What Is It with Apple’s Grudge Against RAM in Their Mobile Devices?


As always, Apple threw around a mind-boggling number of superlatives at their iPad / Mac event today. The world’s thinnest tablet, the biggest iPhone launch ever, amazing this and incredible that.

Two words that did not get a single mention though, in amongst all the big impressive words and numbers: memory and RAM.

The iPad Air 2 is clearly (very clearly!) the new flagship of the iPad line. It’s got Touch ID, a brand new 64-bit chip specially designed for it, dramatically improved cameras at front and back, significantly faster WiFi and superior LTE capabilites, and so on.

But .. does it have more memory than the measly 1GB that has so far been the most seen in any iPad model? It sure doesn’t look like it – as there was absolutely no word on that at all. And of course Apple has never listed RAM specs for their iPhone or iPad models, and the same holds true for today’s new models. So we won’t know for sure until iFixIt or a similar crew get hold of and dissect one of the new iPad models.

My money is on no change, or at the height of optimistic thoughts maybe 2GB for the iPad Air 2.

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iPad Pricing Now Starts at Under $250 and There Are Plenty of Sweet Sub-$500 Options

Full iPad Lineup Pricing

The ‘entry level’ iPad – the original iPad mini – is now available at under $250. How’s that for the supposedly always high-priced tablet market leader?

Since it first hit the market the iPad has been known as a, or perhaps The, premium tablet. Premium in terms of design and overall performance and premium in terms of its price tag.

Now, as the tablet market has grown and competition has finally started to heat up a bit over the last couple years, there are a number of keenly priced iPads.

As you can see in the image at the top of this post, last year’s iPad mini 2, or iPad mini with Retina display, has a starting price of just $299. The brand new iPad mini 3 announced today starts at $399. Even the new iPad Air 2, the flagship of the iPad line, starts at $499.

So that’s no less than 5 iPad models that start at below $500.

Given that the iPad is the clear market and brand leader in the tablet space, with an outstanding history in terms of customer satisfaction, these are some very competitive prices.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: October 2014 Edition

iPad Outsells PCs

One thing you can always count on at an Apple event is that we’ll hear a lot of crazy big numbers about Apple products. Todays event was no exception and of course there were plenty of crazy iPad numbers in the mix.

Here are the ones that stood out for me:

As shown in the slide above, in the 12 months that just ended at the end of Q3 2014 the iPad outsold the total number of PCs sold by any of the world’s leading computer makers. 70 million iPads were sold in that timeframe; Lenovo came closest to matching the iPad – but they’re still behind by 13 million units.

Apple has sold 225 million iPads in total, in the roughly four and half years since the original iPad was released.

There have been more iPads sold in its first 4 years than any other past Apple product.

There are now more than 675,000 iPad apps in the App Store.

The iPad mini Retina has an ‘unbelievable’ 100% customer satisfaction rating.

And one final one: graphics are said to be 180 times faster on the new iPad Air 2 than on the original iPad.

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Where to Watch The Apple / iPad Event Live Today

iPad Event October 2014

Well, there’s only a little over 30 minutes to wait until Apple’s iPad, or iPad + Mac + Yosemite, special event kicks off today.

With any luck within about an hour and a half we’ll know a heck of a lot about new iPads coming, presumably, this month. Apple is live streaming the event and it is set to start at 1:00PM Eastern.

Here’s where you can watch the live stream of the full event as it happens:


There is also supposed to be an Apple Events channel on the Apple TV that will also be streaming the event – though I’m not seeing that yet on my Apple TV.

And of course, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on new iPads as today rolls on – so you can just stay tuned here if you like.

Happy New iPad Day 2014 to you all.

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New iPads Names & Details Leaked … by Apple

New iPads

It looks like Apple themselves have leaked the names and some of the spec details for new iPad models to be announced today – the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3.

As 9to5Mac reports, the leaks are via the iOS 8.1 iPad User Guide in iBooks. A page in the guide showed images of the two new models that also revealed the widely expected Touch ID sensor added to the new iPads – although the page was removed shortly after being spotted.

The screenshots confirm that both new tablets will include nearly identical designs to their predecessors and the addition of Touch ID sensors in the Home button. Another new feature confirmed by this leak is a new Burst Mode (first introduced with the iPhone 5s) for the iPad Air 2 …

The naming convention (returning to numbering the iPad models) is interesting and this leak certainly takes a little more mystery out of today’s iPad announcements. I’m still hoping for some good news on RAM increases and more new features for these new iPads, though not necessarily betting on them.

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New iPad (and Mac) Event Confirmed for October 16

Just as the rumors last week predicted, Apple has confirmed another special keynote event for next Thursday, October 16. As usual, the event invitation doesn’t give much away, but this is expected to be the event where this year’s new iPad models will be unveiled – likely alongside new Macs and  final preview of the […]

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The iPhone 6 Plus As An iPad Alternative

Right now my iPhone is charging on my dock, and my iPad Air is beside it, charging on the desk. That’s two devices, two chargers, two Lightning cables, and two AC slots taken up. I also tend to upgrade my iPhone and iPad every two years, so I’ll likely be making two large purchases in […]

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