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Recommended: Jim Dalrymple on Why the Modern Tablet Concept is Apple’s


Jim Dalrymple has an excellent post up at his site, The Loop, titled ‘Modern tablet concept is Apple’s; everything else is just a feature’. It sums up perfectly the current state of the tablet market, why the iPad is dominating, and why its rivals have fared so poorly.

Essentially, it is just as Steve Jobs predicted at the unveiling of the iPad 22011 is the Year of the Copycats.

Just a few lines in his piece that I think are spot-on:

Apple didn’t invent the tablet, but they did perfect the way we use tablets in our modern lifestyle. The concept of the tablet is now Apple’s. … The proof is all around us. Look at Apple’s competition — everything being released today looks and acts exactly like an iPad.

Some tablet makers and OS developers are trying to convince people that their products are better than the iPad. The fact is, all they are doing is adding features to Apple’s concept. Anyone can copy a concept and then add small things to it, but Apple still owns the original and consumers identify with that. Nobody is being fooled.

The whole post is well worth a read, check it out HERE.

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Recommended: Gary Arndt’s Article on a Year Traveling with the iPad


To say that Gary Arndt is an intrepid traveler would be a massive understatement. Arndt, who runs the Everything Everywhere site, has been traveling the globe for over four years, has visited over 100 countries in that time, and has been documenting his incredible array of experiences in photos and blog posts.

He recently contacted me to let me know he’s been a reader of this site since the iPd launched (yay!) and that he’s done an extensive review of his 12 months of traveling with an iPad, offering his assessment of the iPad as a device to travel with.

It’s a very thorough and well written article. Here are a few of the sections that I found most interesting:

On the iPad and Photography:

I have to confess that the first thing I thought of when I heard the iPad announcement was that it would be a great way to showcase my photos. I was right. The size and the colors make it a great way to share my photos with people I meet while traveling.

As a camera, however, the iPad is horrible. Data from Flickr shows that despite the popularity of the iPad2, hardly anyone uses the back facing camera. Not only is the image quality poor, but holding a tablet in front of your face to take a photo is really awkward. I personally never use the front facing camera either, but I can see I use for it at least with video calls.

Continue reading

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BBC brings TV video streaming to iPad

Like many of my generation, I grew up watching BBC shows, particularly comedy shows. I remember laughing really really hard at those classic sitcoms back in the day. Side-splitting laughter. So when I heard the BBC has brought out an iPad app with TV shows available for streaming to a European audience, I did not hesitate for a single second. Download of the free app iPlayer done, I proceeded to look around. Continue reading

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Survey Says: Amazon Tablet Already Looking Like a Good iPad Rival


A recent Retrevo survey of potential tablet buyers and those planning to buy a tablet found Amazon to be the Number 1 manufacturer amongst Apple rivals. When asked which manufacturer they would seriously consider buying a tablet from, a whopping 55% of responders said Amazon. Samsung and Dell were a distant second at 38%, and RIM scored a paltry 24%.

Amazon is a very strong and very well thought of brand, so that result doesn’t seem shocking to me; rather it’s a bit of further evidence that if they can bring out a good device they may immediately become the iPad’s first worthwhile rival.

A few other bits that caught my eye in the survey results:

This question strongly suggests that buyers don’t see Android tablets being attractive at anything like the same price as an iPad:

iPad Vs. Android – Retrevo Asked: Would you consider buying an Android tablet with similar features over a base model $499 iPad?
– 79% of people would if it cost less than $250
– 48% of people would if it cost less than $300
– 31% of people would if it cost less than $400

Continue reading

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iPad App Store Highlighting Great AirPlay-Enabled Apps


AirPlay is becoming more and more of a favorite iPad feature for me, as more and more iPad apps add support for it. While audio over AirPlay can be quite nice at times, it’s video streaming that makes AirPlay much more exciting for me.

I’ve used a good number of apps by now that support AirPlay video by now, but I’m always on the lookout for good apps that include this feature.

This week the iPad App Store Featured area is highlighting a new featured page titled ‘Great AirPlay-Enabled Apps‘ – and that’s just the sort of list I’m looking for. The listing currently shows just over 30 iPad apps. Some of the notable ones include: the TED app for the wonderful TED Talks, CNN App for iPad, IMDb Movies & TV, NPR for iPad, iMovie, PBS for iPad,and Fandango Movies.

Sadly, the page doesn’t indicate which apps supprt just AirPlay audio and which include video support. That would be good to know.

You can find the Great AirPlay-Enabled Apps listing by going to the Featured tab of the iPad App Store and the top featured area where the iPad app of the week and game of the week are shown. The new AirPlay section is one of the highlighted ones that rotate in the top area.

My most used AirPlay (video) enabled app is the excellent Squrl videos app. What’s yours?

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AirPlay Video Glitches – Anyone Else?


AirPlay – and AirPlay video in particular – is one of my favorite new features on the iPad and iOS. Now that a nice handful of good apps support AirPlay video, I’ve found myself using the feature more and more – with apps like Squrl, ShowYou, TED, PBS and several others.

