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Crazy iPad Numbers from Today’s Apple Event

iPad and PC sales

As always, during their iPad Mini special event today Apple shared a lot of impressive numbers surrounding their iOS and Mac products. Among those were some crazy numbers for the iPad mentioned by Apple CEO Tim Cook, some I’ve seen before and some that are new today.

Here are the big iPad numbers that caught my eye during the Apple event:

— There are now some 275,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad.

— Two weeks ago Apple sold their 100 millionth iPad, after just two and a half years and in a brand new product category.

— 94% of the Fortune 500 are deploying or testing iPads.

— iPad accounts for a ridiculous 91% of tablet web browsing share.

— iBooks textbooks are now available for 80% of the US high school core curriculum and in over 2,500 schools in the US.

Cook finished off his talk on iPad numbers by saying “We’re just getting started” and “We’re not taking our foot off the gas”. Here’s to even crazier iPad numbers soon then. :)

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Survey Says: iPad Market Share Fell This Year, but Still Over 50%

Tablet Ownershiop by Brand

The iPad’s market share has fallen dramatically over the last year, but is still above 50%, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. Here are a few of the striking numbers from the survey:

— The iPad’s share among tablet owners has dropped from 81% down to 52%, and the survey notes that the success of smaller, lower-priced tablets is likely a major reason for the iPad’s lesser share.

The growth in tablet adoption is likely related to the advent of the lower-priced tablets in late 2011. Overall, about two-thirds of tablet-owning adults, 68%, got their tablet in the last year, including 32% in 2012 alone. That has lessened Apple’s dominance in the market.

— 25% of all US adults now have a tablet computer.

That’s impressive that 1/4 of US adults now own a device in a category that didn’t exist less than three years ago.

I’m not surprised the iPad’s share of tablet owners has dropped, but I do find it surprising that it’s all the way down to 52% if this survey is accurate. I still find that when I’m out in public places 90% or more of the tablets I see are iPads.

Of course there’s a little device that’s said to be in the works in Cupertino that just might have some impact on these numbers in future.

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LTE Earning Its Keep on My iPad Today

My ancient Kia Spectra is in need of some attention today. It needs a couple new tires and I’ve been out getting that taken care for most of the morning so far.

I knew that I might be sitting and waiting a fair bit this morning, so I brought my iPad along so I could get some work done while waiting. Both places I’ve been today have got free WiFi, but they’ve also both been pretty busy and the WiFi speeds were not impressive.

Luckily AT&T’s LTE coverage in my neck of the woods in Austin is superb. It’s just about always available and always blazing fast. So I’m getting plenty done while waiting on my car.

Good job new iPad and LTE.

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Why Does AT&T Automatically Turn on Cellular Data on the iPad Without Telling You? (Updated)

iPad Cellular Data

Update: It looks like Verizon users are seeing the same behavior on the iPad. So this appears to be an iOS issue, rather than a carrier-specific problem. I have submitted a bug report on this to Apple.

Here’s a little feature / bug I’ve just noticed on my new iPad with AT&T 4G cellular data capability:

Every time you go into Settings > Cellular Data and choose to ‘View Account’, even if you cancel out of logging in and actually viewing account details, cellular data is then turned on – without any sort of popup or notification to let you know it’s on. This happens even while you have a perfectly good WiFi connection, so it’s not as if cellular data is required just to connect to AT&T’s servers.

I’ve tested this out several times now and also asked a friend with an iPad 2 to try it, and he gets the same results. On the new iPad LTE is also enabled when this happens. Just to be clear, both the Cellular Data and Enable LTE fields show as On on the Settings page when this occurs – but it took me a long while to notice that as I don’t even think about those fields, or looking at them, when I have not chosen to turn cellular data on or off. It seems to me this could easily lead to unwanted usage of cellular data for many users.

This initially seemed like a little bug to me. It doesn’t seem right for cellular data to be turned on automatically without a little alert or popup to let you know it’s been turned on in order to view your account – but I spoke to AT&T technical support and they state that this is ‘just how it works’. They say that a cellular data connection is required in order to view your account details. I asked why the connection isn’t turned back off when you’re finished viewing your account – and again the response was that ‘this is just how it works’.

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Latest iPad TV Ad – All on iPad

Last night Apple started airing their latest US TV ad for the new iPad. This one is titled ‘All on iPad’ and follows the same sort of theme as previous ads for the 3rd-gen iPad – highlighting how everything is more beautiful on the iPad’s retina display.

I saw this new ad a couple times last night while watching the Olympics. It shows off a range of things you can do on the iPad – from reading and tweeting to being productive and making a sale. There’s a great shot of the fantastic Keynote app shown when being productive is mentioned.

The closing line for the ad is:

Do it all more beautifully, with the retina display – on iPad.

I’m still a big fan of these iPad ads – as they’re still very simple and let the iPad and iPad apps do all the talking. How about you guys and gals? What do you think of the latest iPad TV ad?

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Saving My Pennies for iPad Mini and Maybe a Microsoft Surface

Pile O Pennies

As the summer grinds on I’m starting to think about trying to save my pennies and find a way to budget for trying to acquire two new tablet devices this fall: an iPad Mini and a Microsoft Surface RT.

As I’ve mentioned in a few recent posts, I think the release of an iPad Mini (or whatever name is given to a smaller iPad) is virtually a lock for later this year or early next year. It looks likely that it will be 7.85 inch sized tablet that will extend the iPad range and perhaps put a dent in any momentum that tablets like Google’s Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire have attained in the absence of a smaller, less expensive iPad.

