Weekend iPad Wallpaper: This Corrosion

This Corrosion iPad wallpaper

Today’s iPad wallpaper pick is called This Corrosion. It’s another one created by Brett Jordan (no relation) and shared at our iPad Insight Flickr group.

I’ve always been partial to abstract images as iPad wallpapers and this one drew me in as soon as I saw it. The color mix in it is one I don’t recall seeing before, and I think it works extremely well on the iPad home screen and lets app icons still stand out on the page nicely.

Here’s a look at it on my iPad mini home screen:

This Corrosion iPad mini wallpaper

Our iPad Insight Flickr group is now chock full of incredible art created on iPads and a great range of lovely iPad wallpapers. Check it out if you get a chance.

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Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Guinness!

Guinness iPad lock screen

It’s March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. Of  course today’s iPad wallpaper pick is in keeping with this auspicious day.

Guinness. Nothing says St. Patties Day more than a beautiful draught pint that’s always worth waiting for.

I found this image of two pints of Guinness at pickywallpapers.com – and it looks almost as good as the real thing on my iPad home and lock screens. Here’s the original for those of you who have thirsty iPads:

Guinness iPad wallpaper

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Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Penguins

Penguins iPad Wallpaper

This weekend’s iPad wallpaper selection is Penguins, those two cute fellas (or lasses) shown above.

Selection this week was a bit of a no-brainer for me. My daughter is a huge animal lover. She’s been fascinated with animals of all types ever since she was tiny, she wants to be a vet when she grows up, and right now penguins are right around the top of her list of favorite animals.

And … today is her 10th birthday. So these are not just iPad wallpaper penguins – they’re also doubling as Birthday Tribute Penguins.

Birthday Penguins

Happy Birthday Zoe.

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Weekend iPad Wallpaper: Blue Green Stripes

Blue Green Stripes iPad wallpaper

This weekend’s iPad wallpaper pick is this one I’m calling Blue Green Stripes.

Once again this is ‘homemade’ iPad wallpaper, created with the superb Deko app. This app makes I incredibly simple to create abstract images and patterns – and many of them end up being very well suited for use on you iPad home and lock screen.

Each time you swipe you’re presented with a new image. You can choose to adjust an image or just swipe again to see a new one. If you fancy creating your own iPad wallpapers you won’t find many better options than using Deko.

I’ve uploaded the wallpaper image to our iPad Insight Flickr group page. If you have a chance, check out the group for lots of great iPad wallpapers and incredible art created on iPads.

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Weekend iPad Wallpaper: Blue Wall

Blue Wall iPad Wallpaper

Today’s weekend iPad wallpaper pick is Blue Wall.  I like iPad wallpapers of many different kinds, but I do find that simple, abstract, and blue are three elements that all have consistent appeal for me.

This wallpaper is another one found in the iWalls – wallpapers for iPad app – and again from the Simple category.

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Weekend iPad Wallpaper: Silk

This weekend’s featured iPad wallpaper is Silk.  It’s another simple, dark abstract image that lets my app icons really stand out. It’s also another one found in the iWalls – wallpapers for iPad app, in the ‘Simple’ category. This iWalls app has a lot of impressive iPad wallpapers in a good range of categories that […]

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Weekend iPad Wallpaper: Dark, Simple Grungy

This weekend’s iPad wallpaper pick is Dark, Simple, Grungy – shown above. I’ve always been a big fan of simple abstract or pattern wallpapers for my iPad – and this one absolutely fits the bill. I’m also a sucker for deep, dark backgrounds that allow iPad app icons to really pop – and again this […]

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Weekend iPad Wallpapers: Abstract Shapes

Today’s weekend iPad wallpaper choices are all abstract shapes and patterns created in just a few minutes over the last couple of evenings on my iPad mini. The first one, shown above, I’m just calling Black Blue & Yellow Squares. It’s a little louder than my usual color choices but I find it striking and […]

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