The only thing detracting from enjoying this feature right now is that its performance is very inconsistent for me of late. If I play a video with AirPlay, let it run all the way through, then don’t fire up a new video right away, then when I do start a new video audio only will play on the TV. The same thing happens often if I switch away from the app playing AirPlay video and return to it and restart the video (which stops automatically when you switch out of the playing app).

When this happens, I’ve found no consistent quick fix. I always have to go through an odd dance of quitting the app playing the video, changing the source on the TV away from Apple TV and returning to it, and powering the TV on and off. Sometimes just one of these will work, sometimes it has to be two of them and I’m never quite sure which order they need to be done in. Sometimes doing all of them still won’t get AirPlay video to play properly again.

This does not appear to be a connectivity issue, as audio continues to work. I’ve browsed and searched the Apple Discussion forums a couple times looking for advice on this issue – but so far I’ve seen nothing on it.

So … am I the only one seeing this problem? Anyone else seeing these glitches? If so, any clever suggested fixes?

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iTunes Updated, Fixes Issues with iPad Sync


iTunes was updated yesterday, to Version 10.2.2. The update contains a handful of bug fixes – including one for issues with iPad sync. Here’s the list of changes / fixes:

    • Addresses an issue where iTunes may become unresponsive when syncing an iPad.
    • Resolves an issue which may cause syncing photos with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to take longer than necessary.
    • Fixes a problem where video previews on the iTunes Store may skip while playing.
    • Addresses other issues that improve stability and performance.

I hadn’t noticed any sync problems with iTunes, but I don’t sync often. Have any of you experienced the sync issues mentioned above? If so, hopefully this update will resolve those for you.

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A look at Hitpad & Zite for iPad

Flipboard for iPad has set the bar quite high for up and coming news aggregating iPad apps who aim to imitate their secret formula: a simple clean elegant UI, fun and compelling to use, one that makes you keep coming back for the experience. I recently discovered two apps – Zite and Hitpad – that both aim to please in much the same way as Flipboard does, bringing news you can use in an iPad-friendly smart-swiping way. The two have slightly different approaches – I can’t help wondering which one will find a permanent place in my app habits. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to the iPad – One Year Old Today


The iPad went on sale for the first time one year ago today, on April 3rd of 2010.

Wow. I guess magical tablets grow up almost as fast as children. And time definitely flies when you’re having fun writing about a great device.

This time last year I was already at home with my shiny new iPad. I was Number 7 in the reserved line at my local Apple store on iPad Release Day, having arrived at around 6:30AM, I was out of the store and on my way home by 9:40. A much smoother and shorter experience than on iPad 2 launch day.

When I first laid hands on the iPad I thought it was an amazing device. My appreciation of it has grown throughout this year and grew again when I got my new iPad 2 a few weeks ago. It has become by far and away my most used mobile device, and is catching up with my MacBook Pro for most used device overall.

Happy Birthday iPad – and many happy returns.

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If You’re Going to Trash-talk About Numbers, Shouldn’t You Be Able to Count?


Image Source: excitingwallpaper

Just in case you haven’t already seen the latest bit of really poor iPad trash talking, I’ll share it here. A gent called Andy Lark, who is Dell’s global head of marketing for large enterprise and public organizations (does that even fit on a business card?), had this to say about the iPad while talking to CIO Australia recently:

An iPad with a keyboard, a mouse and a case [means] you’ll be at $1500 or $1600; that’s double of what you’re paying. That’s not feasible.

Lucky the words knowledgeable or ‘math whiz’ didn’t make it into that long job title of his. Small point for Mr. Lark to note: there is no such thing as a mouse for an iPad. Spending on one would be almost as dumb as Lark’s math. For how dumb that is, I’ll defer to my friend Joshua at Macgasm:

We know, addition is hard.

All prices in USD

  • iPad = $499
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard = $69.00
  • iPad Dock = $29.00
  • iPad Smart Cover = $69.00
  • Grand Total = $666.00

I guess if Lark could actually do math or notice small details like the industry’s runaway leader in the tablet market not being mouse-driven, they might up his title to head of marketing in this galaxy for humungous enterprises.

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Signs That You’re a Heavy iPad User – When Your Labrador Recognizes the Sleep Click


My big Labrador, Baz, is a pretty smart guy. Like most dogs, he appreciates routine – and gets a little excited when he knows it is time for meals, a good walk or a play session. He has an incredibly accurate body-clock and knows when to start bugging me if I fall a little behind on the dinner schedule.

Over the last week or so, I’ve noticed a new trick in his timekeeping and awareness. Most every morning, I grab my iPad 2 as soon as I’m sort of conscious and go through my email and check out news from various sources – before I ever get up on my feet. Generally when I close the iPad 2 smart cover, it means I’m getting up. Which for Baz means, it’s breakfast time and time for a long walk.

The result is that now whenever Baz hears the click of the iPad 2 going into sleep mode in the morning, he’s on his feet, bouncing around in excited and happy circles, nudging against me with his big schnoz, staring at me intently, and generally letting me know that I better not even think of doing anything else other than getting him some food.

I guess the takeaway from all this either that I’m way too predictable and need to vary up my mornings a little or that Labradors are smarter than iPad smart covers, or a little of both. Smile

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