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Fathers’ Day iPad Wallpapers

Fathers Day iPad Wallpaper

Happy Fathers’ Day to all of you fathers out there. Hope you’re all enjoying the heck out of the day, and thought it might be a good time to share some iPad wallpapers themed for the day.

Hit he break for a couple more …

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iPad Wallpapers: 4th of July Style

Eagle 4th iPad wallpaper

It’s been way too long since I shared any iPad wallpapers here, and the 4th of July seems as good a day as any to correct that. I love this one shown above just because it’s simple and doesn’t even need any accompanying words – and looks great on the iPad lock screen.

Here’s one more I like to mark Independence Day on your iPad:

Happy 4th iPad wallpaper
Both of these are from my long-time favorite iPad wallpapers app, Pimp Your Screen.

As they say here in Texas, Happy 4th y’all – hope you’re enjoying the long weekend already.

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Christmassy iPad Wallapers: Santa Selfie & More

Santa Selfie iPad wallpaper

Just one more day, as my daughter keeps reminding me, until to jolly man in the red suit arrives. So it must be time to share a few Christmas themed iPad wallpapers. I’ve found the perfect one for my Retina iPad mini – it’s the ultra traditional Santa Selfie, all he’s missing is Google Glass instead of those red specs and maybe a fleet of gift-delivering drones in the background.

This one is the work of Katya Volodina, via the wonderful site.

I’ve also found quite a few I like in the excellent (and free) Pimp Your Screen iPad wallpapers appPimp Your Screen iPad wallpapers app – hit the break to check out a couple examples …

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iPad Wallpapers: Lock Screen Lift Off

Lift Off Lock Screen

I’ve had my new Retina iPad mini for just over a week now. It’s just as great a device as I hoped and expected it would be – and I’ll share more thoughts on it sometime soon.

Whenever I’ve got a brand new device I always end up spending some time on wallpapers and home and lock screen looks. It’s just part of the fun of a new iPad or tablet or smartphone for me.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share an old favorite iPad wallpaper that is looking just glorious on my Retina iPad mini lock screen. It’s an epic image of a space shuttle lift off, one that I found via the fine folks from @retinashots.

It looks good on the home screen too, but it sort of overwhelms the icons – so I prefer it on lock screen only.

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4th of July iPad Wallpaper

July 4th iPad wallpaper

I’ve spotted a number of cool iPad wallpapers that help mark the 4th of July and US Independence Day. I particularly like the one shown above – as it’s subtle and looks great on the iPad home screen.

The image above is from the excellent Pimp Your Screen wallpaper app – which also has quite a few other July 4th themed iPad wallpapers. Check out the app if you feel like decking out your iPad for the holiday or just want to find tons of great iPad wallpapers.

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Weekend iPad Wallpapers: iOS 7 Home and Lock Screen Walls

iOS 7 lock screen wallpaper

Here’s some weekend iPad wallpaper choices for everyone who’s looking forward to iOS 7 on the iPad, or just likes the look of the new iOS 7 wallpapers.

The folks at the iClarified site have been kind enough to create static versions of some of the new dynamic wallpapers used in iOS 7 for the iPad home and lock screen.

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Weekend iPad Wallpaper: Warrior

Warrior iPad wallpaper

This weekend’s iPad wallpaper pick is this Warrior image shown above. It reminds of the fantastic ‘300’ movie about Sparta’s legendary warriors.

It’s also just a powerful, striking image in its own right. I found this one at the site, at this page which is unfortunately unreachable today:\

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Weekend iPad Wallpaper: Deep Carving

Deep Carving iPad wallpaper

Today’s iPad wallpaper pick is Deep Carving – shown off on my iPad mini home screen above.

I’m not usually a fan of gold-ish or brown iPad wallpapers, but this one is too good to pass up. I find it powerful and striking looking, and app icons stand out very well against it.

Once again, it’s the creation of Brett Jordan – who continues to be one of the biggest contributors to our iPad Insight Flickr group.

Check out the Flickr group to download this Deep Carving wallpaper at a range of high-rez sizes and browse through lots more great iPad wallpapers and some amazing iPad paintings.

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Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Blue Constellation

Blue Constellation iPad wallpaper

This weekend’s iPad wallpaper pick is Blue Constellation, shown above on the iPad mini home screen.

It follows on from last week’s pick – which was Constellations. This one is a much more subdued sort of image, one that almost feels like a simple, single color background for the home screen – but with just a little extra interest to it.

It’s by Brett Jordan (no relation) just like last week’s pick. Brett is one of the biggest regular contributors to our iPad Insight Flickr group. You can download this Blue Constellation image at a range of good iPad wallpaper sizes from the group page – and while you’re there check out all the other cool wallpaper images and incredible iPad artwork.

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Weekend iPad Wallpaper: Constellations

Constellations iPad wallpaper

This weekend’s iPad wallpaper pick is Constellations, shown above.

I think this image is striking and looks great on the iPad home screen of course, and I especially like how it highlights one app icon towards the top right of the screen.

It’s another one that was shared to our iPad Insight Flickr group by Brett Jordan (no relation). Brett is a prolific contributor to our group with a wide array of cool iPad wallpaper designs at a good range of sizes that go right up to retina quality.

Check out our Flickr group when you have a chance – it now has a ton of great iPad artwork as well as lots of cool iPad wallpapers.

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Weekend iPad Wallpaper: Finder

Finder iPad wallpaper

Today’s iPad wallpaper pick is this excellent Finder image.

I’ve been meaning to share this one for a few weeks now, as I think it looks just fantastic on the iPad home screen – or the lock screen for that matter.

Thanks to +Christopher Rizzo for sharing it originally on Google+.

I’ve uploaded this one to our iPad Insight Flickr group. I hope some of you will share some of your favorite iPad wallpapers in our group – it’s got an ever-growing collection of iPad walls and incredible iPad art.

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