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Little Features Make Great iPad Apps: Save to Clipboard in FX Photo Studio HD


Great iPad apps generally have a great user interface and a number of impressive major features. They also often have clever little features that make them a joy to use. Here’s an example of one of these: the ability to save to the Clipboard in the FX Photo Studio HD app.

I did a review of  FX Photo Studio HD for iPad a couple months ago, and love the app. I use it often and it has become my go-to app for image editing and photo effects, more so than any desktop app.

A little but great feature I have only recently noticed is the app’s Save options. You can save a modified image to the Camera Roll, to the Documents folder, or to the Clipboard. Saving to the clipboard is a super handy option because it lets me move a modified / corrected image very quickly (via the excellent Pastebot app) to my Mac, for use in an article or similar. And of course once the image is in the clipboard, you can paste it into anywhere that is useful to you – a Keynote presentation, a Pages document, an email, and so on.

What are some of your favorite little features in your favorite iPad apps?

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