will not want the iPad to continue its normal habit of flipping screen orientations as you shift it around; when you’ll want it to just stay fixed in landscape or portrait mode.

Happily, this is easy to do on the iPad. Here’s how:

— Double-tap on the Home button to bring up the iPad’s Multitasking Bar. This will show you all your recently used apps.

— Swipe to the right in the bar, in order to show the items at the far left of the bar. You should see the built-in iPod’s app icon, controls for the iPod, a brightness control slider, and the Orientation Lock control at the far left of the bar.

— You simply tap on the Orientation Lock to toggle orientation locking on and off (in whichever mode it is currently in).

That’s it. Another very basic but very handy iPad tip – hopefully helpful for those of you who are new to the iPad.

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Getting Started with the iPad


Just got a shiny new iPad as a holiday gift? Here’s an easy Getting Started Guide for your magical new tablet friend.

The iPad has been the hit electronic device of 2010, named best gadget of the year by Time Magazine and just about everyone else in end-of-year awards. I’m sure many of you have received a shiny new iPad as a holiday gift this year – and I’m hoping this short guide will give you a good jump-start on getting the most out of your iPad.

I’ve broken this guide up into short sections covering key topics, so you can dive in and out of them as needed for subjects you are interested in. Hit the Read More link to get started …

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Missing Airplay Button in Photos App – A Couple of Possible Fixes


If I had to choose one word to describe my initial impression of using the new AirPlay feature of iOS 4.2, it would be: flaky. Or maybe unstable. Just one notable and annoying example of its flakiness is that the AirPlay button – and hence all AirPlay functionality – in the Photos app frequently disappears. I’m not the only one seeing this either,as you can see in this Apple Discussion forum thread.

I haven’t yet found a permanent fix for this ‘Disappearing AirPlay’ bug, but I do have two suggested workarounds that have worked for me. If you do not see the AirPlay button in the Photos app – and you are sure you are setup correctly to use AirPlay – here are two things to try:

— Open the Youtube app and a video within it. Doesn’t matter which one – just choose any video from the Featured section or wherever else. Tap on the AirPlay button – but don’t switch it to Apple TV, leave it on iPad. Then close YouTube and go into the Photos app.

— If the above doesn’t work, Reboot (power off and back on) your iPad.

Admittedly both of these are a pain in the neck, but for me they have worked an have made the AirPlay button re-appear in the Photos app. Hopefully Apple will bring out an update that fixes this issue at some point and we won’t need these workarounds anymore – but for now they’re handy to know.

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How To Use AirPlay in the Photos App on iPad

AirPlay button in Photos app

If you own an Apple TV (new 2nd gen model) then AirPlay is potentially one of the coolest new features included in the recent iOS 4.2 software update for the iPad. AirPlay allows you to stream content from your iPad or iPhone (or Touch) to your TV screens via Apple TV. The content you can stream is pretty limited right now, but should expand in future – both via the clever efforts of jailbreakers and through Apple updates.

For now, you can stream YouTube videos, some of your own videos taken with an iPhone (though via a fairly convoluted process), audio from the iPod app and 3rd party apps that have been updated to support AirPlay, and photos. Audio and photos are my two favorite things to stream so far. Who doesn’t love seeing all your latest shots of family and friends on a great big screen, especially with no need for cables.

Using AirPlay to stream your photos from the iPad is easy once you know how, but it may not be immediately obvious to all so I thought I’d offer some quick pointers on using it here.

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How To Change the Font in the iPad Notes App


This is another very basic tip for iOS 4.2 users on the iPad – so if you’re a savvy veteran user it’s best to move along now. Smile

One of the nice smaller features we gained with the 4.2 software update is the ability to change the font in the built-in Notes app. Doing so is super easy as long as you know where to go.

You cannot make the change within the app itself. You just need to go to the Settings app, and tap on Notes in the sections pane on the left (just below Photos and above Store). Once you do, you’ll see the three current font choices shown in the right pane. Just tap on Helvetica your preferred font and you’re good to go.

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How To Find Text in Web Pages in Safari on the iPad

Find Text in web pages on iPad

The recent iOS 4.2 update for the iPad added a lot (over 100) cool new features to the device. One of those is the ability to search for text within web pages in the Mobile Safari app. In the comments on a recent post about using the Multitasking Bar on the iPad, Michael asked about how to use this Find in Page feature.

Happily, this is another feature where Apple kept things nice and simple. Find in Page has been built right into the standard Google search bar. That’s the search bar that is just to the right of the URL address line at the top of the Safari app. So when you type in your search word, you get a popover dialog with some Google suggestions – you just need to scroll down on that list and you’ll see the section titled ‘On This Page’, and the number of results in parentheses.

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How To Make AirPrint Work with Just About Any Printer

AirPrint Hacktivator

A quick rundown on How to Use AirPrint Hacktivator to Make AirPrint Work with Any Printer:

I’ve talked a lot here recently about how hugely disappointing the much-hyped new AirPrint feature has turned out to be in the recent iOS 4.2 update. Apple originally promised it would support a wide range of wireless printers and virtually all shared printers. On release, it supports a very small handful of HP wireless printers and no shared printers at all – making it unusable for the vast majority of iPad users.

The good news is that now there is an easy and free way to get AirPrint working as it was originally intended, and use it with your shared printers on your network. Read on for the very easy steps required to use the AirPrint Hacktivator app to get AirPrint going …

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Multitasking Bar & Rapid App Switching on iPad – Video Demo

Multitasking and rapid app switching via the Multitasking Bar on the iPad are by far and away my favorite new feature that we’ve gained in the recent iOS 4.2 update. Multitasking support has been extended to a defined range of services within 3rd party apps – where previously only Apple’s built-in apps were supported. Much more importantly, we now have the ability to (very) rapidly and easily switch between apps, via the new Multitasking Bar.

This is a big timesaver when swapping between apps and a huge productivity enhancer. For me it is hands-down the outstanding new feature in the 4.2 update, and one that makes working on the iPad an infinitely better experience.

So I decided to do a quick demo on how to use the Multitasking Bar for rapid app switching on the iPad. Hope this is helpful for those of you who are just discovering this superb new feature.

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