I’ve been tempted a few times over the last couple of years to try out a smaller tablet than the iPad – especially when I saw a couple of glowing reviews of the 7 inch Galaxy Tab by mobile tech writers whose work I respect and enjoy. Honestly I just never managed to get round to it – when I had the dollars I didn’t have the time and vice versa.

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AirPrint Supported Printers List Grows Again – Adds Samsung Printers & More


AirPrint is Apple’s service for wireless printing from the iPad and iOS devices. The service makes it simple and quick to print from any application to supported printers via AirPrint from your iPad.

The list of supported printers used to be very short and used to include only one big manufacturer – Hewlett Packard (or HP). The list has been growing slowly but steadily and has been updated this month – Samsung printers have been added, bringing the list of supported manufacturers up to six. Here’s a bit more detail on which types of printer from which vendors are supported by AirPrint:

Hewlett Packard: 47 printers supported including printers from these series: Deskjet, Envy, Laserjet, Laserjet Pro, Officejet, Officejet Pro, Photosmart, Photosmart E, Photosmart Plus, Photosmart Premium, Photosmart Wireless, and Topshot Laserjet Pro.

Epson: 60 printers supported including printers from these series: Artisan, EP, ME Office, PX, Stylus, Stylus Office, Stylus Photo, Workforce, Workforce WF, WP, and XP.

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Photo Stream Is Nice, but Awfully Slow at Times

Photo Stream on iPad

Photo Stream is a nice little iCloud feature. It’s lovely to have photos you take on an iPhone stream automatically to your iPad, and vice-versa.

What’s not so clever about Photo Stream, at least in my recent experience, is that it can be awfully slow at times. This morning for instance, I took a set of photos of the new iPad Smart Case with my iPhone 4S – about a dozen in total. And I wanted to run them through my favorite photo editing/effects app on the iPad, Photo Toaster.

Photo Stream was taking its sweet time with getting the images to the iPad though – upwards of 15 minutes. That’s just not impressive, given that the iPad and the iPhone are on the same home WiFi network with great connectivity and sitting less than five feet from each other. In the end, it was much faster to get to the photos by using the excellent Photo Transfer App. Dropbox would also have likely provide faster access.

I still find Photo Stream useful, but if you’re looking to do things quickly with photos it’s not always the best solution – at least from what I’m seeing lately.

What do you all think? Do you have speedier results with Photo Stream?

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Reflection App Brings AirPlay Mirroring from iPad to Windows PCs

iPad AirPlay Mirroring to Windows PC

Update: The app I talk about below is as good as ever, in fact better thanks to recent updates – but its name has changed. It is now called Reflector and you can find it here:

If you’ve been waiting for a way to do AirPlay Mirroring from your iPad (or iPhone) to a Windows PC, then your wait is now over. Reflection App, which I posted about back in early March when it was Mac only, has released a Windows version.

AirPlay Mirroring, as the name implies, lets you mirror everything you do on your iPad to your PC screen, wirelessly. It’s a superb way to do demos and show an audience everything you are doing on an iPad.

I’ve used Reflection and Air Server for doing demos and screencasts, and both are very good apps.

This new Windows version of Reflection supports the iPad 2 and later, and the iPhone 4S. It’s priced at $19.99 or $59.99 for a 5-person license. You can download a trial version of the Windows app, which is time-limited – you can’t have a connection longer than 10 minutes with the trial version.

I gave the trial version a try on my Windows 7 virtual machine on my MacBook Pro but couldn’t get mirroring going even though the iPad and PC saw each other. I imagine this is due to having a virtual machine in the mix.

For more details, trial download and to purchase the app, visit the Reflection app site.

I spotted this news via Erica Sadun’s post at TUAW.

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Survey Asks Who Poses Biggest Threat to iPad – Answer Is Nobody or the iPad Mini

Tablet Purchase Plans

The latest Changewave survey of consumers on tablet demand shows the iPad is still the device that nearly 3/4 of users plan to buy, and no other tablet is even close. As you can see in the chart above, 73% of respondents list the iPad as the tablet they plan on buying.

Coming in a distant second is the Amazon Kindle Fire at just 8%. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is in third place, with just 6%. The Blackberry PlayBook doesn’t even merit a mention or a spot on the chart. Windows 8 tablets don’t either.

Another part of the survey that reinforces just how dominant the iPad appears to be in this sort of mindshare area is a question about a possible iPad Mini. Changewave offered respondents a likely description of the iPad Mini and asked whether they would plan to buy one for themselves or someone else (e.g. a family member) – 3% said they were very likely and 14% said they were somewhat likely.

So, for now it looks as if an alternative iPad model might offer stiffer competition than any rival tablet.

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Apple’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas: iPad and Springsteen

iPad for Fathers Day

I got this lovely Father’s Day themed promo email from Apple this morning – touting the iPad as ‘The gift Dad won’t take his eyes off of’ – and featuring Bruce Springsteen’s new album, Wrecking Ball, as well.

My dad’s no longer around, and if he was I’m certain I’d have got him into the iPad before now. As for me, well of course I’m set in terms of iPads and I’ve already got a number of the songs from Wrecking Ball in Spotify playlists – so my family might have to get their thinking caps on. :)

Are any of you planning on gifting an iPad to a lucky father this year?

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